Sudsy's paper terrain builds


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Sep 29, 2018
Figured I'd start a single thread to capture 28mm, and other game, scale builds.

Starting with some David Graffam buildings in both 28mm and 10mm (1:144th/N-scale, which are older...) I recently built.

These were printed a few years ago, and were completed as part of my 'backlog' of paper terrain projects dating back to around 2014 or so that I just now in 2021 got to. Well, guess there is that silver lining to that whole global pandemic after all!

These are the "Coach House" and "Dutch Barn" models that were either free, or super on sale at the time. Honestly, these are solid models printed as is without having to spend any amount of time greebling, priming, and painting (though you could...). Great for a quick 'day build' and throwing out for 'club house' quality terrain at your local game shop/club house; or kids toys. My wife loves the N-scale models on her train layout...