GALACTICA 6551: 7. Tactical Preparations


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Aug 1, 2009

7. Tactical Preparations


by Marcell von dem Berge

(© 1999 / revision 7/2017)


Based on the classic television series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA created by Glen A. Larson
and on characters created by Glen A. Larson.
Battlestar Galactica © ® & ™ Universal City Studios.
This script is free. It is a non-profit fan project and for personal use only.
No infringement intended.
No commercial use.


ADAMA (Log): The whole fleet is in a state of shock. The encounter with our alter ego has revealed to us that we are in a parallel universe. The planet below is not the Earth we've been looking for for so long. This presents us with a big problem. We have made new friends but at the same time it is possible that the correct Earth desperately needs our help.

Council’s chambers.

HOLBROOKE: You can’t leave us! Not now. We are vulnerable without you.
ADAMA: Earth in our universe may be too. We are here unscheduled. Our journey was an accident.
HOLBROOKE: You say that the Colonies of this universe have been completely destroyed, so there is no-one left to help us fight the Cylons. If you leave us the Cylons will come and destroy us. Maybe they are already on their way to find out what happened to the baseship. When they come we’re standing there without effective defense. You have seen what they have done to the Mars colony. They wiped out almost our entire strike force. And that was just one basestar. Can you imagine what damage an entire fleet of them could do?
ADAMA: Mr President, if I may make a suggestion. Right now we don’t even know how to return. Until we do, we have to stay here. This gives us the opportunity to help you establish an effective defense.
HOLBROOKE: You would do that?
ADAMA: If you don’t have any objections ... (looks at the other Quorum members)
DOMRA: President Holbrooke, the Council of the Twelve is with you.
HOLBROOKE: Thank you. In the name of mankind.

Roulette, ball clicks: 2 rouge!

STARBUCK (depressed): I really can’t imagine ... we'd never see all of this again ...
BOOMER: And I thought we’d finally made it ... The past sectons were for nothing ...
STARBUCK: No, not really. We helped another human civilization survive. In that sense our visit had something good.
BOOMER: So we could go now?
STARBUCK: Personally I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I could copy the blueprints for the roulette. But I'm worrying more about Apollo. He’s certainly not very happy about having to leave his girl.

Cynthia is carrying boxes into Apollo's quarters.

APOLLO: What are you doing?
CYNTHIA: I'm moving. As you can see.
APOLLO: But that's my place..!
CYNTHIA: I know. Thank you for giving me shelter ..! (kisses his cheek)
CYNTHIA: Why? I'll be coming with you when you leave. That goes without saying.
APOLLO: But you belong to this world. Maybe you wouldn’t like it where we came from.
CYNTHIA: Nonsense. I want to be with you. And Boxey.
APOLLO: Cynthia, probably we'll never come back. We don’t know what to expect there ...
CYNTHIA: You being here was a stroke of fate. Your presence saved us. We’re all alive.
APOLLO: Yeah, the question is for how long ...
CYNTHIA: You just can’t leave me. Not after all that happened ..! (hugs him)

Life Center.

SALIK (gives Starbuck an injection): The meanest enemies are the ones you can’t see. They sneak in unnoticed and weaken your system from the inside out. And when you notice the first symptoms it's usually too late ...

STARBUCK: The enemy within.
SALIK: Exactly. Well, Lieutenant, that was the last vaccination. Now your immune system is ready for the next quadron.
STARBUCK: Thank you, Doctor.
SISTER: Doctor, do you have a micron?
SALIK: Sure. Excuse me. (puts Starbuck's record card on the stretcher, Starbuck flicks through it curiously, sees: “DNA scan Chameleon / Starbuck: positive match 50 %”)

CASSIE (comes): Hello, my strong warrior!
STARBUCK: What does that mean ?!
CASSIE: What do you mean?
STARBUCK: This! The DNA tests were positive! Chameleon is my dad, right?!
CASSIE: Starbuck, let me explain ...
STARBUCK: Save it! I hadn’t thought you’d do that to me ... (leaves) And I trusted you!
CASSIE (follows him): It's a misunderstanding ..! ...
STARBUCK: Yeah, I guess so! (leaves)


