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    Computer 2000 kitbash

    If anyone wants to try a Computer 2000 building as they are rare -- there is one at Exact link on another computer but search buildings and it will come up. Probably get one of the other imported variants if you want to try for 4 or more floors. Good luck if you do and post your...
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    TRANSPORT CENTRAL scratch build (using styrene plastic)

    About 3 days after switching to the current webhost they changed the security protocols (typical update) and I could no longer log in. I am still using XP Pro. I borrowed this Win7 computer I am on now but won't have time to do updates to any threads (I am at a friends house). Took me quite...
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    Access issues

    I've the same problem, sometimes I can log in but later at night I can't. I'm still running XP Pro and in my case that may be the problem. New site looks great. Swamp Daddy ;)
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    Bus Lovers Unite (those infected with the fetish join in too)

    Didn't find any 4-axle megaliners at those links but lots of other good buses. Nor could I find the double articulated Swiss models he did. Make more paper buses, Swamp Daddy
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    Bus Lovers Unite (those infected with the fetish join in too)

    Another quickie here, here are a ton of paper buses from many sites. Yandex is the Russian equivalent of Google and often gives less complicated searches. Cheick out these paper buses if you have a few days: some simple...
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    Bus Lovers Unite (those infected with the fetish join in too)

    Here are a couple of paper buses you can build, both trolleybuses: download button will get you a .pdf file. build more paper trolleybuses, Swamp Daddy :Grin:
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    Free Sci-Fi paper models

    This thread is one of the nicest things about Zealot. A topic I ran across of only low interest to me (buses and buildings for me); but, it sparked memories and interest in a number of others who were kind enough to reply and let me know I did the right thing in passing it on. Definitely keeps...
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    Bus Lovers Unite (those infected with the fetish join in too)

    Here is a site with more paper buses, links to each model by clicking the photo. I like the 3-axle Solaris Urbino15 (15=15 meters long). Direct link there is but, link on the main page will get you...
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    Free Sci-Fi paper models

    Hi all: Ran across this site by accident. A few paper models for download are there. Have fun, build more robots, Swamp Daddy
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    Web Links for Traction parts.

    Here is a photo of the real 158, an Edmonton trolleybus.
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    Peterbilt 281 "Forester" 1:50

    For ultra realistic log loads I suggest the modeler find a "trumpet vine" and cut your logs out of this very straight vine. have fun logging, Swamp Daddy
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    Computer Problems!!!

    I've been using Lazesoft home password recovery to help out friends (especially those whose kids put dumb passwords in they can't remember 10 minutes later on) recover their computers. Sounds like this "Soph-Crack" might be useful. A quick search did not find it; can you send me a link? Always...
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    Time to STEP UP and donate

    I've enjoyed the Zealot site for a few years now and it is the only place I post threads of my modeling projects. Previously, I've not concerned myself much with site mechanics or finance. But, as I want Zealot to continue I have made a small donation. Being retired and living on (mostly)...
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    From New Owner of Zealot

    Zealot was the only forum I used for sharing my modeling and I am certainly glad it did not disappear. When things went TapaTalk I could not even log in and thought the site was was gone for me.. Glad to have my favorite forum back and I will spread the word. Thank you, Swamp Daddy
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    Computer 2000 kitbash

    Hi all: Another last thought here (they never end) after I finished re-inserting the photos after the site glitch. When doing any building the first thing I've learned is to copy (scan) the original decor sheet for use later on; once you cut it apart it is a bit like Humpty-Dumpty in getting...