Noob Question - Gauging Difficulty of my K9 Project

Dave Ward

New Member
Jun 7, 2012
newbie here - great forum, and I've gotten a terrific welcome so far.

Forgive me for asking, but I have a really noob question about RC.
I'm currently building up a full size "K9" from Doctor Who. I'm assembling him out of pepakura-drawn card templates, and I'll resin and fibreglass him, so he should be fairly lightweight.

I'm wondering how advanced a project it would be to put RC in him. First level of this would be a basic back/forward motion with directional control. Next level would be connecting the seperate head piece for an up/down motion, and maybe even rotating ears. I could also through a sound board in too easily enough. How hard do you all think any or all of this would be for a beginner? Do-able, or a little ambitious?

Advice welcome!