HMS Repulse From GreMir



Hand cut, I found a jpg on the web and copied it. Print on thick paper and start cutting with new blade. Color as needed. 1-250 scale so reduce as needed.


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Dec 31, 2008
This has always been one of the kits that I have wanted to build. One beautiful build you have done!


Dec 21, 2008
Lowell, North Carolina
Well, I seem to be following along in your foot steps, I have dug out the frame to again work on the Type VIIC, ordered the turned barrels f/Repulse and hope to start it when finished w/the sub. I really like the job you did with her and I hope to be able to do the same. I really like the photo of the sub under the ship:wave:.


Mar 22, 2009
Las Vegas, NV USA
Hi Padre,

I was grubbing about in my Gremir Models Ships folder and came across the HMS Repulse, yes, I have one of those as well. I have it printed out in a file in one of my file cabinets but went ahead and printed out the General Plan View of it just so I could admire it.

While I have already committed to finishing up my IJN Akizuki when I get done with the USS Savage which is rapidly coming to a close, the Repulse or the IJN Suzuya, also from Gremir, one or the other, is beginning to look like the next one that I will want to start working on. While the Suzuya isn't quite as large as the Repulse, it is pretty darn close.

So I had to go searching about and discovered this one that you did back in 2007-08. Very nice work and I can only hope to come nearly as close as your careful work. I will be coming back here to check out what you did as I work on my copy of this venerable old Royal Navy Battlecruiser. :thumb: