ACTRR my be dismantled and re-constructed

I know the ACTRR is very very near completion but I have made a large error in the construction.
We have a lot of people stop to look at it and it is a great layout BUT , there is confined space for operators and visitors.
I am also thinking of double main line and the use of Kato Uni-track.
If I proceed with this I will rescue all the structures and try to re-use what I am able to. The layout was designed for switching and that never happens so new layout will have minimal switching and bi-directional mains. My helix works perfect but will go as well (it is a space monster).
Right now I am in the thinking stage and working on a plan of some sort.
It is tough to give back real estate but it has become an issue having the shop and friends over.
Today I removed all the rolling stock and locomotives and boxed them all back up so a portion can be sold off.
The skirting was almost all removed and Robins doll molds were taken out from under the layout.
Then all the people , autos , and some of the structures were removed.
Tomorrow I will take the remaining structures off and maybe the facia will go next.

Funny how it tears down so much faster than it goes in.



Jul 30, 2005
Liberty, MO
Mike, hope your new layout will please you. Must be hard to do with so much work that must have been put into your present layout. I can understand however, since I disdain switching and just like to see them roll. A double track main will be just the ticket.

Jack (Katy)
Today I got all the facia off and almost all electronic devices removed. Then started on the tree removal and the remaining drive-in , turntable , roundhouse , repair shed , and 2 houses as well as the river bridges. I then moved on to the scenery over the helix and on around to the other side of the center loop. This is all the scrap my S10 could hold. so done for today. I now need to see where I may be able to get Homasote around here.



Apr 28, 2008
Madison WI
Whenever I hear about a layout being dismanteled I get so sad.
Some people do that when they have nothing else to chang on the layout and just tear it down & start all over again.
I hope your next layout will be even better

Here is the finished layout design. The city will be on the left end and mountain with lake will be on the right side over most of the double loop and the track at the back of the long section will be elevated about 2 1/2". The loop on the lower left will go into the wall and be visable from the outside via a window that can be opened for access and will feature a tunnel lining even though the inside of the room will be buildings.



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Apr 17, 2005
Brownsville, TX
Well Mike...Didn't take long after putting the wrecker ball down to get started on the new version...!! Good for you...(and us..).
Will look forward to your updates on the new ACTRR....:thumb:


Jul 1, 2006
Blair, Nebraska (Midwest)

First of all Happy Fathers Day and second I checked out your latest video and really like what you are doing, that new layout track plan looks to be very clean and will posses a lot of running with the 2 main lines and it looks like you have achieved the space you wanted for visitors to view your work and still have plenty Railroading.
Keep the photos and videos coming!!!!