HO stations, depots, and terminals.

A few post above here in post 19 is seen The Golden Arrow train set pulled by a Triang "Princess Royal" . The mail-car directly behind the locomotive is a Operating mail car. It can drop-off and pick-up mail bags. The 5 Pullman passenger cars after the mail car are seen in this photo. They are Pullmans "MARY", "ANNA", "RUTH", and "Jane", followed by A Pullman passenger brake car #79. All seating in this train are "first class" . Inside each window you can see a full enterior with a table, with lamp and bench seats on both sides of each table. Another nice touch is the twin Opera style Oval windows on both ends of the car that have very friendly names. Latter cars made by Hornby and others are longer with only 1 oval window and the table lamps are lighted! Pullmans.jpg
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IMG_7366.JPGFollowing those beautiful Pullman passenger set of Triang if very hard to do unless you have another special set of trains. Now the Golden Arrow was a all Pullman train that supplied Lavish services to its pampered first class travelers. The golden arrows destination was a post on the English coast where you transferred to a steamer that would take you to e French port where waiting for you was another French Golden arrow that would I think brought you to Paris. From there you could switch to the very special Jouif pullmans in royal blue and antique white, Oriental Express" train to Istanbul. Pullman service was a viable on all three lines. Jouef released a train set very similar to the Triang one. Here you see their Pullman passenger cars, and the set I call "The Orientale Express".
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Back to stations and terminals.

THis is a New Jersey Ralroad and transportation Company's Newark Market street Square Depot of 1840. It is from a specialy made Lithograph. This is it's only view (picture) that I can find. The right side of this picture is the direction of Jersey City, the ferries, and New York City. Going to the left beyond this depot is Elizabrth, Rahway, Metuchin, New Brunswick and Philladelphia. This is the first railroad to give Newark a modern (for the time) railway connect for passenger and freight.


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Those trains are very attractive. They take you back. ;)
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The last two sets of pictures are beautiful train sets. I've never seen them before anywhere. The colors and patterns are a sight to behold.:)