XTRKCAD V5.x.x... Anyone use it?


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Sep 29, 2018
I just downloaded XtrkCAD and started using it.

Partly because Kato ceased producing a good old fashioned drawing template! I have a 4' x 8' surface my wife wants to build a layout on, N-scale Kato Uni-Track. As an AutoCAD power user, this program drives me nuts. I'm sure once I figure out the design intent, and what sort of CAD functionality the designers used (something very old, and largely menu driven, with few keyboard shortcuts...) it won't frustrate me too much.

I'm pleased to report that it does have an extensive library of track types, like the Kato Uni-Track and a significant number of Walthers structure kits for layout design. As to the precision... Well, coming off of AutoCAD (and yeah, that makes me a spoiled CAD Brat), that remains to be seen (after working with as many decimal places as I can get in ACAD, but really only designing down to .000"/.00mm routinely).

So, if anyone has some tips, feel free to school me. I'm open minded, even though I'm opinionated, about my CAD for fun. Being that it's largely for fun, it is good to get away from ACAD....
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Apr 6, 2013
I'm stuck on Rhino3D. It's so intuitive, and I'm too old to learn things I can do in minutes otherwise. Go with what comes easy to you. ;)
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