Lighthorseman's Winter 07 Gauge Party Entry


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Jul 24, 2002
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So, if I'm in, I had better PRODUCE this time. So, as mentioned, I intend to build a small Shay-sized enginehouse for the branchline on my new On30 layout.

Here is a mockup of what I intend to build. This will be a very small enginehouse, and will be part of a string of small branchline locomotive service buildings. Behind this mockup the beginnings of a water tower can be seen, and behind that will be a small coaling and sanding facility, as well as POL for diesels.

I intend to build this little enginehouse from coffee stir-sticks on a frame of bass or balsa wood. The only non-scrapbox items will be Grandt Line windows.

Stay tuned. I swear I'm going to get this one done. No, really.:p