Suggestions for a relatively easy detailing/superdetailing project?


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Mar 7, 2008
Hey guys, I'm relatively new to the realm of really detailing models, just getting me feet wet with ship models at the moment. It's been years since I got into my model railroading stuff (I'm afraid that all the stuff in storage will be a lost cause, but that's what happens in a decade).

Anyhow, I'd really to make detail some locomotives and rolling stock in the same way...photoetch parts, etc.

MR magazine used to have wonderful articles on doing just that, I haven't been impressed with the last few issues I've picked up though. Unfortunately all of my old ones have disappeared over the years.

In short, can you guys suggest some projects/articles with relatively short parts lists to get started into the railroading side again? Writeups like the MR articles would be nice, even if it's not from them. And by relatively short parts list, I just mean to keep it reasonably costed for a learner's project, not spending the money on a brass boxcar and another 80 on photoetch parts, lol. I'm not planning on a railroad yet (no space), so prototype and era isn't particularly important (nor will it be if I ever get to build my layout :p).

In particular, does anyone know the date of the article they did on making "the last warbonnet", the SD70MAC I believe it was? I drooled over that article for ages as a kid. I'd love to request a copy of it from MR.

I look forward to being able to bring some of these models to life!