Mogul to 0-6-0??



Hi there,

I have an On30 Bachmann 2-6-0 Mogul with tender that I am thinking of converting into an 0-6-0 with a shorter tender, in an effort to try and make it more suitable for my 'backwoods' theme. (Also so it will fit on my small turntable....)

Has anyone done this chore already, and could you please give me a few pointers as to how you did it?

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Bill Nelson

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Dec 15, 2008
Clarksville Tn
I have not done this specific kitbash, but it is always much easier to remove a pilot wheel than it is to add one. On this end of the model removing the pilot truck screw will do the job.

shortening the tender will take some planning, and care, but should be easy. I'm looking at one right now, and, if you are trying to shorten it much, you will want to swap the tender trucks out for a set of trucks with a shorter wheelbase or you will only be able to shorten it a little bit.

With a fat razor saw and a big enough miter box, you can cut the tender down easily, without the miter box you will have to be very careful, to keep things square, and you will probablt want to make a tender wrapper of thin plastic brass , into which you can emboss rivet detail, and hide the splice.

Bill Nelson


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Jan 6, 2011
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Hi Shortee,

There is a series of photos of Mogul 'bashes in the 2010 issue of On30 Annual (pp 22-25) and one of them is a saddle tank 0-6-0. You may like to have a look for some ideas.

I am currently kit bashing a Bachmann "Bumble Bee" Mogul (hated that yellow!) to a backwoods 2-6-0, with an ultra-short tender.

I needed to do this in order to get the thang to fit on my short turntable.

The main areas of extra length were the 'limousine' tender, and the extended pilot, both of which I dispensed with. I then made up my own short pilot, and fitted a stubby tender which started life as the fuel bunker on my old Forney.

It is still a Mogul, and is far from complete, but here's a few pix:


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Bill Nelson

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Dec 15, 2008
Clarksville Tn
I have a Bachman On30 2-6-0 which I inherited from my Dad, which is in line for bashing, but I haven't gotten far due to the complexities involved.

The first order of business is to spread it to On3, then I need to strip off the boiler and cab. I have a static brass model of one of the first Locomotives used in Japan, which happens to be a Porter mogul. it is a somewhat plain model, but the porter mogul is a gorgeous design. The brass model is in O scale, but is in the Japanese narrow gauge 42 inch gauge. The axles are mot insulated, nor is the frame suitable for . It has the potential to be an awesome project, but several of the steps will be tricky. I hope to be able to fit the porter shell on the Bachman mechanism, but it will be a tight fit

Since I have no On3 track, and only one fully functional 0n3 locomotive (a Weisman models services CN 3 60 Shay), and a Balboa C-21 that needs a tender; and many irons in the fire on my large HO empire, as well as our HO club, this project is not on the front burner.

Bill Nelson