Sponge Brush or Paint Brush


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Mar 8, 2014
Detroit, Michigan
My fiance and I are arguing about how to apply resin to a paper model. We've both seen people use paint brushes and people using sponge brushes.

My fiance's argument is that the chemical reaction of the resin would destroy the sponge brush and break it down while using it.

My argument is that paint brushes are expensive and resin is not easy to clean off of... anything.

Does anyone have advice that they can give on what's the best way to apply resin to papercraft?


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Aug 23, 2007
Fayetteville NC
For myself, I would use a paint brush, but as you said, they are expensive. For this, I would go to one of those dollar stores and buy the cheap brushes. The foam kind of brushes, not really sponge, are made of oil base product and will eventually deteriorate and leave little chunks of the rubber compound on you project. The way manikin heads are made, they use a mold to avoid the brush marks. Experiment with other items as well. The only problem with resin, is that the catalyst used to harden the resin varies and you may have to work fast before it hardens on the brush. Waiting to see some of your works soon.