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    Working Cardboard Mini-gun

    That is nice.
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    Tokyo Tower by uhu02

    I was thinking of another kind of madness. Get the dimensions of each of the beams used to make the tower then cut out strips corresponding to the width of each one using solid red card stock. You would also need to cut out some hubs. Then contruct the tower beam by beam. That should only be...
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    Next build: Steampunk :)

    I started working on that model and have found a few things that are wrong. Parts B2 and B3 go together to form part of the fuselage. Unfortunately the resulting diameter is too big to fit the B4/B5 assembly. What I did is to cut down the middle of one of the segments on B2 and B3 then use...
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    A4 cardstock in the US...

    A4 is not longer than legal size. Legal size paper is both wider and longer than A4 size paper. Legal size is 8.5 inches x 14 inches or 216 mm x 356 mm. A4 size is 8.27 inches x 11.69 inches or 210 mm x 297 mm. Since legal size paper is in fact wider and longer than A4 you can trim both the...
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    A4 cardstock in the US...

    Buy some legal size and trim it to A4 size. The left over parts can be used for other parts, internal braces, or just recycled.:) Some run the legal size through the printer and tell the printer it is A4 size. If you want to print on both sides and need the graphics on each side to line up you...
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    Getting rid of my Brother printer for a Canon is where I purchased the CISS for the Canon and the refillable cartridges for the Epson.
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    Getting rid of my Brother printer for a Canon

    If you install non OEM ink cartridges you void the warranty. If you install a CISS you void the warranty. If you clean or replace the sponge you void the warranty. If you empty the waste collection tank you void the warranty. I have had a Canon and an Epson printer for years. The Canon has...
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    Getting rid of my Brother printer for a Canon

    110 lb is 199 gsm. I have an Epson WF-7610 that handles 110 lb/199 gsm just fine from either the rear feed or the cassette. I have even sent some 140 lb/252 gsm through the rear feed with no problems. If the printer can print photos or greeting cards or business cards it most likely can...
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    Company Makes Cardboard Tanks And Planes For Cats For World Domination

    That is pretty neat. Something about cardboard boxes and cats causes an overwhelming attraction force. Might as well make the cardboard box look like something more than just a box.:) Many years ago I found a site that offers plans to make a cardboard chaise lounge for a cat...
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    O scale buildings?

    Yes, Micah is correct. The O scale buildings are larger than the 28mm buildings. O scale in some places is 1/48 which is around 33.5mm. In other places it is 1/43.5 which is around 37mm and is the traditional railroad O gauge so choose which one you want. The 28mm buildings are around...
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    Can anyone convert a PDO file to PDF for me?

    CutePDF Writer is a virtual printer that shows up in the printers list when you want to print something. Choose it from the drop down list to save the file as a pdf. CutePDF Writer does not actually print to paper, it just generates a pdf that you can print from your preferred pdf printing...
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    Paper figure design help

    Check out the teddy bears at Canon Creative Park for an idea on a simple articulated shoulder and hip joint. Do a search for Blueprints Paper Crafts for another idea. They are some Star Wars figures with simple articualted shoulder and hip joints that are sold in various locations online and...
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    What Your Opinion of This?

    That knife looks interesting, but it has been my experience with ceramic blades that they chip or break easily despite the claims of the supplier for the blade's endurance. They are very sharp and cut real good until the chippage or breakage occur.
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    Found a really cool paper model trains web

    Here is another Japanese site with a bunch of railroad related free models. They look good and appear to be relatively easy to make.
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    For those who are following...

    Wow, England won on PK's.:surprise: :Bravo:Claphands A sign of the ensuing end of the World.:eek::)