A few SAR loco drawings

Awesome! What materials do you use to makes these? How big are they "in reality"?
Good day Revell-Fan, these are of course just drawings, they are pencil (2B/4B) and charcoal rendered on white card (300GSM) and A3 size.
I work from illustrations from books or images on the net, I do a traced basic outline and then fill in details,shading, shadows, highlights etc. It is nice to work from images on the net as one can enlarge them to see the small detail which is lost on a picture or photo.
Bear in mind that the SAR System runs on Cape Gauge ( 1067mm) or 3 ft 6 in, but the loco's still have a wide loading gauge, wider than British Loco's and they are in many cases much heavier than British engines, a few examples, the loco's I drew are as follows Class 16CR weight in FWO 248 tons, Class 16A weight in FWO 132 tons, Class 23 weight in FWO 215 tons.
Builders were as follows, Class 23 Henschel (98) Berliner Maschinenbau (38), Class 16CR (all) North British Loco Co,
Class 16A (all) North British Loco Co. Hope this helps, will put up a few more soon
Regards Owen
Very interesting! I draw comic strips but I haven't got the time to do any of them for ages. I use regular paper and start with pencil, then I trace everything several times till I like the result and ink it with a marker. Then the pencil strokes are removed, the result is scanned and painted in the PC. I start with A3 size and re-scale it to comic page size. This gives finer results and allows more detail. You can see some WIP steps if you scroll down this page till the "How to draw" section:
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just my 2 cents........ but those are beautiful. they would make wonderful postage stamps.
Very impressive artwork. :)