Greetings from North Carolina!


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May 23, 2015
Hi Everyone!

I'm Dave (aka Hogweed) from Winston Salem, originally from NY. I have been a hobbyist most of my life, from plastic models, to metal miniatures (Tabletop Wargaming), to Wooden Ships, as well as lots of other interests, and now turning my attention to paper modeling. (BTW - Hogweed is a fairly well know very large plant that grows in the USA & Europe. It can reach 12 feet and has very poisonous sap. Just thought Id let you know as I get asked that a lot!)

I love Science, Sci Fi and History, and listen to a lot of such audio books while I build, which is a great way to catch up on books I never read! I hope to learn a lot about paper modeling here, and see some amazing and inspirational work. I like to try all kinds of subjects, but want to work my way up modeling some of the larger ship models, as well as space related craft. This is so much different that what I am used to doing, but I can see it is no less difficult and requires learning some very meticulous techniques! I like taking breaks from one project and working on something else, so I think paper modeling will fit well within that rotation.

The 1st paper project I chose is the Advanced Wars MegaTank (its actually a very small tank!) I will post pics of it when I finish so you can all double face palm at my 1st attempt!! :) I am sure it will be lopsided and look like it went through several wars by the time I get it finished.

I am currently working on the Dutch Tub the Zwarte Zee, which is a plank on frame wood ship. I am taking a long break from it, and hope to hone my paper skills. Here are a few pics as to how far I got:

Here are a few ships I have built in the past:

The Xebec Mystique:

The Royal Caroline yacht:

I figure I will put a few pics of my other hobby, so you can get a look at what it is, that is the miniatures from wargaming. I have won bronze, silver and gold medals at competitions at the Long Island Historical Miniature Society's yearly shows in the late 1990's. Kind of miss it, but I have not played in many years and have all these miniatures which are now for display. My collection is at least several hundred.

Sorry for the long post, but figured I would squeeze it all in on one post. Hope to see a lot of work from very talented people, I do love to share and see work that others do!

Thanks all!


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Apr 6, 2013
I happen to have a real sweet spot for ships, and man, you just filled it! Welcome to Zealot, and please, post some more pictures of your ships!! ;)


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Jul 12, 2012
Shannon GA
Welcome aboard Dave, We have lots of multi spectrum modelers on here. Enjoy your stay, and be sure and post lots of pics ;)