New Link for my Paper Hollywood Link Site

I guess I'll post this under "Introductions", even though I'm an old timer here. A lot of you have kindly visited my paper model link reference website, which I've had in the signature of my posts here for years. I recently lost my domain name (total "duh" moment), but it's not gone. Awhile back I changed it's hosting to Google's Blogger/Blogspot service so all I had to do to keep it accessible was to start using the Blogger web address. You can now visit Paper Hollywood at:

Please update any bookmark or website link you may have for PH. I apologize for for any confusion and I promise I'll update it soon. This is the sort of thing that can happen when you run a part time website by yourself. The good thing is site at Blogger tend to last a lot longer than self-hosted ones, so it my even outlive me.

Wade (alias Paper Hollywood)

Rhaven Blaack

Jun 12, 2009
I am glad that you were able to get your site back up and running again.

Thank you for letting us know! I hope all goes well with your new location.
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Glad you guys are interested. Don Weeks was kind enough to drop me a note reminding me that some of the internal page links were not updated yet and I just corrected that. For the moment everything looks OK at Paper Hollywood. Next, I've got to gradually rehost all the model thumbnails on the site, though, since they are all hosted by the infamous Photobucket. Actually, I'm surprised they're even still there. Maybe they're not reading this!