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    Cardassian Hideki Fighter

    One of the ships used in the dominion wars by the cardassians. the only other model i've seen of it is by paragon. his is very accurate, except for the outer 'shell' piece. if you actually look at it, the front part is hollow underneath. this model is quite small. maybe, an inch?
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    Panzer's Jem'hadar warship/cruiser

    ive recently been given the file for a jem'hadar battle cruiser by Panzer! many thanks to him, along with my gratitude! progress is slow, and its MUCH larger than i thought it was going to be. panzer has allowed me to share the link for download, but i will wait fr zathros's approval before i...
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    star trek late tng era ships

    these are taped? :O im nowhere near this good with tape, great- no, EPIC job on these. the shininess on the hull really gives it that federation look.
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    papercraft Borg Tactical Cube

    This borg vessel only appeared in a few episodes of voyager. many of the models i've seen are similar in design to mine, except one EXTREMELY detailed one, which is big, and the armor is actually 'built' off of the hull. this pdf contains the 'shell' and the cube itself, you can choose which...
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    borg sphere papercraft

    thanks, it looks really good. ill be sure to build it!
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    borg sphere papercraft

    One of the least seen borg vessels in star trek, the borg sphere. this was actually a very easy model to design. build pics to come soon. sorry its pretty low res. :o
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    mini USS Defiant

    OMG thank you so much for your compliments, and for helping me to remember the sites name!:mrgreen:
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    mini USS Defiant

    I've found one of my favorite federation starships in mini model form! all the ones ive found before this one were either WAAAAY too small, or too big and detailed. but this one is the perfect balance. will post link to site when i find it again, it was some japanese model site, forgot what it...
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    model request

    its from startrek armada 2, used as a destroyer, ive havent seen a model of one anywhere.
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    1:1000 Scale Battlemechs WIP / Release

    this is awesome, never seen cardmodels this small, well some starwars ones, but thats it. these are amazing! how do you do it so small? :O
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    model request

    ive just joined a little while ago, and i was searching for 3 models, but didnt find them, so i was wondering if anyone has seen them, or is willing to make a model of them. -cardassian sartan frigate -cardassian hand phaser -romulan griffin warbird -edit: papercraft/card model not plastic!sign1
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    Large scale Imperial Warships

    wow! these are all amazing builds, does any have the models for download? i would like to try them out.
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    Star Wars Republic Starfighter ARC-170

    looks good, looking forward to trying it myself, it will make a great addition to my star wars collection.
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    Star Destroyer Venator Class

    this is wicked good, best one ive seen! i hope its available for download!:thumb:
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    SR2 Normandy Design and Build - continued

    looks really good, are you by any chance selling one of these? my freind is a huge ME fan, and his birthday is coming up.