My 3D puzzles


(wooden-cardboard 3D puzzle)

Scale: 1:1

Source: Rowood

I put together a 3D puzzle of a lilac flower. it wasn't that easy as the 3D puzzle had a lot of small parts, it has 154 parts (there were also a lot of spare flowers that I used all of them too), the difficulty is 3/5 stars.
Today is a holiday for all women, so this is a small gift from me to them ;), a few photos:

...This 3D flower puzzle was quite difficult to put together...I have 2 more that I will put together again when the opportunity arises... ;)

Christ the Redeemer
World´s Great Architecture

(cardboard 3D puzzle)

Scale: ?

Source: Educator

Easter is a pretty good time to put together this 3D puzzle of a famous statue from Rio.
Christ the Savior or Christ the Redeemer (in Portuguese: O Cristo Redentor) is a statue of Jesus Christ built in 1931 in Brazil above the city of Rio de Janeiro. It is located on the 700-meter-high Corcovado hill, its height is 30 meters, and the pedestal below it measures 8 meters. It depicts Christ with outstretched arms as if embracing the city.

The puzzle consists of 22 parts, the difficulty is 4/7 stars, built without modifications, I just retouched all the edges...some photos:

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I'd be tempted to use the "Grey Wolf" as an armature, apply clay to it to make it into a sculpture. ;)