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Simplified Terms and Conditions of Membership for the CrowdGather.com Message Board(s)

By accessing, using or signing up for our discussion boards or any other service, you indicate you agree to all terms.


Welcome to the Zealot.com web site. This web site and our message boards are provided to you by Crowd Gather, Inc. These Terms of Use govern the site and help to make your experience an enjoyable and safe one.

Your first post must be an introductory post, made by starting a “New Thread” in the “Introductions” section of the forum. Please tell us something about yourself, and your interests, so that we may better share our experience on the forum.

We may update these terms from time to time. If we do, we will put the updated date at the bottom of the terms. Check in to regularly to see updates.

If you have any questions please contact one of our representatives by using the links at the bottom of this page.

We cannot be responsible for member posts on our message board(s)--they happen in real-time. We don’t have any obligation to prescreen, edit, or remove any content that is posted by users through message board(s). But, we do have the right to prescreen, edit, remove content, and refuse to accept, remove or move any content posted our message board.

We do our best to make sure everything runs properly.

Our only requirement is that you are over 18 and have a functioning email to register. See our Privacy Policy for the list of what we won’t do with your email.

Everything you do on our website(s) is subject to these terms and conditions.

By becoming a member of these domains, you agree to the following:

1.) Posting:

Be respectful. Please, Post an Introduction in the Introductions Section.

1a.) Offensive Content:

You won’t post it.

1b.) Profanity:

You won’t direct it at another user. Or yourself.

1c.) Intellectual Property:

Don’t steal content. Period. See Pirates below.

1d.) Cross-Posting:

You won’t post the same post in more than one location.

1e.) Recruitment/Solicitation:

You won’t collect personal info of members for any reason.

1f.) Relevant Content:

Stay on-topic in threads.

1g.) Political or Religious Baiting:

Be respectful. Don’t.

1h.) Spamming:

Don’t spam. We will ban you.

1i.) Language:

Please post in English.
While we realize that the internet is global, our site is US based as
are the majority of our users. English is the official world language
and while we are respectful of the various cultures of individual
users, we must be able to know the full content of each post to
ensure that these rules and policies are not being violated. You may also post in your native language but you must post in English.

This protects us all, and cuts down on miscommunications caused
by mistranslations.

Online translators are easily found, i.e.: www.translate.google.com

If you wish to converse with another user in your native
languages, please feel free to do so via Private Message (PM).

1j.) No Threats Allowed:

Any member who THREATENS another member of this forum, in the public part of the Forum, or in the Private part, (Private Messages), will be immediately banned.

1k.) Links:

1. Do not link to pirate sites. If you are not certain about a site, send a PM to a Moderator, asking about the site in question.

2. Link to your blog, your pics, free sites and your poodles all you
want. Communities are built on sharing.

3. If you want to share a purely commercial based link, send a PM
or a private email.

1l.) Hot-linking:

Don’t do it unless you ask the owner.

Would you want someone randomly handing out your address in a


is where you make a post in an old or dead thread just to boost your post count. Doing such will result in those posts being removed and further administrative action can (and will) be taken.
Please only post in threads that are no older than 3 months, unless you have something to actually contribute to that thread (i.e. new information about the model or the site that the model is hosted on).
These threads are left open so the original author (if he/she chooses to do so) can come back and restart that thread with any hassles.
If you have any questions for the author of an old or dead thread, please send that person a private message.

2.) Behavior:

Be respectful.

2a.) Identity Spoofing:

Be yourself and not someone else. Only you can use your

2b.) HaXor:

No computer hacking.
You will be banned.

2c.) Multiple Accounts:

Our admins have a tough enough time keeping track of things as it is.
Stick to one, please.

2d.) Forum Gangs:

Don’t start or participate in one.

2e.) Illicit Activity:

If it’s illicit, it doesn’t belong here.

2f.) Private Messages:

Don’t spam our members.

2g.) Board/Flame Wars:

Don’t engage in them. We will ban you.

2h.) Public Affection:

Don’t be overt… keep it in your… PM’s.

2i.) Warez:

Don’t do it. See Pirates.

2j.) Personal information:

Don’t share your personal info—this is the Internet. Would you
write your contact info on a bathroom stall?

2k.) Obstructing the discussion:

Keep it to a minimum.

2l.) Racial, sexual, or religious slurs:

Never, ever. Don’t do it. You will be banned.

2m.) Pirates:

Will be banned with extreme prejudice. See Warez. See Haxor.

3.) Content Copyright:

Your posts are yours, but when you post, they become content. They will not be deleted, so please think about what you post before you post.

3a.) Content Distribution:

Share and share alike.

3b.) DMCA Enforcement:

We will protect what you post here.

3c.) Stolen Data:

If you think someone has stolen data then let us know.

4.) Advertising:

We’re here to build models, not read ads. Please don’t. Pointing out where you can find a particular tool or model kit is another matter. Just use common sense.

4a.) Unauthorized Marketing:

Spam will be extinguished with extreme prejudice. See above.
If you want to advertise legitimately, ask us!

4b.) Ad Blockers:

We would appreciate you not blocking our primary source of
income. The admin’s gotta eat too.

5.) Personal Responsibilities:

We are all adults here so act like an adult, because this is a FAMILIY FORUM.

5a.) Unauthorized Access:

Don’t be a hacker or spammer or pirate. We will ban you.

5b.) Cooperation:

Let us know and we will do what we can to help.

6.) Disclaimer:

We can’t possibly see everything, be everywhere or fix everything.

6a.) Disclosure:

If the government wants something, they can get it.

6b.) Neutrality:

We endorse no posts or topics.

6c.) No Guarantee(s):

We do the best we can.

6d.) Experts Advice:

We do not claim to be authoritative. Go to a doctor or a
lawyer if you need one.

