No more 4x8s!


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Jul 9, 2005
The movers have been busy at our house all week, and as the wife and I looked with dismay at just how many boxes of "stuff" were being packed, we both decided we needed to have an emergency "stuff" reduction to keep our moving costs within our allowance. This included getting rid of my stockpile of lumber for future projects, and left-overs from previous ones. This also included getting rid of my 3 present train platforms - 4x8, 4x5 Christmas, and a 4x4 that had been home to a slot car set.

As I mournfully removed the track and accessories, the good woman said that my next layout needed to have some realistic mountain scenery and have a less rectangular shape. She wanted to see less roundy-roundy and more realistic settings for the trains. Music to my ears! Her desires have put to an end my indecision as to whether to focus on shelf layouts, or build another rectangular island for fear I would miss continuous running. And she had previously said that she would permit a shelf layout in the living room if it looked good. Full speed ahead on planning a furniture quality shelf layout! No more 4x8s! A fresh start in a new home.

PS: the lumber went to a fellow that was willing to take most of my hazardous chemicals (paint, cleaners, lubricants, etc) off my hands as well. The 3 train platforms went to some neighborhood boys who are using them as shields for their paint ball forts.

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Oct 31, 2002
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'Course Murphy's Law will dictate that all that lumber you gave away will be needed for your new benchwork ;) :D

Sounds like a great plan. I have seen some furniture grade layouts over the years, and they always look so impressive. Will be nice to have the trains in the living room too...!


PS - Hope your move goes well... :thumb: