GALACTICA 6551: 5. Evil Thoughts


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Aug 1, 2009

5. Evil Thoughts


by Marcell von dem Berge

(© 03.01.1998 / revision #1 08.03.1999 / revision #2 7/2017)


Based on the classic television series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA created by Glen A. Larson
and on characters created by Glen A. Larson.
Battlestar Galactica © ® & ™ Universal City Studios.
This script is free. It is a non-profit fan project and for personal use only.
No infringement intended.
No commercial use.


ADAMA (Log): After three yahren of uncertainty we have finally reached our destination: the planet Earth. The fleet was welcomed by the Central Command of the United Nations of Earth with open arms. The Quorum of the Twelve is negotiating the first alliance between us and the chairman of the UNE (= United Nations of Earth); President William Holbrooke. After nearly 7,000 yahren the thirteen tribes of Man are finally reunited. I am glad to acknowledge that Earth is governed in a liberal-pluralistic manner and that our brethren have developed a highly advanced technology. Our sensors have not registered any signs of Cylon activity within 2,000 parsecs. This gives us the time to make tactical preparations and to recover from the hardships of our long journey. Dr Salik suggestedthat we gradually get used to the new atmosphere because our immune system could respond differently to terrestrial pathogens than expected. For this reason, I have temporarily limited the extensive shore leave I gave to our warriors to Sigma Station only.


Earth station Sigma. The air lock opens, Galacticans enter.

STARBUCK: I almost gave up hope.
BOOMER: That we would find Earth?
STARBUCK: That we would get a shore leave. I thought we'd be stuck in that old tin can forever.
APOLLO: I never had any doubts about that.
BOXEY: Do you think there are any Daggits here?
APOLLO: Sure, Boxey. Muffit will definitely find many new friends here.
SHEBA: Look, here comes the welcoming committee ...

Reporters are coming, among them are Liz Khan and Tony Smallwood from UBC-News (= United Broadcasting Company).

BOOMER: Now it's time to take a deep breath! ..!
STARBUCK: Is my hairstyle okay?
KHAN: This isUBC-News live from Sigma Station, presenting the first exclusive interview with the colonists from outer space. Ladies and Gentlemen, you are the first visitors from Galactica. What do you think about Sigma?
APOLLO: Well, she's ... pretty big.
ATHENA: I'm so relieved that we have made it.
JOLLY: Exactly. I’m wondering what would have happened if we hadn’t come through ....
KHAN: Don’t worry, you could have used a wider airlock over there at the cargo ramp then! (Jolly laughs)
TONY: You look like a very capable pilot.
STARBUCK: Oh, yes. I’ve always been one of the best.
TONY: What are you going to do first?
STARBUCK: Well, erh ... is there a casino here?

WAITER: First time visitors get a free drink on Sigma. What may I bring you?
BOOMER: I heard beans were drunk here.
WAITER: Do you mean coffee or cocoa?
BOOMER: I don’t know, I’ll try both.
WAITER: Gladly. (to Cree) And what do you want?
CREE: I’d like to have a Rebunatic carburian.
WAITER: I'm sorry but we only serve drinks that we can spell.
CREE: Well then gimme a handful of beans, too.

Boomer is about to take a sip when Starbuck pulls him away from the counter.

BOOMER: Hey, what’s up with you?
STARBUCK: Come with me! I’ll have to show you something. You have to see that!
BOOMER: But - my beans are getting cold ..!

Apollo & Boxey are standing before a panoramic window lookingdown to Earth.

APOLLO: So, what do you think?
BOXEY: She's fairly blue. But pretty.

Muffit barks.

APOLLO: I think Muffit shares your opinion. (sees Starbuck and Boomer) Starbuck! Do you like it here?
STARBUCK: I think I'm in heaven! (to Boomer) Look at this! (shows him a big casino) These are incredibleodds here. And so many tables ... I'm telling ya, gimme a secton and I'll be buying the whole station!
BOOMER: Be careful, Starbuck. You are not familiar with the local customs and traditions. They may be our brothers and sisters but you don’t know how they would respond to a notorious player like you.
STARBUCK: Boomer, what’s happened to your sense of adventure? I have to maintain a reputation that runs ahead of me with lightspeed.
BOOMER: That's exactly what I mean. Just be careful that itdoesn’t get too fast for you to hold on to it. (leaves)

Starbuck enters the casino.

LADY (at a table): Hello, handsome. Would you like to play?
STARBUCK: Only if you show me how it's done.
LADY: You're welcome. The game is called roulette. You either bet on a colour or a number. If the ball meetsyour color or number you’ll win.
STARBUCK: Hmm ... (puts a Cubit on 17 black)
GEBER: Rien ne va plus – no more bets, please. → 17 noire wins!
STARBUCK (gets a bunch of chips, grins): I think I'll love this game!


Apollo is sitting alone at a table in the lounge. Cynthia is coming.

CYNTHIA: Excuse me, is this seat taken?
APOLLO: Oh, no, please sit down.
CYNTHIA (sits down): Phew, the arrival is very stressful, isn’t it? I’ve never seen you here before. Is this your first visitto Sigma?
APOLLO: Yes. I’m from Galactica.
CYNTHIA: Oh, that's wonderful! Yaknow, actually I thought that you would look differently. Small with big eyes and gray skin.
APOLLO: Sorry to disappoint you.
CYNTHIA: Oh no, on the contrary ... Cynthia. Cynthia Thaunders! (shakes hands with Apollo)
APOLLO: Nice to meet you. Apollo. Captain Apollo.
CYNTHIA: Oh, the God of light.
APOLLO: What do you mean?
CYNTHIA: Apollo, son of Zeus, God of the arts, medicine and light. I’m historian and lecturer at the local university. My specialty is the "Imperium Romanum".
APOLLO: Interesting.
CYNTHIA: What's your surname?
APOLLO: We don’t have one.
CYNTHIA (surprised): ... Then you have to be pretty creative to avoid confusion ..!
APOLLO: In case of doubt we use additions such as places, profession or kinship.
CYNTHIA: Interesting.

Apollo and Cynthia smile at each other.

BOXEY: Father, we’d like to take a look at the rest of the station. May we join the tour?
APOLLO: Of course, Boxey.
ATHENA: Well, we must hurryin order not to miss the group! (leaves)
CYNTHIA: You have a son?
APOLLO: Actually he's my adopted son.
CYNTHIA: He has his mother's eyes.
APOLLO: Yes, he has. ... Oh, you mean Athena? She’s my sister.
CYNTHIA: Then your wife is still on the ship?
APOLLO: My wife is no longer with us.
CYNTHIA: Oh, I'm sorry ...
APOLLO: It’s alright, you couldn’t know that ...

Galactica. Adamas quarters.

HOLBROOKE: Thank you very much for your hospitality, Commander.
ADAMA: That goes without saying, Mr President. On behalf of my people I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to stay here. Regarding our situation you could have sent us away.
HOLBROOKE: The Cylons are after every human being. Only together we have a chance to survive. In the last few years, we have disarmed tremendously. There are no more wars on Earth and Mars, aside from a few issues with pirates. The Cylon threat has taken us completely off-guard. We never believed we would get dragged into a war again. The most important thing will be to develop an effective defense strategy to protect our sector. ... Mmh, that tastes great. What's that?
ADAMA: Ambrosa. Unfortunately we don’t have much of it left.
HOLBROOKE: I'm sure there's a way to synthesize it. ... However, yourconcerns are justified. Large parts of the population think that you have brought us a war that would not exist without you.
ADAMA: President Holbrooke, you know as well as I dothat this is inevitable.
HOLBROOKE: Exactly. I'm sure the detractors will change their minds when the Cylons come ..!

Both cheer and take a sip.


There are those, who believe…


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Tchéky Karyo as Victor Soranov
Rekha Sharma as Liz Khan
Michael Trucco as Tony Smallwood


Sigma station. Café.

