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Dec 20, 2000
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Copied from AMR (Shamus' site).......

Shamus (Paul) asked me to make this post to update everyone on his health…

Earlier this week Shamus was sent for emergency scans and blood tests after his doctor examined his latest chest x-ray.

Today came the news nobody wants to hear.

Shamus, on top of his emphysema (C.O.P.D), also has lung cancer which has spread into the lymph nodes.

A team of experts have given a life expectancy of around a year, or less. Due to the advanced stage of his emphysema, no treatment can be given, or is worth going through.

With this, Shamus will be taking down his railroad and selling what he can. As things currently stand he may build an n-scale diorama in the living room downstairs, health permitting. He also may not be as active on the forums as much, again, depending on his health.

This news has been devastating for the whole family. Shamus has said he will continue to make the best out of life he can. What happens from here we don’t know but one thing is for sure, I’ll be flying over as much as possible to give him plenty of grief like only a son can.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post,


For the newer members, Shamus (who is still an active member here) and a few others of us, helped start the original "The Guage" Model Railroad Forum in early 2001.......

Here is a link to the AMR (Shamus' "All Model Railroading" Forum) thread:
(You have to be an AMR member to see it) But I copied the first post above....


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Sep 26, 2006
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I found Paul's website when I joined the gauge and have spent hours looking at his layouts.The man is a mrr genius. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.


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Feb 14, 2003
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I remember when Paul was trying to get a book published and none of the publisher's wanted to take on the project. Someone on the Gauge suggested he publish it on a cd, and offer it for direct sale. I bought a copy as did many others on the Gauge. I don't model the logging industry, but Paul showed a level of detail in every layout he constructed that set new standards as far as I'm concerned, and he did it in n-scale, ho scale, and On30. As just one example, he was the first person I've seen to model sawdust in the saw mill and metal shavings on the floor of his machine shop. He was also among the most gracious of people I've ever corresponded with. I've never met him personally, but have enjoyed his modeling tremendously.

This is a message I've been expecting, but dreading. I had not expected the lung cancer problem to occur, but copd does not get better, it is only controlled at best as it gets worse. Paul will be missed. I pray that he has a peaceful passing with as little pain as possible. I would also like to see a place in the Academy for a collection of all of his photos that are archived on the Gauge along the lines of "Robin At His Best", and I think it would be nice to do that before his passing. I just think it would be an encouragement to him to show appreciation to him while he is still alive to see it.


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Oct 11, 2006
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That is sad to read. Shamus has done a masterful job of getting the most out of Bachmann's small On30 offerings. Truly magnificent.


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Feb 3, 2003
He did answer the thread like this one on AMR, and thanked everyone for their concern. I don't know how many of you know this, but Paul was an acccoplished musician before he became the excellent modeler that he is. Paul Templar played the harmonica until his breathing problems. He posted this link: to some of his music on YouTube, you'll be impressed so I recommend you go there and listen.


Thank's Mikey.
That is sad news indeed but I wouldn't count that old scoundrel out yet.I have a feeling that when he finally derails they are going to know he had a good run for it.

I will keep him in my thoughts and of course wish him only the best.


Sad news. In a way Paul is partly responsible for me joining the Gauge. It seemed every time I did a google search for something model railroad related, a gauge thread would pop up showcasing Paul's fantastic work. I was amazed by the cretivity and craftines of his modeling, and decided this would be a good forum to join.



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Dec 17, 2000
Just popped in to say many many thanks indeed for your kind thoughts, Its been a blast these last 12 years with the Gauge and then my own AMR. I have never met in person any of you, but I feel we are very close friends.

Thanks again

Paul (Shamus)


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Dec 4, 2006
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Very sorry to hear the news of your ill health, Shamus. You've been one of the long standing members that I have admired greatly. With whatever happens, I wish you the best and you will be in my thoughts.


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Jan 19, 2002
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It was Paul who first asked me to be a moderator here. It was Paul who "coaxed" me into building an HO scale "bobber caboose" which I sent him.
It was one of his "sales" that enabled me to acquire one of his locomotives, pictured here.
Paul, I have kept, and will continue to keep this safe. I feel honored to have something you built. I wish you all the joy you can find, in the coming days. I will wish you peace, when your days of joy have ended. In my heart, you are, and will always remain, a dear friend.



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Jan 23, 2006
I have never had to pleasure of meeting you. I have never even "talked" to you via the two above mentioned mrr forums, but I feel almost as if I know you. Your artistry speaks for itself, it is an inspiration and an example of what can be achieved when talent, hard work, and plain old "love for what you're doing" colide.

But even more telling about you sir, is the way you inter-act or correspond, if you will, when you post. Always the gentleman, always gracious and generous with your knowledge. Above all else, respectful to all and never arrogant (if anyone has a right to be, it is you).

Thank you for your modeling which is sterling.....but thank you even more for your character which is pure gold!

God bless

Steve (Nazgul)