Questions about 1:200 Monster Enterprise for anyone who might have built it


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Nov 6, 2022
I've long admired Legal01's upscaled Enterprise kit, and have finally decided to start building, but I'm confused about a couple of things. The first is that it looks to me like there are differences between the internal structure of the primary hull of the 1:400 and 1:200 scale versions. Since the instructions are meant to be used from the 1:400 version, it's not clear to me how to proceed with the 1:200 model. Related, it seems like there are parts missing from the 1:200 kit for the structure of this assembly, if we're meant to use the procedure of the 1:400. Am I maybe using the wrong version of the 1:400 kit as my guide?

Also, do the measurements of the pieces account for the thickness of the card that we'll be gluing the paper to? IOW, if I'm butting up parts, will I need to file the edges at an angle to fit everything together properly?

Any build details would be appreciated!
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I have enlarged a few models of the Star Trek variety. The minute gaps and flaws that are passable become huge problems the bigger the enlargement gets. I'm afraid you will just have to cope, re-print the parts after modifying them and test and re-test until it works and then, if you may, post the modifications with a moderator and he can add them properly to the resource files. You might want to create your own resource to add with those fixes.
Thickness of card always matters in whatever you are building. On Model like this, you have to expect to add much internal framework, essentially designing the model as you go along.
I would like to add, that I have had some success with spray gluing card stock sheet to sheet, to get the needed thickness for support of the entire structure. If you are going to light it up, use dark grey or black for the interior side of the sheets you glue together. Also putting the LED inside a chunk block of Styrofoam can filter the brightness down very well.
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When I layer paper, I paint a thin layer then pile heavy books, with plastic wrap to not damage the book. This gives you the flattest surface, I've found. ;)