CYNTHIA: My dad died when I was twelve. He was a marine. Space division. He often took me with him to the airfields. I loved those big machines. One day he and his troops were escorting a refinery vessel through an uncharted region of space. Then something happened, no-one knows exactly what is was. The ship disappeared, probably crashed, nobody came back. Search and rescue parties were sent to investigate but of no avail. Some found nothing, many others did not return. It was a hard time, especially for my little sister. Jules was very attached to him. Mom had to give up her job as a supervisor for a while.
APOLLO: Do you have any other brothers and sisters?
CYNTHIA: An older brother. Jeff. He is with the Marines, too. He is a daredevil. No challenge is too big for him.
APOLLO: That reminds me of someone I know ...
CYNTHIA: What was the name of your wife?
APOLLO: Serina. She was wonderful. An angel in a time of darkness. Boxey is everything that’s left from her.
CYNTHIA: ... What about some sightseeing?
APOLLO: The tour has already started a long time ago. I don’t think we'll catch up with the others.
CYNTHIA: I was thinking of a privatetour. I have access to some areas the group does not see. Shall we?
APOLLO: Why not?

Casino. Starbuck wins, smokes a cigar.

LADY: You learn amazingly fast.
STARBUCK: No wonder if you have such a charming teacher! You know, I've been to so many casinos but this one here ... (click, wins) is my favourite one.
CASINO AID: Excuse me Sir, but wouldn’t you like to try something else? There is another casino two decks abovewhich would certainly be delighted at a visit from you.
STARBUCK: Erh, no, maybe later. Thank you for the tip but as you can see I’m having this lucky streak.
CASINO AID (goes to casino boss): I tried to convince him but he doesn’t want to go. What shall I do now?
CASINO BOSS: Wait and watch him. If he's over 10,000 kick him out before he ruins me.
CASINO AID: Sure, boss. (leaves)
CASINO BOSS: ... From richesin 15 years to ragsin 15 minutes ... You won’t get me down, you jerk!

Click - Starbuck wins.

BOOMER: I see you're completely in your element.
STARBUCK: Do you wanna give it a try? It’s very easy ..!
BOOMER: What would Cassiopeia say if she saw you here?
STARBUCK: Cassie is still on Galactica doing some tests with Dr Salik. An Earth doctor is with them too, Dr Stone or so. She’ll get here with the 5 centares ferry. You see, I still have plenty of time left.

Apollo & Cynthia are standing in front of panoramic windows, looking at Galactica in orbit.

CYNTHIA What’s the story about the 13 tribes?
APOLLO: Mankind evolved on a planet called Kobol. 6551 Kahrenz ago, a catastrophe occurred, forcing the people to abandon the planet. In order to ensure survival, it was decided to divide the population into 13 tribes who were independently lookingfor a new habitat in space. Twelve of them founded our Colonies, the 13th tribe colonized Earth.
CYNTHIA: A nice legend.
APOLLO: No legend. Provable facts.
CYNTHIA: Not on this world. Our researchers are still convinced that mankind has evolved here, on Earth. There are still some who believe in panspermia and ancient astronauts theories, however, these are legends that cannot be proven to this day.
APOLLO: So you don’t know anything about your past anymore?
CYNTHIA: Yes, of course we do, based on whatever ruins and fossils can tell us about it. But this knowledge is sketchy. Up to now we don’t even know exactly how the pyramids came to be.
APOLLO: Kobol exists. We have been there.
CYNTHIA: Where is it?
APOLLO: Wait, maybe I can show it to you ... (goes to the window) You can’t see it from here, it’s too small and it’s surrounded by a void. But its sun should be about ... there. (points to Sirius)
CYNTHIA: That's the Sirius Cluster. ... Actually that makes sense! The Sirius cult was very common on Earth. Many primitive cultures worshipped the star.
APOLLO: Maybe these "primitive" cultures knew more than youbelieve. They honored the legacy of their ancestors.
CYNTHIA: Come, I'll show you something from "our" past.

Cynthia shows Apollo the university. Both are standing in front of a bust of Emperor Augustus.