LUCIFER: By your command ..!
BALTAR: Speak!
LUCIFER: Baseship C248 has disappeared from the long-range scanners. The last messages were incomplete. We are unable to process them. I think she has been destroyed.
BALTAR: You are not lubed for thinking. This is my task. Why do you think has the Cylon Central Council elected me the new Imperious Leader?!
LUCIFER: You told them that there would still be a human colony in the universe and that you were the only person in the galaxy able to lead us there.
BALTAR: I was on Kobol. I alone know the direction.
LUCIFER: If you had not smashed the relief before my Centurions came to you we would know them too.
BALTAR: If I hadn’t smashed the relief your Centurions wouldn’t need me any more. You see, I have thought ..! I’m the last survivor of the Twelve Colonies of Man. The deal with our Council has secured my future.
LUCIFER: Obviously they have become fans of you, Baltar. Whyever.
BALTAR: I am unique. I‘m human but I think like a Cylon. This combination is pure power. There is nothing alike in the whole universe.
LUCIFER: I see, They want to keep you for their little „personal zoo“.
BALTAR: Hmm… Don‘t be so cocky, Lucifer. It‘s bad for your circuits.
LUCIFER: I apologize. We‘d better continue with our mission.
BALTAR: A wise decision. Well, two baseships have vanished in a sector lying on our present course… There‘s only one conclusion ..!
LUCIFER: … That we will vanish, too, when we get there?
BALTAR: That Earth is there! With combined forces the humans have managed to destroy two basestars. But their lucky strike will not last forever. How long till we reach the system?
LUCIFER: 98 Centars at high speed.
BALTAR: Lay in a course. And alert all baseships within 12 hexars. Have them proceed to these coordinates at once. One colony will not withstand such an armada!
LUCIFER: Yes, I think so, too.
BALTAR (looks strict and lifts an eye brow): Lucifer?!
LUCIFER: By your command..!


There are those, who believe…



Fred Astaire as Chameleon
John Colicos as Baltar


Wilker's lab.

WILKER (explains an animation): The entire solar system is surrounded by self-sufficient solar-powered probes for early warning, detection, and research. We will equip them with a special transmitter and build up a multispectral probe shield. Each probe stays in contact with the others via radio and automatically carries out course corrections. If a foreign vessel is approaching a local high energy field will be activated which restrains the intruder. The ship is warned and the base is informed which then can establish contact. If it doesn’t veer off it will crash into the screen.
VICE PRESIDENT: How can we prevent our own supply ships hitting the shield?
WILKER: I've covered this case, Mr. Vice President. Each probe features highly sensitive sensors scanning every object for organic signs of life. In addition, each UNE ship will transmit a rotating fractal security code. Only ships with synchronous code are allowed to pass. As an additional safety measure the power of the shield is directed only to the outside. Ships can easily get out but not that easily in.
VICE PRESIDENT: That sounds great. When will the shield be operational?
WILKER: I guess ... in less than a secton. Provided you assist me.
VICE PRESIDENT: You can count on that, Doctor. All available resources of Earth and Mars are at your disposal.
WILKER: Excellent. To save time we’ll start with a perimeter around the asteroid belt to protect Earth, its moon and the Mars colony. As more probes become available we gradually expand the shield until it surrounds the entire solar system.

Sigma casino. Starbuck depressed, loses, makes a new bet. Cassie comes.

CASSIE: Starbuck ...
STARBUCK: What do you want ?!
CASSIE: We must talk.
STARBUCK: I don’t know about what. You're not telling me the truth anyway.
CASSIE: Nonsense. Chameleon asked me not to tell you anything because he had reservations.
STARBUCK: Don’t blame my dad! It was you who lied!
CASSIE: That’s unfair! I would have told you the truth right away, but he ...
STARBUCK: If you had wanted it you would have told me anyway ... And now you're trying to talk your way out! I'm pretty disappointed with you, you know that ?!
CASSIE: ... Oh, yes ?! And what about your antics ?! Did I say anything ?!
STARBUCK: That's something completely different!
CASSIE: Not at all! We have an open relationship, remember ?! Each of us has certain liberties.
STARBUCK: If you care so much about your liberty then I think it will be best if we don’t see each other for the time being.
CASSIE: What do you mean?
STARBUCK: It's over. Go, go away! I don’t wanna see you any more!

