Macharius Vulcan (Patoroch) build


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Sep 29, 2018
So, while I haven't been posting much lately, it is not because I'm not building! I have been working on a Macharius Vulcan I'm going to give one my gaming buddies. Bit by bit, this is the largest model I have built out of paper to date! Now that I am complete, I will have to work on something different.... That Proteus I started at about the same time...

At any rate, I did 3D print (cheat slightly) on the treads to add more texture while saving my hands from carpal tunnel syndrome! Sure, I could have cut them out of paper with my knife, but all those little details on the treads would likely have had me hurting physically while mentally sending me down the path of Chaos....

I have stopped the construction with major sub assemblies primed. He has a color scheme that he will paint it to match his army. Once again, not expensive Krylon camo paint worked great as a primer! In fact, for a model this size, one doesn't need to paint much on it if the primer matches the army colors... Just weather and paint some greeblies!