ATR-72 in Arkia (Israel) livery 1:72

She's really coming out nice!! :)
Hello all
Next step - the wing.
Nothing too difficult here.
Need to be careful forming the wing's leading edge, it has a pretty small radius. Used a small brush to wet the inner side of the leading edge.
The underwing actuator covers should be mounted with sharper edge forward.
Again, if working carefully, no issue.


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Very fine work Boris, that is the norm for you, excellent models. ;)
Hi all
Just got back from a two weeks family trip.

Apparently, there are broken roof tiles on my house roof just above the table I had this model stored. Some rain water got into the room, messing the model... Messing badly. Fuselage is warped, wing is damaged. This model is beyond repair...
I will reprint and rebuild.
Please stand by....
That foesnt sound very good. I hppe your roof will be ficed very soon.
The roof is already fixed. Just a broken tile. It took me less than 30 minutes to fix.
My ink cartridges are empty so I had to order new cartridges and now I'm waiting.
By the way, I noticed that there is a problem in propellers. They should be counter rotating but the designers made them as if they rotating in the same direction. So I fixed this thing by flipping vertically the right propeller spinner and flipped horizontally the blades.
Also found some repainting issues especially in main gear bay doors so I fixed them also
Hello all.
Rebuild is on its way.
I am rebuilding from scratch because there is a visible difference between freshly printed parts and the older parts.
This time I make my own gluing tabs in a way that the tabs from larger part enter the smaller part, as I prefer


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