Shamus - R.I.P - 14th March 1937 / 23rd November 2008

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N Gauger

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Dec 20, 2000
South Eastern, PA
Rather than post a single picture here, I would ask you to go visit his you-tube posts here

He was a good friend who I have spoken to over the phone. He lived in thr U.K. while I am in PA.. He helped start The Guage as it was, almost 8 years ago...

After I had joined (2 days after him, when The Gauge was but a week old) I told him of my knowledge of model railroading. he asked me if I would want to moderate a forum or 2..

I replied I had little such experience... we agreed to start The Builder's Plate forum. I learned a lot form him including scenery and photography skills. Most of all he taught me to be a good, fair, Moderator.

When he was ready to move on and start his own forum, He asked me if I would like to Administrate The Guage.. After thinking a while, I said yes.... That was 4 years ago..

I will miss him... On behalf of The Guage .. We created this tribute as we did for Robin.......

Rest In Peace, My friend ...... and mentor............

N Gauger - Mikey
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