Pepakura Designer High Res. malfunctioning


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Feb 9, 2004
After a lot of work without any problem, now I am not able to print some files. The problem is the same both for Pepakura Designer High. Res. and for Pepakura Viewer for CraftRobo.
Different files (having the same size: about 430 Mb), generated from different parts of the same metasequoia model, behave differently: some can be printed, some others cannot, causing an unexpected escape from the program.

OS: Windows 7
Printers: Epson Stylus DX4850, HP OfficeJet 7500A Wide Format
Software: Metasequoia 2.4.13, Pepakura Designer High Res. 3.0.7a, Pepakura Viewer 3 for CraftRobo 3.0.3a

Thanks for your help!


I can't help you but just offer this post to bump the thread up so more may see it.


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The problem lies with your original model mesh. Check that your faces(polygons) are not inverted, and that the model is in fact solid. I had pepa crash on me a few times with a model. I eventually figured out that I had two unmerged vetices on top of each other that was suppose to be one vertex. Pepa doesn't always know what to do with a polygon that has more than 4 corners either.