Vintage Zeppelin Model

I couldn't find any indication that this link had been posted here, so here it is:

Originally published in 1924, it looks quite detailed and depicts an early era airship. Note that the photo below the model image is not the same ship. I haven't built it yet, but I've done a couple of the Currell airships and I can't wait to try this one. It's covered with a pronounced dot printing pattern, but I think that might just give it an interesting (if slightly surrealistic) appeal. The writer suggests building it at about 18", which happens to be the size I enlarged my Currell R-100 to and it looks great that size.


Mar 4, 2004
Arlington, Virginia
The majority of the hull (the cylindrical section) is missing, but it won't be hard to recreate that. It must have been on a second sheet. Everything else seems to be on the page that is available.

Bill Kastenmeier
Duh! I didn't even notice that. I would just knock out some straight pieces based on the largest curved pieces. It would be easy enough in a vector graphic program. When I first saw it I was pondering what it would take to retrace it to remove the halftone pattern. Well, here's another project for the long list: do a cleaned up redo of the Zeppelin and add the missing sections. When I get around to it (hopefully during this decade!) I'll post a link here.

niebla de fuego

I saw that too. A pity the 2nd page was not provided :(

I've left a comment on the website asking for the other page. Maybe they could upload it ;) (although it's been more than a year).

I know that with a couple of tricks the halftone pattern can be minimized using photoshop. However in this case it looks very difficult.

As Paper Hollywood stated, a better idea would be re-tracing the lines with a vector program (Corel, Illustrator, or similar software).


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Mar 21, 2010
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Hmm...seems to be a model of an airship of the Hansa type, or maybe even earlier. I remember seeing this post a while back, and I'm just as annoyed as the lack of a second page.
It would seem that the majority of the keel is missing as well, and possibly some other parts that may or may not be there, depending on the model's complexity...