6e.) Loss:

We are not responsible for any damages or problems you might
have by using our site.

7.) Violations:

If you ignore or don’t follow the terms, you will be warned and you might be banned.

8.) Right of Community Management:

We can and probably will ban trolls on sight.

Spammers and Pirates will be banned on smell.

9.) Age requirements:

While this is a family friendly site, we can’t guarantee everything. See Disclaimer, above. Users must be at least 18 years of age.
That’s not just us, it’s the law.

10.) Post-Count Boosting:

Post real comments, not filler.
Filler posts will be unapproved, and a warning will be issued. If the problem continues, further administrative action will be taken.

11.) Downloads Section:

The Downloads section of this forum is chock full of free paper models that have been donated by our very talented designers and members. A GREAT DEAL of hard work goes into making these models; and as such they are considered intellectual property.

What this means is that the designers have a reasonable right to some protection of their work against piracy. Like it or not, there are people out there who will steal other’s work and sell it as their own. See “Pirates” above.

To this end, it is the policy of this forum that in order to weed out possible pirates and, to be frank, freeloaders looking for something for nothing. Thus, we require our new members to have a post count above ten (10) substantial posts and an account age of Four weeks before this section will be available.

This is a community based on sharing, not taking.

Your initial posts should reflect this. Starting multiple posts just to get your post count up (i.e.: posting 1, 2, 3, 4, ect) isn’t going to cut it. See “Post-Count Boosting” above.

We have moderators that actively monitor new posts and will squash this behavior quickly. When caught, you will be given ONE warning. Your posts will be deleted and your post count reset. Your forum rights will be revoked for 72 hours and you will have to start over again. If you repeat this pattern, we will ban you by user name and IP address.

We’re looking for active participation in this community.

What is active participation? Ask questions. Comment on builds. Get involved. It’s not that difficult, and builds the community.

Thank you for your cooperation.
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Rule 12: All Photos or Pictures, drawings, etc. must be uploaded directly to the forum. We have too many threads with links that are dead or link to forums you must be a member of to see. Posts with blanked out pictures will be deleted. This is effective immediately. With our generous photo uploading, 10 huge pics per post, as many posts as you need, there is no reason not to use the extremely simple system we have. You do not have to wait for a picture to finish uploading before you start uploading another pic. If you choose "Thumbnail", the picture will displayed at it's full size if a member clicks on the thumbnail. Please comply with this. Go back and clean up any post yu have with a blanked image because I am going to start deleting these.

_____Absolutely no solicitations for funds for any reason whatsoever!!!_____

All Models for Upload must be pre-approved by the Administration team
to assure they have good Instructions, have been actually built, a build thread for each model uploaded is really the best way to do this. Any model not complying to this standard will not be approved for uploading, and if has been uploaded, will not be approved for downloading. Get approval first. We have had, in the past, people uploading models which they never built, turned out could not be built, and this is not fair to those who use their precious time, money, ink and paper, trying to build something that the original designer could not bother building. This has caused some really bad situations on this forum. All models must be approved, we will help you get it in shape for uploading it, but you have to build it, and a build thread is the best way to demonstrate that.

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I have noticed a trend towards posting of finished models with no build pics. That is NOT what this forum is about. I can suggest one you can go to to do that, but we want to see the builds process, the nitty, gritty. You don't have to take 100's of pics, but a pic of a hard section, and a pic at each stage of completion would be nice, off the top of my head, I'd say that would be a minimum of 10 pics.

It flies in the face of certain members who have shared such details of their builds, years worth, then you get members posting a page of finished works, wanting accolades, when frankly, since they didn't do the build thread, especially considering the size and amount of pictures that we allow you to post directly, 10 Huge pics Per Post, and as many posts as you need? I know forums that do not do this, many many forums.

Please, if you post no build threads, no build threads, and I will start limiting pictures of finished models, to 1 or maybe 2.

You take away from the forum if you don't post build threads. People who are joining, different story, they are showing us what they have done.

The Gallery is strictly for models that have had an extensive build thread on this forum. No build thread, no posting in the Gallery.

The Gallery is NOT to be used to post pictures of progressions of builds, that is what build threads are for.

You wouldn't think this would have to be spelled out.
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If you wish to upload a model file to the "RESOURCE SECTION", upload the file, photos of the "finished" model, and "resource section".
Please follow the following procedures for such. In doing such, it will make your resource more " VISIBLE" and "user friendly" to other members.

If you have any questions comments, need help or advice. Please contact myself (or the other staff) and I (they) will help you anyway possible.
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Due to the persistent and annual/biannual of the harassment of our membership by the forum called: w. w. w. papermodelers . com, no reference to that forum will be allowed on this forum and any references will in fact be deleted from any thread it is posted in. There will be no infraction unless the same person keeps doing it, then they can just go over there and do their thing there. Your account here subsequently will be deleted, you will not be Banned, just expunged.

You can belong to whatever forum you want, that is your business, and nobody cares about that.........

There must be a separation and delineation between these two forums due to their hostility towards this forum. They always start it, we always end it.


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Due to the issues with the picture hosting function on this site, there is a limit max of 1000 x 1000 pix for pics. This will help with maintaining the a balance between having decent pics to look at and being able to limit the number of times that the IT guys have to add more memory to the servers. So please be certain to edit your photos to fit within these parameters.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this, please feel free to contact one of the administrators or moderators through "private messaging". We will be more than willing to help you with this.

Rhaven Blaack
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Using the name of a commercial website as a screen/avatar name is strictly prohibited. This is considered a form of indirect advertising (which is associated with rule #4 "NO ADVERTISING"). When you join this forum, you join strictly as an individual, not as a representative of any corporate or business entity. Violating this rule will be cause for instant deletion of the account (and any posts made under this account).
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