RC Drifting FAQ, New To drifting, READ FIRST!

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Jun 4, 2004
Colorado Springs CO
This fourm has seriously exploded with the same question in 7 diff topics by diff people. So this will clear thing ups a bit. I will start by saying, if you couldnt find something in the topics, do a site search for what your looking for. 90% of the time, if your completely new, that toic has been posted somewhere. This is a New Drifters FAQ, this is the question, then the answer you would get from anyone who know about the topic (Mostly i am the first to reply tho), and if any of these topics is posted, without some reason of why yours is different (Like instead of what car should i get, its Between X and Y, what ones better) it will be savagly deleted. Fair warning.

Q - Can This car drift?
A - Yes. No matter what the car is, it is able to drift. Some are harder then others, but it just takes time and pratice to get it right. As with anything else, time and pratice with a little knoledge will get you going.

Q - What do i need to drift?
A - A RC Car, Transmitter, Battery/Gas. It usually helps to use PVC or ABS tires, but those are not really needed. Any motor, car suspension ect will work. It just helps to set it up in the a way that makes it easyer, such as using camber.

Q - Where did you buy yours?
A - Unless your in the same state, its not going to matter where they bought theirs, unless it was online. Most hobby stores such as Hobby Town, stock lots of RC Stuff. Online there are many choices such as TowerHobbies.com, Direct from the Manufacturer, Or Ebay. Just google search for Rc Stores and what you need will pop up.

Q - What Car should i buy?
A - The one you want. There is an article on the main site, written by me, about how to choose what car you want. It goes threw different sizes, types, and then gives you a plentiful list of different cars to choose from. Its all about what drive type you want, what you want to do with it, and how much money you have.

Q - What Transmitter should i get?
A - The one that fits your budget. There is a tutorial just like the one for cars on the main site about this, written by me.

So if you have any questions about this or would like a little more info on some of these, just PM me, please dont start a topic, we dont need 300 of the same topic one works just fine.
Not open for further replies.