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    Good steam engines

    PRR coaches can be found by Rapido Trains, they are not out yet...but man they should be the best passenger cars available once released! The only Mikado worth mentioning is made by Kato. Con-Cor makes a PRR Northern styled loco, and a PRR badged Santa-Fe 2-10-2. The Santa Fe requires quite...
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    Pacific South Eastern Railway heres the linky, and yes it can go in the vault. any of my train vids can.
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    Pacific South Eastern Railway

    unfortunatey not at this time, as I have just torn down a large portion of the current layout so I can start converting it over to the new plan. but I do a video on youtube of it. search for used "wired335" and theres a vid of my daylight special doing the whole loop of the layout before I...
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    Pacific South Eastern Railway

    eeek, I haven't done a lot of updates here in a while... anyways, the layout has gotten pretty far. in fact the main line was all laid out and the terminal completed... it was on it's maiden voyage that we learned the issues with this layout... I shoulda listened to everyone and stayed far...
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    Walthers indexed turntable question......

    if I remember correctly, has it on their product page for this item. I installed it myself, it's a great table!
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    n scale steam kitbashing - canadian locos

    Sit down and grab a cup, because this is the home stretch!! Where we left off last time was the clay noses applied to the locos. Well... they have been painted and here are some 'before the finals' shots.. The following is using one of the Heavy Mountains... in fact this one will be my...
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    Thoughts on N scale Bachmann Steam Engines

    I own quite a lot of n-scale steam... and so far my fav runners are actually Bachmanns! My Consolidation 2-8-0 is a fantastic running loco and pulls like crazy! It has great slow speed creep and fantastic turnout performance. A very well detailed loco, and DCC install was a complete snap with a...
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    first attempt at weathering!

    This is the first time I tried to weather anything... and I over did it I think... What I did was dab my brush to grab a bit of of Trueline Warm Black, and then drenched the brush in dirty, dirty thinner. But before brushing it off on a towel or my painting board... I started to...
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    n scale steam kitbashing - canadian locos

    The one with the original headlamp poking through is actually the most accurate outo of the three. The one on the loco with the green sides is actually the worst. thanks for the words! It really helps me get right back at it. I need to pickup some more thinner before I start painting again...
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    christmas plans foiled!

    I did, I talked with their head train guy for quite a while today. Seems as tho that the 'R/C' guys did the return and ended up getting taken. It seems the previous owner went to convert to DCC but didn't do it.. just disconnected the wiring... So because of the nature of this loco (ie: rare) I...
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    n scale steam kitbashing - canadian locos

    ended up getting some air-dry clay from my local arts and crafts store... result: not too shabby if I say so myself.
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    New ACTRR Video on YouTube

    what makes the decoders modified?
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    christmas plans foiled!

    :curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse: Loco don't run. Put it on my DC test oval this morning before trying to do a DCC conversion... yup, no light, no motion. so mad...wall1wall1wall1wall1wall1
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    In phase 2 to 3

    wow, that canyon looks fantastic! keep up the good work!
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    christmas plans foiled!

    Actually they always treat me very very well and I have never had a problem there. I think my wife must be cursed... she says she's not going in there anymore unless I'm there.