Sacral architecture

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Chapel of st. Florian (Czech republic)
(Kestřany chapels)

Scale : 1:87
Author : Marián Hlaváč, Miroslav Gabriel
Source : MiGas and MED, 2019


Chapel of St. Floriána is a niche chapel from the first half of the 19th century in the village near the Lhota near Kestřan.
The model was published in the Kestřanské kaplnky notebook, which contains 6 chapels plus 2 variants, so a total of 8 chapels can be built.
My edits:
i added a figure and made a simple pad. A few photos:

The cross of Jesus Christ (Czech republic)
(Kestřany chapels)

Scale : 1:87
Author : Marián Hlaváč, Miroslav Gabriel
Source : MiGas and MED, 2019


Cross in the local part of Chotěbořice. It is a two model in unrepaired and repaired condition.

Kestrany-kriz GIF.gif

My edits:
No modifications, I added a figure and made a simple pad. A few photos:

Original state:


Fixed Status:


All Kestřany chapels in a 15x10 cm photo frame:

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Castle chapel

Scale : about 1:150
Author : Marián Hlaváč
Source : Elektrón/Zenit 3/1992

This is a fairly old model that is 30 years old. The model came out again later with slightly modified colors, I was building the original version. I wanted to try how it would look next to the current architecture models... It has its limits, but if you put a little time into it, it can still be made into a pretty nice model...

This is what the author wrote about the model:
Baroque castle gardens and parks very often included small architecture - fountains, greenhouses, music pavilions, but also small chapels. They were often an integral part of the garden, which is why builders placed great emphasis on the integration of architecture into the natural environment. They were located in pleasant corners and, together with the surrounding trees or small lakes, they enhanced the impression of the entire castle area even more.

My edits:
I did not modify the model itself much, I used pin heads as decorative balls.
I modified the tower where I cut out the windows and added a bell, sanded the top from a skewer and added a cross. I printed the oval mats on a 3D printer, added some trees and grass and a few figures... But it still wanted to add some nice detail and so I started thinking about a carriage with horses... originally I wanted to make one of my own, but I remembered that Mr. Vyškovský had made a similar addition in his model of Vily z Petrovice, so I used the model of his carriage... It wasn't that easy to build, but somehow I did it... On the carriage, I modified just the wheels that I printed it on foil so that they were transparent... in the finale I added a harness for the horses and that would probably be all...

...a few photos:

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Chapel of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Straky, Czech Republic)

Scale : 1:120
Author : Tomáš Hrebík
Source : Vystřihovánky vTOM, free model

The chapel stands in the middle of the village of Straky in the district of Nymburk in the Czech Republic and was built in 1841. It was thoroughly repaired in the years 1868-1874, when the entire top of the roof and the tower were made. In 1877, a gilded cross was installed on the dome, and in 1905, an image of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was acquired, to which the chapel was then newly dedicated. In 2005-2006, a total repair took place, including the replacement of the altar and re-gilding of the cross on the dome of the tower.


My edits:

i added a cross and made a simple mat. A few photos:

Chapel of St. Anna (Divin - Slovakia)

Scale : 1:100
Author : Michal Vršanský
Source : Vystřihovánky vTOM, free model

The chapel is located near the castle in the village of Divín. Its creation dates back to 1775. It was built from the stones of the castle ruins. Around the chapel there is a cemetery originally intended for important Divín families. Photo of the real building:

Divin - 103516614.jpg

The Building without modifications, added pad, I was building a more complex version... a few photos:

Chapel of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Sivá Brada, Slovakia)

Scale : 1:100
Author : Ladislav Jakubčo
Source : Fifík 4/2022

At the turn to Spišská Pohradie, you will find the idyllic baroque chapel of St. Cross from 1675. The chapel is a dominant feature of the area and offers a beautiful view of the countryside. The chapel rises on a travertine hill, which has a height of approximately 25 meters from the base to the top. This heap is called Greybeard. The mineralized water on Siva Brada springs up in several places, but most prominently in the north and south of the hill. In the past, there was even a geyser that reached a height of several meters. Today, there is only a calm fountain of bubbling water left here, which is caused by the release of carbon dioxide. Thanks to its uniqueness, Sivá Brada was declared a National Nature Reserve in 1979. You can watch a nice video here:

My edits:

I added crosses and made a simple pad.

