Railway changes orange strip to avoid Dutch mix-up


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From the Yahoo! Odd News Department:

By Mark Ledsom
Fri Jun 20, 6:15 AM ET

BASEL (Reuters) - Switzerland's national railway has told its workers to stop using their normal orange reflective vests after confused Dutch soccer fans started following them on to the tracks.

A railway spokesman said the changed strip had been prompted by an incident in the Swiss capital Berne when a group of Netherlands supporters followed a worker on to the lines after mistaking his uniform for their traditional orange dress.

"We have now given out yellow vests to all our staff who have to work on or cross the tracks in Basel, where the Dutch fans are now based," Oliver Tamas said on Friday.

"It has raised a few eyebrows but we think it's a necessary measure to ensure the safety of our guests."

Tamas said that 1,500 railway staff involved in fan coordination work had already been given yellow vests to help them stand out from the Dutch supporters.

Police in Berne also ditched their orange vests after Netherlands were drawn to play all three of their group stage matches in the city.

A Basel police spokesman said on Friday that the yellow vests used by Berne police had now been sent to Basel in time for Saturday's quarter-final between Netherlands and Russia.

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Feb 13, 2008
No disrespect intended for the Dutch, but that does not speak very highly of the level of intelligence for that group of soccer fans. Reminds me of a bunch of lemmings. I wonder how much it cost the railroads to have to go out and purchase all new vests in a different color.


May 1, 2008
Kent, UK.
Thanks for the laugh, tingoat. :thumb: :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Lemming yellow jackets anyone? (Thanks for the idea, mgc.) :thumb: :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:


Apr 28, 2007
Caldwell, ID
They need to switch who the support is all... I mean, no one EVER confuses yellow & blue for a workman's vest!