Cassie shocked, leaves. Starbuck loses, bets again ...
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Apollo's quarters.

APOLLO: Are you sure?
CYNTHIA: Absolutely. I’m staying with you. No matter what happens.
APOLLO: What about your family? Your friends here on Earth?
CYNTHIA: I'll speak with them. They will understand. I'm not letting you alone ... Not after what's happened between us ... How are you going to go back?
APOLLO: Dr Wilker has detailed plans of the device that brought us here. He says that a corresponding energy discharge with inverted frequency would bring us back to the place where we used the gate for the first time.


WILKER: There’s only one problem: All materials we need for the construction are available, except for the lavicite. It can’t be found in the whole solar system.
ADAMA: What do you need it for?
WILKER: For the coils through which the energy charge is conducted to build up the distortion wave. The lavicite has special electromagnetic properties. There is nothing like it in the galaxy.
HOLBROOKE: I could ask our trading partners if they've heard of it before. Maybe it is known under a different name. You just have to give me the specifications.
WILKER: Of course, thank you, Mr President. If you don’t mind, Commander, I’d like to send out a series of long-range probes looking for the metal in the surrounding systems, too.
ADAMA: Do that. The faster we find it, the faster we can fix this ... "accident".
TIGH: Commander, I have to speak with you.
ADAMA: What's up, Colonel?
TIGH: The mood in the fleet has reached a low point. Many people are confused. They don’t understand why our journey’s not over yet.
ADAMA: I see. Let's try to talk to them.


BOOMER (sits down beside Starbuck with a cup): Hey, buddy!
(Rouge 2!)
STARBUCK: Damn! (bets again) Everything on Noire!
BOOMER: Hey, what's wrong with you?
STARBUCK: Boomer, don’t bug me! I'm busy ... (Rouge!) Frak!
BOOMER: Starbuck, what's up ?! Spit it out!
STARBUCK: ... Cassie deceived me ...
BOOMER: What ?!
STARBUCK: All the time ... And no one knew ...
BOOMER: Oh ... that's tough ... Why? You were the perfect couple. I thought you were about to marry ...
STARBUCK: That’s all past now.
BOOMER: Well, I wouldn’t have been thrilled by your constant flirtations either. But having an affair just because ...
STARBUCK: Affair? How did you get that idea?
BOOMER: Well, you said ...
STARBUCK: Rubish! She lied to me. She said Chameleon wasn’t my father desite te fact that he is.
BOOMER: ... You're so upset because of that trifle?!
STARBUCK: Trifle? This information could have changed my life long ago! … What the frak! This won’t happen to me again ..!
BOOMER: What did you do?
STARBUCK: I broke up with her.
BOOMER: Well, do you think that was wise? I mean, if I had a girl like Cassie, I'd think twice before doing such thing.
STARBUCK (loses): Frak! Do you have some change? I have to get my salaries back.
BOOMER: Sorry, I'm broke. Starbuck, be careful. This doesn’t improve the situation.
STARBUCK: Shut up! The last thing I need now is a sermon!

Boomer leaves.

Galactica bridge.

CONNER (on screen): Commander, please don’t be offended, but we're tired. All these yahren on the run ... We have finally found a place where we are welcome. A new home.
ADAMA: Sire Conner, I understand you and your people. If you stand by your decision, I will accept it. Let me know how many of you want to leave the fleet.
CONNER: I will. Thank you, Commander. (off)
TIGH: Is that really such a good decision? They don’t belong here. Leaving them here could have consequences which could destroy the entire universe. We have to think in the long term.
ADAMA: It could, Colonel. But so far our presence has been more useful than harmful. These people need our help. And if some parts of our fleet wish to settle down, I cannot stop them.
TIGH: But you are the Commander. You decide what’s best for the fleet.
ADAMA: If I force them to stay with us they will blame us for any inconvenience we encounter till our journey ends. They've finally found a new hope that I cannot take away from them at all cost.
TIGH: I understand. If you allow the Taurans to stay, the Virgons will want to stay as well. And the Sagittarians, the Gemins, the Harkarians ... In the end, the fleet will have shrunk down to 30 something ships. Does our journey still have any meaning then? Isn’t the risk too great that we won’t find Earth in our universe because its sun burned out aeons ago? That would condemn Mankind to a long illness until it finally goes extinct forever.
ADAMA: ... You want to stay here, too?
TIGH: ... I ... I don’t know yet.
ADAMA (puts his hand on Tigh's shoulder): Tigh, you're more than my first officer. You are my friend. No matter how you decide, I will accept it.
TIGH: Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir. (leaves)

