Boxcar Surfing !


Apr 2, 2008
London, ON, Canada
In the video saw a few things..

1) ram scoop for Locomotives to pick up water on the fly.. don't know how effective that would have been but it would have been interesting to watch.

2) Price of Gasoline.. (.25 a gallon) man them were the days..

3) Did you notice the speed of those passenger trains.. That's pretty amazing. Perhaps it's just me but I never thought they ran them that fast.. I think perhaps even faster then modern passenger trains given all the other traffic considerations of today's world.

from the style of clothes the women were wearing it looks like it may have been the late thirties early forties.

I think the men riding the cars in the hump yard for applying the hand brakes at the correct moment. If for what ever reason they failed.. could have been a real bad day for the brakemen.

Very cool piece of archival footage.. thanks for sharing.