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    Signs for your layout

    Those are fantastic thanks!!!
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    The PAT-PAT (domesticated AT-AT / pun intended ;-) )

    LOVE that!! I had one of those original.. now everyone knows my
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    WWII Beer Run

    love that story.. love the "Spitfire"
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    n scale 4X8 layout idea

    In the recent MR magazine they did a layout called "the Virginian" 4x8 in HO.. I thought it would be cool to convert that to N scale.. you could have longer coal trains and pusher operations..
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    Been away.. but rediscovering how cool this forum is..

    My name is Chris.. been away awhile.. but just coming back to this forum.. I forgot how cool this forum is.. I especially enjoy the scratchin and bashing thread.. I am amazed at the talent level of those who scratch build.. well anyway good to be back.:mrgreen:
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    Mike Hagarty's N scale 'Mountain Sub'

    Just wanted to say.. wow..! that layout looks like it is going to be awesome!
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    Conrail Blue?

    Hello everyone... :wave: my name is Chris and this is my first post on The Gauge. Man this is a awesome forum, areally appreciate what you guys are doing here. Anyway I model N scale, have a 3x7 layout on a door that is my personal project. I also belong to the Knoxville Area Model Railroaders N...