Mad Robot Goatboys (counts as Beastmen in space...)


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Sep 29, 2018
Mad Robot Miniatures Goatmen heads (HH-106), Tribal Torsos (HT-09), Goatmen Legs (HL-22), and Lykan Close Combat Arms (HA-06). Finally got these painted up, in spite of a bad primer job they turned out great! Not contest entry great, but still good looking models. Harkening back to the days when Beastmen were auxiliaries alongside Ogryn and Ratlings.

(Above was my Instagram caption).

gb lineup.jpg

Here is the line up! Ready serve the Emperor and mankind, seeking forgiveness for past crimes that resulted in the mutation of their ancestors thousands of years ago during the Dark Age of Technology. Well, if I play One Page Rules, or very old editions of 40K when they had beastmen as part of human Imperial Guard armies. Still, it was fun to build these and paint them. Don't know what happened to my primer, but it was a sub-optimal day to prime the models, and it was the last bit in the can as well, so I tossed that can in the garbage after priming these fellas.

gb leader.jpggb saw arm.jpggb saw glove a.jpggb saw mit b.jpggb saw shield.jpg