Last minute christmas decoration


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Apr 11, 2016
My girlfriend recently asked me: Why don't we have any christmas decoration? Can't you make some?

Challenge accepted!

So I remembered a geometric wall decoration I found on Pinterest and hunted down the source: It was a blogpost tutorial about how to make them! Awesome! But wait...

Cutting down DIN A4 paper to a square, then folding it into multiple layers, to get a small part made of expensive colored paper? Wasting nearly 1/3 of the sheet? But I need a large number of them... and I don't have that much colored paper... I don't like that concept...

So I fired up SketchUp and created the exact shape in 3D:

I left the bottom open, so the form would take up as less space as possible when unfolded. Next step was putting it in Pepakura:


Oh yes! That looks good! I can place 3 pieces of it onto 1 sheet of paper! So now it was time to build. I duplicated the template three times so the whole sheet was filled (and used), printed it on different colored papers, cut everything and finally assembled it, and violá! Result is awesome:


In the picture it is just placed lose on my desk, after this, I just put bookbinding glue on the middle "fold" of each piece and placed it onto a large black sheet of sturdy cardboard, cut out the outer and inner shape and it is right now hanging at our appartement door (which is a tradition in Germany).

If anyone is interested, I put the printable file as attachment to this post.

I wish you all a merry christmas, thank you for making this forum a blast to read!



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Aug 1, 2009
That looks fabulous! Very well doneand clever idea to use modules. So everyone can make the wealth larger or smaller and / or arrange the elements differently. Merry X-mas to you and your people from me! :)

P.S.: As soon as the Resource section is working properly again please upload the pattern including a link to this thread. It would be a shame if the idea gets lost. :)


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Apr 15, 2004
Republic of San Marino
Internet is full of good ideas, the art is catching the idea and transforming it in what you was searching for.
Another good quality is to remember where did you see that certain thing that now would be perfect for the project you have in mind... I'm absolutely bad in this!
You, Nero, as I said in the other thread... are a real artist!


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Apr 11, 2016
Thank you for your kind words Tonino.

I know what you mean with remembering the source. I'm really good at remembering pictures, so everything I see kinda stays as a fragment in my brain for a very long time. Problem is like you said: You got a new idea for a project and remember this one thing you saw which would be perfect for your project. But you forgot were you saw it and how exactly it looked like...

And then I get really dedicated to finding the source, searching for hours on the great wide interwebs, getting more and more stubborn: "This DAMN THING HAS to be out there somewhere!"

I recently started keeping track of things I like with Pinterest, so at least now I have a place to search for it, rather than digging through multiple forums, Google image search etc.
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