Gomix-Fly Model Ki-45 Toryu is excellent

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I built the Gomix-Fly Model Ki-45 Toryu ("Dragon Slayer") in 1/33 scale (G/FM #40) more than a year ago, so I don't have a lot of details to offer, except to say that this was one of the most enjoyable kits I've done. The instructions, artwork, and fit are all excellent and the finished model is one my favorites.

First developed in 1937 as a long-range escort fighter, the Ki-45 (Allied code name "Nick") looks a lot like a Japanese Bf-110. The Ki-45 suffered from teething problems with handling and engines, that kept it out of the escort role. Used in every theater with limited success, it first caused major damage in May 1944 when four Nicks made a successful Kamikaze attack on the coast of New Guinea. The Ki-45 was also used as a night fighter (the version modeled by Gomix) against B-29s. Nose-mounted radar planned for the Nick was never fitted for lack of units, and there were never enough Nicks (only 1,698 produced) to pose a serious threat to the SuperForts.

If you're looking for a not terribly challenging intermediate level model that looks great when it's finished, I can certainly recommend this one. Construction is typical Fly-Model (cylinder-former-joiner strip), and, like a lot of recent Gomix kits, the cover art is a nice bonus that would look good in a frame.

I built this kit "straight out of the box" but there are several places where an enterprising modeler could add extra detail--notably the air intakes in the front of the nacelles, and the cockpit. I haven't scaled it out precisely but the finished model looks right compared to available 3-views and photos. And it has attracted lots of oohs and aahs at IPMS meetings and other exhibits.

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Ki-45 Toryu

Thanks for the excellent rendering of your experience with the Gomix kit...I have purchased this one sometime in the last year and will reduce and build it for my 1:120 collection....I love the multi-engine planes, and the coloring on this is particular version is great!:)
Gomix Ki-45 photos

Here (finally) are a couple of photos of my Gomix/Fly Model Ki-45, posed on the horizontal stabilizer of the F4U Corsair at the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh. That's my Maly Modelarz B5N2 "Kate" in the background, in the second photo.

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Sep 26, 2005
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Are they both the same scale??............. maybe it's forced perspective but the Kate looks way bigger to me. Funny how pictures can do that........... no wait, that's my brain that's playing the tricks not the picture:grin:


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Apr 5, 2009
I'm building this one right now. Keep in mind I've only been building models for about half a year, but I'm good at figuring things out. Also, I'm a big fan of Japanese heavy fighters, so this one will be an exciting build.
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