Things that go Bang...


Apr 15, 2007
well, they would go bang if they were not made of paper....

Shortly, I will be starting on nothing's Mauser (backdating to a C96), but I have way too much on my plate to get started for at least a couple of weeks. In the meantime, my brain starts a wandering to other possible projects. I've just downloded this one, which is a freebie and will make a simple quick distraction between more serious subjects:

the same site has a potato masher and a panzerfaust, which should also prove to be fairly simple and a bit of a break from some of the more complex models I have planned.

The next couple I'm tempted to have a go at scratchbuilding if no-one is intrested or able to spend the time designing them.

Firstly, one of the most desirable and just sexy guns ever made, the WA2000 .300 Win Mag sniper rifle. I think i have sufficient reference for this, and is high on my list.

there were only about 176 of these made, a real ones sell for well over $50,000 on the rare occasions one goes on the market.

Next, this rather silly but really cool Final Fantasy pistol:

you can buy the charm haning from the grip, which I think would make a nice touch.

Finally, high on my list of more modern weapons, the FN P90:

The biggest problem with this if I'm to try to get my usual level of realism, is the transparent magazine:

I could fashion one using more traditional model making methods, but the time and cost involved would be prohibitive. The simplest solution, I guess, would be to order an Airsoft magazine,(they go for about US$27-30 online) but I dont think Australian customs would like it. Maybe I could get one of you kind folks in the US to grab me one when It comes time to build it, and remove the offending fake bullets (which i can rebuild from card) and send me the the plastic top cover? the rest could be made with proper paper based materials.

Anyhoo, I'm just waffling here, looking longingly at the Mauser wishing I could get started. *surreptisiously checks printer for paper...*


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Jul 23, 2008
Central Florida
I just downloaded that first one because I saw it on a site linked here earlier. Sadly, it doesn't have any tabs and I'm too lazy to make my own. I probably won't end up doing it because of that.

That FF pistol looks awesome. There's one being made of Yuna's gun somewhere... I'm very much looking forward to the pattern for that one.

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well ill be watching this with intrest especially the p90 build i have a model of that somewere not very detailed and a bit smaller than the real one pm me you email address and ill se if i can find it for you if your intrested for the mag on it you could alway use plexigalass or acrylic not exaxtly paper but hey altleast the it would give realism or you could look on ebay for the bb gun mags for them. and modify it they come empty so i dont think australlian custom would have a proble with a case


May 31, 2010
you could mock one of the mags up in overhead projector plastic or thicker clear styreene. again not quite paper but closer to it that the bb clip.