A few photos:

DSCN4212 kopie2.jpgDSCN4216.jpgDSCN4208.jpgDSCN4202.jpg
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Church of St. Martin, (Lidice, Czech republic)

Author: Pavel Havránek

Scale: 1:200

Publisher: ABC magazine


kostol sv.martina 1 lidice .jpg

Lidice Church of St. Martin has been a parish church since 1352. It reached its peak in the first half of the 18th century, when Anna Marie Toskánská had it reconstructed and added a whole new nave and tower. During its existence, the church was even burned down three times. The first time during the Hussite wars, the second time during the Thirty Years' War and the last time during the Lidice tragedy in 1942. The only thing that has survived from the church is its entrance door. This happened thanks to the fact that when valuables were being taken away during the destruction of the village, the doors were used on wagons as sides to prevent the load from falling.

A simpler model built without modifications. The roof construction was a bit more complicated, I added a simple pad.


If you want to see what was left of the church after the rampages of the Nazis, you can look here:

I really appreciate that you provide these historical facts to the model. It makes the build even more interesting. :)
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Belfry in Lieskovo
(village Cerová, Slovakia)

Scale : 1:100
Author : Michal Vršanský
Source : Vystřihovánky vTOM, free model

In the village of Cerová (Senica district, Slovakia), part of Liesková, there is a well-preserved brick belfry with one bell. According to the parish chronicle, there was an older wooden belfry built in front of the church at this place, because it was repaired in 1793 as it was very dilapidated. During a big fire in 1814, it was completely burnt down and not even the bell could withstand the fire's glow. In 1815, the people of Lieskov had a new bell cast, and ten years later they built a new belfry. In the 1960s, it was damaged by an earthquake and a strong wind, so the people of Lieskov repaired it. The bell cracked after many years of use, so it was replaced by a new one in 2020. During the consecration, he was given the name Ján in honor of the Cerov native, archbishop mons. Ján Bukovsky. Photo of the real building:


I modified the model - I cut the windows and completed the interior and added the bell, added a simple pad. ...a few photos:

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Easter week has started for us, so I will put together a few models with this theme, the first one is:

Church above Calvary Oščadnica (Slovakia)

Scale: 1:150
Author : E.Drahošanová, O.Hejl

The Church above Calvary was built in the same way as Calvary, at the request of the Oščadnica believers. By November 1947 the church was on display and by June 1948 the interior of the church was completed. Architect
Anton Medrický donated a gilded painting of the Virgin Mary and Jesus to the church. Just like Calvary, the church above it was built exclusively from the donations of self-sacrificing parishioners, natives, workers and brothers and sisters living in the USA. Thanks also go to the Oščadnice volunteer fire department, which supplied water from the stream to the church during the entire construction, and thus greatly helped and facilitated the work on the construction site. Three large wooden crosses stand out in front of the church. The cross in the center is the highest. The consecration of Calvary, crosses and the church above Calvary took place on August 15, 1948 in the presence of 20,000 pilgrims.


My edits:

This little church has a nice hand drawing, I built it without modifications, I just added a simple mat, probably the most work was carving the cross...

Church on Calvary in Zákamenny (Slovakia)

Scale: 1:100
Author : Mgr. Juraj Gonšor
Source: Vystrihovačky (Green book), Perfekt

Calvary in Zákamenny consists of a group of fourteen Stations of the Cross with a larger central chapel of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which has a horseshoe-shaped plan. It has a wooden bell tower. In 1925, a bell made by a Czech company was installed in it. Next to the central chapel there are two smaller chapels. In one of them is the Holy Sepulcher. The second chapel is the chapel of St. Helena. Calvary was built in the middle of the 19th century.


My edits:

I started building this church during Easter, I built it from the original from the Green Book, while the paper is a little thinner than I'm used to, so it went slower... I didn't do much editing, I just put a bell in the tower, added the terrain behind the cross and figures of a priest and ministers (made from standard figures) and a cross and candlesticks on the table.