CYNTHIA: Augustus. Honorable Leader of the Roman Empire. He moulded an entire age.
APOLLO: The term "Empire" always leaves a sour taste to us. The bigger it gets, the harder it becomes to control it.
CYNTHIA: That's right, Captain. The Roman Empire prospered for almost 1,000 years until it finally perished at its size. Erroneous history, which, however, had its good sides.
APOLLO: In what way?
CYNTHIA: Genetic tests have proven that my family tree goes way back to the Roman Empire. That's almost 2,500 years. And this man, Augustus, the ruler of half of the then known world, was one of them.
APOLLO: Amazing. Yaknow, if you're so interested in history you’ll need to meet my dad.
CYNTHIA: Is he a historian?
APOLLO: Part-time. He’s the Commander of the Fleet but he spends every available centon studying ancient writings. I can introduce you to himif you like.
CYNTHIA: That would be nice.

Lecture hall.

VICTOR: Tomorrow we are dealing with the Russian October Revolution, which actually took place in November. Please prepare and read chapters 1 & 2.

CYNTHIA: This station is my second home, so to speak. And this is my "Empire". Oh, and there's Professor Soranov, a very good colleague. He taught me Russian.

Виктор, мы здесь!
(Victor, we’re here!)

VICTOR: Ah, здравствуй!

CYNTHIA: May I introduce, Professor Victor Soranov, Captain Apollo from the Galactica.

VICTOR: Oчень рад вас накомиться, капитан!
(Nice to meet you, Captain!)

APOLLO: If that was nothing indecent I’ll wish it to you, too!
VICTOR: You don’t speak Russian? Too bad.
APOLLO: When I first heard it, I thought my radio was broken.
VICTOR: Learn it. It will be useful. And it will bring you new friends.
CYNTHIA: What are you doing here? I thought that was Yun's lesson.
VICTOR: Yun got sick. His wife left him.
CYNTHIA: Again? He should change his attitude unless he wants her to be gone forever.

VICTOR: He would have much less trouble if he had married a woman who was as interested in his model trains as he was. But he wouldn’t listen to me - судьба.

Tell me, when are you going to bring me the book you borrowed from me?

CYNTHIA: ... "Rasputin"?
VICTOR: The recipe collection. (Cynthia is thinking) ... "Mind Control and Magic Potions".
CYNTHIA: Oh, excuse me, Victor. I’ll bring it back to you as soon as I find it.
VICTOR: Alright. ... What do you think about the station, Captain?
APOLLO: I like her. The university is really impressive.
VICTOR: Isn’t it.This and the panorama hall are probably the most magnificent placeshere. You come fromGalactica?
CYNTHIA: Yes. Just imagine: His father is the Commander of the Fleet. Unbelievable, isn’t it?
VICTOR: Indeed. Then your father is carrying on negotiations with the President?
APOLLO: That's correct. It is difficult but we are confident.
VICTOR: I think so ... (looks at the clock) Oh, it's late. I’m sorry for having to end our conversation so abruptly, but I have an appointment.
APOLLO: Maybe we'll meet again, Professor. (leaves)
VICTOR: We certainly will, Captain ..!

STARBUCK (is kicked out of the casino): Hey, you can’t do that! Wait! Let me in again! I haven’t finished yet! Hello!
APOLLO: Is everything alright?
STARBUCK: No, nothing is alright. They’ve just kicked me out.
APOLLO: What have you donethis time?
STARBUCK: Nothing! I swear! ... I’ve ... just won a few games ...
APOLLO (sees a sack full of chips in Starbuck's hand): "A few"?
STARBUCK: Erh, okay, I’ve won them all. 30 more centons and I could have bought the whole station.
CYNTHIA: Don’t take it so hard. Others are not allowed inside because they lose everything.
STARBUCK: These are wonderful rules here. The winners are not let in and the losers aren’t either. Two reasons why this den will never become known beyond this airlock. Will you introduce me to your new girlfriend?
APOLLO: Huh? Oh, this is Cynthia Thaunders.
STARBUCK: I'm Starbuck. Well, if Cassie wasn’t there I surely wouldn’t let her go ..!
APOLLO: Surely!
CYNTHIA (smiles): If all of you guys on the ship are so charming I would invest in accommodations if I were you. The Earth women would beat a path to your doors.
APOLLO: (sees Cassie coming) I think in this case we might get a problem with the mistress of the house.
CASSIE: Oh, here you are! I might have guessed. Hello!
APOLLO: Cassie, that's Cynthia. Cynthia, Cassiopeia.
CYNTHIA: If this continues all day long I’llput a name tag around my neck.
STARBUCK: Have you made any progress?
CASSIE: It was fantastic. Imagine: There are twice as many tapeworm species here as there were on Caprica.
STARBUCK: Interesting ..!
CASSIE: Tomorrow, Dr Stone will show us his hearts and lungs collection.
STARBUCK: Doesn’t my heart suffice any longer to you?
CASSIE: Well, at least I’d have some comparables. So, and now let’s have fun! We deserve it! (pulls Starbuck with her)
APOLLO (laughs): And you three? Did you enjoy the tour?
BOXEY: It was great. I have never been to such a big station.
ATHENA: You need sectons to see everything.
CYNTHIA (sees Muffit): What kind of a sweetheart are you, huh? (petshim)
BOXEY: He's a daggit. His name is Muffit.
APOLLO: We designedhim because there weren’t any real ones on the ships. The man in charge is Commander Boxey.
CYNTHIA: Can he do some tricks as well?
BOXEY: Of course. Shall I show them to you?
CYNTHIA: I’d love to see that ..!
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Later. Evening. A corridor like on DS9. Starbuck & Boomer.