Rising Star.

Chameleon at the gambling table, Starbuck behind him.

CHAMELEON: Starbuck! What a pleasant surprise! What brings you here?
STARBUCK: Oh, I just wanted to see how you're doing.
CHAMELEON: Splendid!
STARBUCK: Yes, I can see that. (looks at a pile of Cubits in front of Chameleon)
CHAMELEON: Come, sit down, my boy. I heard you have a liquidity problem?
STARBUCK: How do you know ...
CHAMELEON: Oh, come on. If the most passionate player in the entire fleet is losing all the time, the news spreads faster than the Bollian flu.
STARBUCK: Then you should know that the games were rigged.
CHAMELEON: Of course. That was clear to me from the start. Of course you would have won.
STARBUCK: Yes. I owe it to the family tradition, Dad.
CHAMELEON: ... You ... She told you? ... Damn, she promised ..!
STARBUCK: No, I had another source. Why didn’t you tell me?
CHAMELEON: You know, I didn’t want you to give up your career as a protector of the fleet, just to make up for lost yahren with an old man who'd never really cared for you. The job is too important. You can’t just give everything up on a whim. Not even for me. Will you promise me that?
STARBUCK: Yes. By now I've found out myself that I can achieve more in the squadron than as a solo fighter ...
CHAMELEON: You are a solo fighter. Remember Mira. She was a good girl. That you cared for her speaks volumes for you.
STARBUCK: You know about her?
CHAMELEON: Cassiopeia keeps me informed from time to time.
STARBUCK: What ?! Not only did she keep a vital fact from me, but she also secretly met you.
CHAMELEON: She's an adult, intelligent and pretty young woman. What do you expect from her? She doesn’t have to tell you everything.
STARBUCK: Yes, right. But I always thought that we both trust each other implicitly. And that we had no secrets from each other ...
CHAMELEON: Secrets are the extra something of every good partnership. Of course, only those who serve a good purpose. If you know everything about the other, where will the mutual interest be? ... Cassie wanted to tell you everything right away. But I asked her to keep her mouth shut. That's the truth. You can trust her. But, tell me, where’s she now? How’s she doing? ... Why are you here alone? And don’t say you broke up with her!
STARBUCK: Well ... you must understand, if I had known that it was you who ...
CHAMELEON: You idiot! First you propose to her and then you do this to her! You will never find such a tolerant, considerate and forgiving woman again. Another one would have left you a long time ago because of your escapades! It's time to grow up, boy!
STARBUCK: And what shall I do now?
CHAMELEON: Go and tell her that you're sorry and that you're the biggest fool in the universe.
STARBUCK: Do you think it’ll work?
CHAMELEON: Well, it worked with your mother. Once.
STARBUCK: What about the trick with the starry sky dinner and the hangdaggit look?
CHAMELEON: Maybe later. And now go! Do not come back without her!

Galactica. Officer's club.

CASSIE: How could he do this to me? I only did his father a favour.
SHEBA Give him some time to cool down. You know Starbuck. He’s a creature of habit. He'll be back for sure.
CASSIE: Do you think so?
SHEBA: Definitely ... What do you think about the Commander's decision?
CASSIE: I don’t know ... Are you going to leave?
SHEBA: If I’m not, I’ll miss any chance to see my father again.
CASSIE: Stupid question.


