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Jan 2, 2007
New Jersey
Life and the acquisition of Vintage HO trains hasn't stopped. But it has slowed down quite a bit just like me. The main problem with collecting vintage trains is those uncatalogued items that keep turning up you can't account for. They match nothing of the cataloged items and must be thought of as being custom made. When you find them, and they are nice enough you keep them with your collection but can never list them as a part of your collection. They are just odd ball items to show and speak of and think about. With my Favorite company HObbyline some Ho trains come to mind, of trains seen it preview catalogs, and teasingly in retail catalogs and advertisements or a part of a photo or drawing in trade magazine., Nothing is mentioned as to their being a listed part of the companies 'sale offerings. With HObbyline trains, these are seen but never found listed anywhere in catalogs. The Virginian 2 bay hopper, Frisco 4 bay hopper, Inland Ammonium Sulphate box car, and inland cresol tank car, Victor tank car, CONOCO tank car. I have thanks to another collector, a Rhom and Hass tank Car, and a photo of a Humble Oil tank car. These are very rare items produced by HObbyline made for private companies. They are call special cars and are uncatalogued items, though made by HObbyline, not a part of the HObbyline line of trains. I found on my own the Union Switch and Signal Co. gondola which is another special car. I found when researching HObbyline sets an advertisement in the 1955 Oct issue of Model Railroader by Lloyd's Hobby shop of Baltimore for Lloyd's set #1 a B&O passenger set, and a set #2 also a B&O freight set. These were made by HObbyline for sale by Lloyd's. I have seen online auctions of the B&O set #1 the B&O passenger set, and of set #2 also a B&O freight set I know nothing. I have found no information anywhere on this set. I have found and purchased 2 B&O FA-1's and the combine and one coach from the set, and still need 2 more coaches to complete the set. The B&O freight set must use the same 2 FA-1 locos and is said in the advertisement to have 6 ready to run freight cars and a caboose. HObbyline only made 5 different freight cars so something had to be doubled. This B&O Freight is the largest freight set ever made by HObbyline. HObbylines largest freight set sold as a HObbyline set has 5 ready to run cars and a caboose. As to the caboose, in this 1955 freight set as they are known to be, the only caboose released with HObbyline sets that year had the HObbyline name used as a road name. A photo of this B&O freight set has to my knowledge never been seen even by any collectors of HObbyline I come across.. Whoever has one B&O freight sets has never shared the information on-line. Nothing is known about how many of each set were sold. All search engines I have access to have no photo of this B&O freight set. Now you know the great train collecting delima. In truth you can never collect them all for you dont know what else was made. You can only collect what is listed in catalogs. Everything else you find is just custom cars. unless there is some type of varication of the car acutely being produced. Good luck collectors.

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