Bend Track Beginning in N Scale


OK so I'm beginning to move ahead. I will probably never use my modules though with a club or other bend trackers as I haven't seen any interest here in the state of Mass. I decided to use hollow core doors as my base. I will keep the original 48" height and use the track spacing as laid out in the bend track manual. The only thing I think I will keep is the full door width, for instance, I'm using 36" x 80" doors for the balloon modules, this way I have more real estate to build on. Since it will be a "U" shape, both balloon modules will stay rectangle shaped.

Corner modules will be 24" wide and 48"x48"?. There will have to be a triangle added on the inside 90 degree for the inside curve.

The span module or bottom of the "U" module will be 24" wide but I haven't decided on how long. I will play with this module and one of the corner modules as I might want to add another module for some sort of storage yard, it would be like the center span if I were making it in the shape of an "E".

I haven't begun to think of a track plan.....:cry:

For any of you bend trackers out there, any help, or suggestions will be much appreciated.

Check out for details on bend track modules.