Imperial Landing Craft - Sentinel Class


Jan 2, 2010
Greetings good old friends... here I'm again to present you another star wars model.
This time something odd happened... Something that, i dont know how, i almost didn't saw or realize.
I was in the middle of another model... when i decided to see the movie or at least check the scene in wich the model appears. I found myself looking a ship that i never noticed before... or at least i didn't remembered at all.
(Thank you Special Edition!!! :curse:) And then i had to leave the previous model half way thru to start this one. The Imperial Landing Craft.

Well.... here we reach the part of the story where the stormtrooper found the jettisoned scape pod in wich they presume the stolen data was hidden and also some evidence that droids were transported in the pod.

So...Lets start... This model have good patterns... the textures are well made... very clear, unfortunatly it lacks of an instructions page. The sheets come in imege format only and besides the fact that there are no assembly instructions, it comes only with some reference photos of the assembly process with each piece numbered. There are some parts that aren't quite clear so you will have to use your imagination or intuition, but it can be done. Maybe this post can help a little if someone wants to tackle this one.
The finished model is not that big, but it has a nice size and looks good. It has a good amount of details and comes with two comfiguration options. "In Flight" mode and "Landed" mode. I chosed the landed option. The model also comes with a base for each option.

Now... beginning with the model, I take as the base for the whole assembly the module for the main body of the ship, this comes with an integrated reinforcement, is a white piece that is placed in the center of the module. This serves to give rigidity to the piece that also will serve as a support for the top vertical wing.
Here also comes two modules that are placed on the sides, they would become the access ramps for the ship ... then I realized that if you want to make the "in flight" mode you don't need to put these two modules. These are only for the "landed" mode.


Then continues the tail section. Here is where the ship's pivoting wings will go. These parts comes in an assembly configuration so that they are firmly fixed. Nothing complicated. Actually, a very well made model.

Once this is finished you will have the body of the ship, but it's not time to put it together, It will be easier to work with them separately. So far there has been virtually no editing needed or addition to the model. It's ok as it comes and that says a lot of the rest of the model.

Let's continue with the wings of the ship. They are three, two pivoting side wings and a vertical dorsal wing. These three modules are simple and not require much reinforcement. I did add an internal structure to each wing but it was more than anything to help retain the thickness and they won't deform with handling. Something simple and light. I thought I had taken pictures of the wings before closing them but apparently I did not. But it is no big deal.

Then comes this modules that they will be the "outside" face of the acces ramps. Here comes a small piece of paper that forms an internal reinforcement for the curve section of the module. I replace that piece of paper for a sturdiest element. To make it easier.

When this pieces are ready, they can be glued in their respective places. These pieces are required only for the "landed" mode.

Then, I attached the curved pieces that goes on the sides of the main module and also de corner pieces. After that, I added some curved pieces on each side of the ramps. There are 4 of them and aech have to be glued in the righ direction, so do a dry run first before gluing.

The result so far is this. The ship's main body is ready for the rest of the parts.

And i will leave you with this for now...

Un saludo a todos.


Jan 2, 2010
Well Rhaveen i don't remember from where i got it... but it can be found very easy. All I know is that it was designed by Martin Sänger, the scale is 1:230. A nice size for display.
Just Google it and you wil find it. This one is everywhere... hehehe.


Staff member
Aug 1, 2009
It is available at Martin's homepage .

Martin is a great guy and designer. He is hosting the Thunderfighter add-ons and Buck's blaster collection RB and I have created. Your ILC looks fabulous. Really nice and clean!