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    Rivarossi Loco's

    I would never go any smaller than 83. Have run it for years without any trouble and scale looks fine to me. Some people get carried away with "realism", and I'm a stickler for details, but not to the extent of taking the fun out of running. But the large Rivarossi flanges can give trouble on...
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    Rivarossi Loco's

    Sawdust...The only problem with the Rivarossis that you bought are the large flanges on the drivers. This would cause trouble on code 83 rail or anything less. Does not seem to apply to the Heislers.
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    LifeLike's HO scale S-1 problem...

    Diburning...Thanks for the detailed reply. Yes, Proto 2000. Have one just like it bought several years ago. I don't recall having any problems with the first one. I finally got this new one together. Nothing in the instructions about removing the fuel tank, and couplers were already in place on...
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    LifeLike's HO scale S-1 problem...

    Purchased the subject loco a few weeks ago. I already have one and it runs so beautifully, I thoight I'd get another. Now my problem is I can't seem to get the plastic body to sit down on the frame so I can screw it together. Wasamatterme??:curse:
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    Do's and Dont's of Model Railroading

    Like Kanawha...never put down anything you can't reach at a later date. That's where the first trouble spot will happen. Allan
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    switch wiring

    Re: Switch Throws... Depends on brand or turnouts you're using. New Shinohara are all- power turnouts. This makes your problem easy, but if you want to isolate tracks you need simple on-off switches to those tracks. I've used HO C.I. hand throws for years. Careful using "N" gage throws, they...
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    Top Running Engine

    Did it. thanks for the tip. Allan
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    Top Running Engine

    One of my favorite engines is a Life-Like S-1 I bought several years ago. Now, because of the near perfect way this engine runs, I'm trying to find another. Walthers doesn't list it in their latest catalogue. Am I destined to relegate this engine to an irreplaceble classic? Allan
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    Micro-Mark's Car Routing System

    Those of you who plan to "operate" your railroad, don't overlook the Car Routing system sold my MicroMark (Product No.82916 @ $26.40). They provide four 3-bay card boxes to mount on the layout that are so well finished you'd be hard-pressed to duplicate the workmanship. Along with car cards...
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    Railway Design Associates...

    Just found a kit from this manufacturer on Ebay. $10.00 cheaper than from their own site (not unusual). Anybody ever built one. They look really good, and style of their structures would certainly fit well on my new layout. Comments, if any, would be welcome. Allan
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    Shinohara or pico turnouts

    Ballasting turnouts... Ballast has always been a problem in turnouts. My solution was to take my ballast material and really pulverize it to a fine powder. I use this "powder" on the turnouts. Carefully dusting it in for color only. Use the real ballast on the outsides of the turnout...all...
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    Shinohara or pico turnouts

    Have used Shinohara for my last layout (directional) and am using the new ones for the new layout. These are all powered and working smoothly. I looked at Peco and they were beautifully made, but the Walthers were a bit cheaper. I don't think you can go wrong with either. Allan
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    new boy aroud + question

    Poles plus the wires? No no for this kid! Last layout had the poles in the town areas, and they looked good. I tried one small area in another section with wires and they lasted about a week when my grandson plowed through them to fix a derailment. On a "round the wall" shelf layout they might...
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    Branchline Trains Passenger Kit

    Good kit... Branchline produces a good kit no matter what the subject. I've built many of their freight cars and several of the passenger cars. You won't be disappointed. Allan
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    Beware Non-Model RR Auction posters on Ebay

    Refund! Thanks to Midnight RR's suggestion, PayPal came through for me and I received a refund from the seller this AM. No mention of returning the Trollers, so they go into the parts bin.:thumb: Allan