STARBUCK: I'm telling you, Boomer, Cassie will make big eyes when I tell her about my idea.
BOOMER: She'd more likely get rings under her eyes. Surely she’sasleep already.
STARBUCK: Yes, you’re probably right. I'll tell her in the morning.

Three men are blocking their way.


STARBUCK: Erh, excuse me, could you let us pass, please? Our quarters are right over there and ...
BOOMER: Come on Starbuck, let’s go around.

Starbuck & Boomer turn around, three more men are blocking the way.


STARBUCK (holding a bag of money): Boomer, I don’t know why but I don’t like this situation ..!
BOOMER: Maybe you have won too much ..! Listen, guys, we don’t want to fight.
SYKES: And we don’t want to keep you!
GOON: Go back to where you came from, you bloody aliens!
BOOMER: And what if we don’t want that?
SYKES: Then we'll keep turning you inside out until you do!
A brawl begins. Starbuck winds uphis money bag ...

Another corridor.

APOLLO: Boxey, this is our quarters.
BOXEY: Will we meet again tomorrow, Cynthia?
CYNTHIA: If you like ... and if your dad doesn’t mind?
APOLLO: Not at all. (to Boxey) You go ahead, I'll be with you in a centon.
BOXEY: Why? Oh yes, I understand ..! Come, Muffit! (door closes, to Muffit) I bet they like each other!
APOLLO: Boxey seems to like you very much. I’d like to thank you for this nice day.
CYNTHIA: It was a pleasure. You don’t have the chance to meet such an interesting man like you every day.
APOLLO: I’d like to reciprocate with you.
CYNTHIA: That can be done, Captain ..!

Both look in each other's eyes. Jolly is coming.

JOLLY: Captain! They are busting their heads!
APOLLO: What ?! Who?
JOLLY: Starbuck, Boomer, Greenbean and a few others! Come on, quick!
A crowd has gathered on the floor.

DOC: Let me through! I’m a doctor!

Starbuck is bleeding from a cut under his eye, Boomer is unconscious on the ground. Doc examines Boomer.

APOLLO: Starbuck! What happened?
STARBUCK: Some guys attacked us ...
GILES: They ran away when we arrived to assist.
JOLLY: What about Boomer? Is he alive?
DOC: I don’t know ... I feel a pulse but his heart seems to be missing ...
STARBUCK: Not surprising. You’re looking for it at the wrong spot.
DOC: You mean ... Oh, his heart is on the right ...
STARBUCK: Well, you are a fine doctor. Where else should it be?

Security Office. Cassiopeia at Starbuck.

