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    UHU02 new project

    This is good work Gixergs. I am happy with your level of work.
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    PzKpfv. VI Tiger I Ausf. H1 building report

    was this print off laser or inkjet?
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    PzKpfv. VI Tiger I Ausf. H1 building report

    Did you have hard time printing off the sheets for this to get the color to be the same?
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    warhammer Land Rider

    Is there any way you can use less official plastic appliques? The reason why I have asked is that these add-ons are quite expensive because they are after all Games Workshop products. You work looks convincing.
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    Union Pacific BIG BOY 4-8-8-4 1/25 Scale (Engine)

    this is amazing model !
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    Paper Train Factory

    I am buy these right now. Very nice!
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    New SDF-1

    my favorit cartoon of all time, this looks like fun assembly
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    Paperguitar's Red Special

    this looks so real, your work is amazing
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    how do you post pics here?

    I am not able to see posted pictures. I have to click link.
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    Eastern Tn logging on the DG CC & W RR 1928

    A lot of work there. Why I like to make paper building. Thank you for sharing
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    WW-II tanks & AFV

    Good idea. I will think of an idea best for what I want.
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    The Haitian Sugar Train

    I really like your trains. I hope I can make my train setup as good as your.
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    WW-II tanks & AFV

    Tanks there not cheap. That very expensive. I need tanks to build war scene trainset and maybe paper a good idea.
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    Diorama finishing – keep from having the wet look

    Use a tufted doormat. Depending on the scale it could either pass as a wheat field or tall grass.