Rules and Policies: Please read this, please!!


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Apr 6, 2013
The Rules and Polcies took a long time to set up. They were in fact decided by on the membership and the owner of this forum. There is to be no advertising and all models much be FREE!! That applies to everybody, me included. You can buy a model here, but if you do a design thread, you cannot sell it here. Asking for help in such a design thread must be tempered with you stating that you intend to sell the model. If you get help and ideas from the membership of this forum, then decide you are going to sell your model, this is a deception that will not be tolerated, and I will delete every post and thread relating to such work. Some members do sell models on their blogs, but have so many FREE models, that in reality, it then becomes a non issue. Anybody can P.M. me and find out what would have to be done and I will show examples. There are very few, two that I can think of, that I allow this, because of the volumes of FREE models they offer.

I want to be clear. This is in the Rules and Policies. When a member joins, they implicityly agree to these. Nobody in 6 years has had a problem with this and I post this because of a recent event.

This forum is for sharing of ideas, helping people build models, people building models that they may have purchased, no problem there, and in general, support, in many many different ways, and I am sure more stuff that I have not listed. No links to people selling or distributing their models will be allowed. That's final. It's always been that way. None of you guys will be affected, as this has been the norm.

Thank You for your understanding, and making this forum the peaceful place that it is.