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ADAMA (Log): Work on the probe shield is proceeding rapidly. 80% of all protectors are in position. Dr Wilker has designed a program controlling the probes. For safety reasons, it is split into two parts. Part 1 remains on Galactica for the time being, part 2 on Sigma. Meanwhile, Colonel Tigh has finished the survey in the fleet. I am looking forward to the result and hope that not too many ships have decided to leave the fleet. Because then a continuation of our journey would be pointless.

ADAMA (to Cynthia): On our previous mission you have proven to be an invaluable asset. I hereby declare you our official advisor in Earth affairs. Welcome aboard, Miss Thaunders.
CYNTHIA: Call me Cynthia, Commander.
ADAMA: Cynthia, you are now an official member of the crew. I have asked Colonel Tigh to prepare a suitable room for you to stay.
CYNTHIA: Thank you, but that's not necessary.
APOLLO: I’m sharing my quarters with her.
ADAMA: Oh! I hope Boxey agrees.
APOLLO: He does. He was really happy about it.
ADAMA: Well then ...


TIGH: Commander ... (hands over a list) Those are the ships that want to stay here.
ADAMA: Only 42?
TIGH: Sir, the entire crew of Galactica is ready to return to our universe with you.
ADAMA: Thank you. I’m firmly convinced that this is the right decision.

Life Center.

STARBUCK (with a big flower bouquet): Dr Salik, is Cassiopeia here? I have to speak with her. It’s urgent.
SALIK: I'm sorry. She has asked for an indefinite holiday.
SALIK: Listen, I don’t know what happened between the two of you, but she was deeply hurt by it. She even considered a transfer.
STARBUCK: I cann’t stay. Would you give this to her when you see her, please?
SALIK: Of course.
STARBUCK: Thank you. (leaves)
CASSIE (comes out of a niche): Thank you, Doctor.
SALIK: Do you think that was necessary?
CASSIE: He deserves a lesson. He thinks, with a meal and a bunch of flowers everything would be fine again ... Not this time ... (reads card)

I‘m sorry. I am a fool.

Please, forgive me,



A transport is dispatching probes.

CAPTAIN: Very nice, she's in place. Bring us to the next location.
CO-PILOT: Captain, I'm receiving signals. Several bogies directly ahead. They are approaching at high speed.
CAPTAIN: Identification friend or foe?
CO-PILOT: The asteroids are blocking our sensors. Hold on ... Computer identification positive: They are Cylons!
CAPTAIN: Veer off immediately! Dispatch as many probes as you can and take us away. Contact the Galactica!
CO-PILOT (startled): Look out!

Scan0006b.jpg Scan0006c.jpg

A Raider is approaching quickly, fires, transport is hit.


OMEGA (looks at screen): Sir! A task force is approaching us. Five baseships!
TIGH: Red alert! All hands to battle stations! Launch all Vipers!
ADAMA: Take us there! Fire all weapons!

The Galactica veers off and heads for the battle sector.

ADAMA: Distance?
OMEGA: They have passed the asteroid belt. We’ll meet them in ten centons!
ADAMA: Condition of the probe shield?
OMEGA: 92% of all probes have been installed. But we don’t have time to complete the shield.

TRANSPORTER: We are retreating! (is shot down)

Scan0009b.jpg Scan0009c.jpg Scan0009d.jpg Scan0009a.jpg


BALTAR: What are these small objects? Mines?
LUCIFER: No. It seems that the humans are preparing a protective shield.
BALTAR: Tell the Raiders to open fire at the objects! Then we'll see.

Raiders shoot at the probes and destroy them, Vipers launch and fly towards the asteroid belt. Galactica Bridge.

HOLBROOKE (Com): This is President Holbrooke! Is the shield ready?
ADAMA: The Cylons are destroying the probes! We are unable to meet the schedule.
OMEGA: Commander, I’ve got an idea. We could activate the primary systems of the probes and bring them into a closer orbit. If they're in the right position we’ll be able to build up a shield even at 75%.
ADAMA: Do it!


Probes activate their engines and move away.

Space battle.

BOOMER: Damn! There are too many of them! We won’t make it without help!

Galactica approaches the combat area, the turrets fire and destroy several Raiders.

