Greetings from Luxembourg


New Member
Mar 24, 2008
hello everybody

i registered to this forum about 2 years ago, but only now found it back, as i re-started building paper models...

my main interest in models are airliners, as well as space crafts...

i am currently building a Gemini Capsule (Gemini 8), but i will have to redo most of the parts again, as i am quite "out of the loop" with building paper-models... (last one finished was around 3-4 years ago...after that , only buying, downloading, and reading about it)

if anybody can suggest an easy space-craft to me, to get into the hobby again, i would be more than thankful...

and yes, if there are any other paper builders from Luxembourg, or nearby Germany (Trier/Saarburg etc... ) feel free to contact me

thanks a lot


Marc Muller