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    Star Wars B-Wing(Blade-Wing)

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    Star Wars B-Wing(Blade-Wing)

    This is the ship I have always wanted to build. Amazing job.
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    Star Wars Y-wing /my design/ 1:48

    Nice start to this model. Playing Battlefront 2 and the Y-Wing is my ship of choice.....until somebody uploads a B-Wing mod.
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    Excellent craftsmanship!
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    My Imcold's X-wing build

    Excellent work!
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    Normandy SR-2 Beta Build

    Understood. Life can get in the way of hobbies. I haven't but anything in 3 years.
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    Normandy SR-2 Beta Build

    Any new developments?
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    scratch build paper model of the new xwing

    I am absolutely blow away by your talent!
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    Normandy SR-2 Beta Build

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    Starship Troopers - Rodger Young /free/ 1:?

    This is beyond amazing.
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    Mass Effect - Nyreen Kandros build

    Awesome as always. I love everything Mass Effect!
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    This looks great so far!