OMEGA: Probes are in position!
TIGH: Activate!


The probes receive data, the EM shield is established, Vipers pass the shield, Raiders crash into it.

LUCIFER: The humans have activated the shield. If it closes, we will not have any chance to continue the mission.
BALTAR: The Raiders shall destroy as many of these probes as possible! They must ready a passage for us! Accelerate the baseships! We have to get through!
LUCIFER: By your command.

The Cylons shoot a hole into the shield from the inside.

APOLLO: So far, so good. But we have a hole!

More Raiders fly through hole and start firing at the probes.

STARBUCK: They keep sending in more and more! We can’t get rid of them!

OMEGA: Remaining probes are redistributed to replace the destroyed ones. We still need 30 microns to close the hole!
ATHENA: The baseships are accelerating to attack speed. They want to pass the shield perimeter!
TIGH: Commander, if they get through we're all finished!
ADAMA: I know. Increase speed, we’re tackling them one after the other.

The Cylons continue to fire at the probes inside the field, the probes are destroyed.

LUCIFER: Imperious Leader, according to my calculations we won’t be able to get our troops through the shield in time.
BALTAR: Prepare jump drive!
LUCIFER: A jump into a combat area with countless small objects on chaotic trajectories would increase the risk of sustaining severe damage by 95%. That might destroy us.
BALTAR: Argh! Time till we reach the shield?
LUCIFER: 45 microns.

APOLLO: We must destroy all Raiders the inside the shield perimeter so that the gaps can be closed. Once the shield is active, no more Raiders will get in but those which are already inside will still be a threat.
SHEBA: We'll never make it! We need more time!

TIGH: Omega!
OMEGA: I'm trying, but ...
ATHENA: Colonel, something is emerging!

Several fighter-cruisers (Sharks) fly through the hole and attack the Cylon Raiders.

ADAMA: Who is that?
TIGH: Identify!
ATHENA: Impossible. The ship type is not recorded in the Warbook. But they are definitely non-Cylon.

Battle, more Raiders are destroyed.

OMEGA: It's time!

The hole is closed.

OMEGA: Shield closed!

The Cylons crash against it.

BALTAR: No !!!

BOOMER: That was close! We could have really packed up if we hadn’t got help.
SHEBA: Who are they?
APOLLO: Maybe we have allies we didn’t know about ...

ATHENA: Intercom is working again, father.
OMEGA: The President is hailing us.
TIGH: Put him through.


ADAMA: Mr President, the probe shield is active, but something unexpected happened. A group of unknown fighters has entered the defense grid. They have joined our battle groups without permission and destroyed the Cylons.
HOLBROOKE: I know. The strangers have already contacted us. They are requesting an audience. I’m expecting you on Sigma in 20 minutes.
ADAMA: I’ll be there.

TIGH: Sir, maybe I should better go. It could be dangerous. After all, we don’t know who these people are.
ADAMA: I appreciate your concerns but it might leave a bad impression if I don’t appear in person. They might become the first allies beside us.
TIGH: Alright. Good luck, Sir.
ADAMA: That’s my phrase, Colonel!


BALTAR: How did that happen? We had almost defeated the humans!
LUCIFER: You are correct. Almost. What shall we do now?
BALTAR: Let’s proceed with Plan B. It’ll take a little longer, but the result will be the same.
LUCIFER: By your command ..!


Conference hall (round table).

APOLLO: What's up with Cassie? Have you cleared things up?
STARBUCK: I'll tell you later. I’m looking forward to our guests. I’d love to know who they are.

APOLLO: We’ll find out in a flash.

SECRETARY: President Holbrooke! (everyone gets up)
HOLBROOKE: Sit down, please. I have already talked to the newcomers via Intercom and am sure that we can establish a successful alliance. We are all human and we have the same enemies. I now present to you the envoy of the Styx ...

Delegation enters the room. Adama, Apollo & Starbuck are perplexed: The boss of the delegation is - Leiter!

LEITER: Good day. On behalf of the Styx people, I’m asking the UNE for political asylum ..!

Close-Up of a shocked Adama...

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