CASSIE: I've told you a hundred times, you shouldn’t hang around outside alone for so long.
STARBUCK: I wasn’t alone ... We just came out of the bar and wanted to return to our quarters when suddenly three guys barred our way. We tried to go back but there were already three more of them behind us. They’ve simply beaten us up.
GILES: If Greenbean, Jolly, and I hadn’t heard the noise and come to the rescue who knows what would have happened.
APOLLO: Chief, you don’t look very surprised.
POWELL: I'm not. To be honest, we were counting on such an incident to happen sooner or later. And it certainly won’t be the last. I’m really sorry that you got into the line of fire, gentlemen. But believe me, not everyone on Earth shares the opinions of the Isolationists.
APOLLO: Isolationists?
POWELL: Everywhere on the planet the protests against you are piling up. Have you seen the latest news? (looks at monitor: you see protesters with banners and posters: "No War on Earth!", "Aliens go Home") Since your arrival many groups have formed which want to deny you the right of asylum. They think you have brought a war to Earth that wouldn’t exist without you.
STARBUCK: That's ridiculous! The Cylons are after every human. They don’t distinguish between Earthlings and Galacticans.
POWELL: Explain that to them. There is still hope that President Holbrooke can make most of them change their mind. The rest, however, is much more radical. To them, every means is welcomed to chaseyou away from here. They would even break the law to achieve their goals.
CASSIE: You have to do something about it. This time it was only a concussion and a few broken ribs. Next time there might be deaths.
CYNTHIA: She's right, Chief. What do you intend to do?
POWELL: These gangs operate in the underground. We can’t prove anything to the individual members without further ado. If we arrest one of them we’ll have to let him goa few hours later for lack of evidence. If we could getto the leaders we might be able to achieve something.
APOLLO: I see. What’s the short-term plan?
POWELL: ... I cannot turn the station into a high-security wing. I’ll increase the security teams. That's all I can do at the moment.
APOLLO: Thank you, Sir. (leaves)


STARBUCK: Do you know what annoys me the most? They took my favorite bag.
CASSIE: The one with the "S"?
STARBUCK: The one with the "S".
CASSIE: Don’t worry. I’ll give you a new one. (leaves with Starbuck)

APOLLO: Cynthia, when will we meet? And where?
CYNTHIA: 9 o'clock, our table in the panorama hall.
APOLLO: I’ll be there. Good night!
CYNTHIA (whispers) Good night, Captain. (leaves)
BOOMER (whispers): "Good night, Captain ..!"
APOLLO: Is anyone jealous? ... (grins) Come, I'll escort you to the apartment before you behavemischievously again.
BOOMER: What are you talking about? I’m the most righteous citizen you can imagine.
APOLLO: Righteous citizens are unlikely to throw their ribs into the fists of other people.
BOOMER: Ouch! That hit home!
APOLLO: Haha! Let’s go! (leaves)

Apollo's quarters.

BOXEY: Father!
APOLLO: Boxey, why are you still awake?
BOXEY: I've been waiting for you. Did you have a good time with Cynthia?
APOLLO: Erh, yes. It was very interesting. Come on, you have to go to bed now.
BOXEY: I really don’t mind if you want to spend more time with her. I understand that.
APOLLO: Oh, thanks! It's good to know that I have your official consent. Sleep tight. (tucks up Boxey, pets Muffit's head, leaves)

Cynthia's quarters. Cynthia pours in a glass of juice and puts the bottle back into the fridge.

COMPUTER (Female voice): Cynthia, your stock of orange juice has dropped below 0.5 liters. Would you like to put new juice on the order list?
CYNTHIA: Yes, Sally, please do that.
COMPUTER: I have updated the order list. The items will be delivered tomorrow morning.
CYNTHIA: Thank you, Sally.
Living room.

CYNTHIA (sees Victor's book on the table, looks at the clock: 11:19 PM): Oh, what the heck.

Cynthia takes the book and leaves. Cut to Victor's quarters. Cynthia rings, the door opens. Victor is standing in front of her.

CYNTHIA: Victor, I'm sorry to bother you so late but I ... (sees several men sitting at the table) Oh, you have visitors ...
VICTOR: It's okay. Just a few colleagues I haven’t seen in a long time. Come in.
CYNTHIA: I have your book.
VICTOR: Thank you. But you didn’t have to visit me at this time.
CYNTHIA: I finally wanted to get it over with. Otherwise it would certainly have been on my table for another half a year.
VICTOR: Alright, alright. You may borrow it again any time.
CYNTHIA: And you're making plans for tomorrow?
VICTOR: You could say so.
CYNTHIA: Then I don’t want to waste your time any longer. It was a tough day.

