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    The log dump

    Hi guys, That is beautiful work. I don't know if you were aware that Shamus died just recently. Here's a thread with information. We're fortunate that he shared his modeling so generously. Ralph
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    Nicely said Cid! :thumb: Ralph
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    Rolling stock update (with LOTS of BIG pictures)...

    VERY nice collection Wayne! I think that Bowser Pennsy hopper is my favorite. The weathering is subtle but so effective. Ralph
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    Photography Game?

    Cool! Now that I see the rolled up cloth on 9138 the purpose of the cloth is more evident. Ralph
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    Photography Game?

    How about that! Cool detail. I do remember putting a piece of cardboard in front of the grill of my old Chryler NewYorker in the aircraft carrier of a car that I bought used in 1981. :) Thanks for the info Charlie! Ralph
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    Photography Game?

    Charlie, What do you make of the white cloth or flag on the front of that unit? Ralph
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    "I'll call you sometime" :) No seriously, I plan to contribute here but just not as much as I did as a moderator. Ralph
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    That's exactly correct. :thumb: Any forum is really all about its membership. Ralph
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    No longer moderating

    Hi all, Just wanted you to know that I will no longer be acting as a moderator here. The timing seems right for me as I realize this next year I won't be able to devote the time to reading all posts like I did as a mod. I do plan to remain a member here, however, and post...
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    Weekend Photo Fun 12-12/12-19

    "I don't usually post this early with this many pics, hope I'm not hogging." Post away Kyle! :) Did you photoshop the mist behind the tankers? I like it. Great weathering on the D&M cars. Jeffrey, you get surprise packages from Secret Santas? Nice! I wouldn't mind having a VW bug on...
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    Snow on the Tracks

    Oh man! Look at that! Very picturesque. It'd make a neat Christmas card! Ralph
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    Forum Loading Problems?

    Oh yeah. I've been having trouble loading pages. Sometimes I'd get a blank page with "Done" in the lower corner. Seems to be running better now. Ralph
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    Dan's Layout

    The blue building is so interesting. I like its angular lines and the curved spurs leading into the loading docks. Ralph
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    Lehigh Valley & Keystone Model RR club pics

    Beautiful layout! Thanks for sharing all of the photos. I'm impressed by all the big industry, the large yard, and the attention to detail in every scene. You don't often see canals and locks on rivers on layouts. Very neat! Can we see more? Ralph
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    christmas plans foiled!

    Next time include a list of "don't want" items to be sure. :) Good luck with the 2-6-6-2! Ralph