The bell rings.

VICTOR: Come in!
WAITER: Room service. Here are the drinks you ordered.
SYKES (jumps up). At last, we are dying of thirst! (goes to him, takes money from bag and gives it to the waiter)
WAITER: Thank you and have a nice evening. (leaves)

Cynthia looks at the bag: the bag carries an "S" - it's Starbuck’s!

CYNTHIA: Victor, may I talk to you in private?
VICTOR: Sure. (walks into a room with her) What's up, dear?
CYNTHIA: There was an attack today. Two of the newcomers were beaten badly by a gang.

VICTOR: Неправда!
(You’re kidding!)

CYNTHIA: One of the offenders stole a bag of money. Victor, your colleague has this bag!
VICTOR: ... Oh, oh, oh ...
CYNTHIA: I'll inform security immediately. Keep him occupiedtill they arrive. But be careful. If he's in cahoots with the attackers you're in great danger. (wants to leave, Victor stands in her way) Victor? What are you doing?!
VICTOR: Your photographic memory is slowly turning into a curse for you ..!
SYKES (coming in): What's up, boss? Does the little lassiecause anytrouble?
CYNTHIA: (shocked) ... You are one of them ..!

Cynthia wants to escape but she is held back by Victor. Victor throws her against the cocktail cabinet.

VICTOR (to Cynthia): Everything I do, I do it for the good of our people. You should understand that.
CYNTHIA (being pulled up and held by Sykes): What are you up to?
VICTOR: Tomorrow morning the President will sign the first treaty with the aliens. We’ll make sure that he never signs anything again.
CYNTHIA: You’ll kill the President?
VICTOR: No, not me. But your new friend will ..!

Zoom in on Cynthia's shocked face.

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The next day.

JINGLE: UBC-News. The latest events in the solar system.

KHAN (on screen): Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m Liz Khan, presenting you the top event of the day: Be with us when the first treaty between the Galacticans and the UNE is signed. UBC News broadcasts live from the Council’s Chamber on Galactica. Today at 12 o'clock.


CASINO BOSS: I don’t care how you do it! That guy is barred from the house, is that clear?
CASINO AID: What shall I do now?
CASINO BOSS: Do as I said. If he wants to get in again, throw him out.
CASINO AID: Okay ...

Panorama hall.

CASSIE: There is no better place in the universe, don’t you think so?
STARBUCK: It's perfect ... (smoking a cigar, typing on a calculator) With a suitableconditional profit sharing agreement we could be set for life. I'm telling you, Cassie, he just can’t refuse this offer.
CASSIE: What? What are you talking about?
STARBUCK: There is no "Pyramid" throughout the station. The game is completely unknown. It will strike like a laser torpedo.
CASSIE: So what’s theplan?
STARBUCK: I'm going to sell it to the casino boss. Immediately after lunch.
APOLLO: Starbuck! ... I need your help.
BOOMER: How was the date?
APOLLO: There was none. Cynthia’s gone.
STARBUCK: Well, nobody has ever run away from me before the first date. What did you do?
APOLLO: Starbuck, you didn’t listen. She did not run away. She’s disappeared. Without a trace. And after the incident yesterday I fear that something has happened to her. She was one of the few who openly championed us.
VICTOR: (coming) Captain! Good Morning.
APOLLO: Victor, glad to see you. I'm looking for Cynthia. We had an appointment but she didn’t show up. Do you know where she could be?
VICTOR: No, I'm sorry. I haven’t seen her since our encounter at the university.
STARBUCK: We should split up. Don’t worry, we’ll find her.
BOOMER: Count me in.
CASSIE: We'll keep you informed.
APOLLO: Thank you.
VICTOR: Captain, such a situation might profit from an exchange of ideas with a friend. Come, I have some time for you.


APOLLO: I’ve beensearching half the station for her. She seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth.
VICTOR: You're right. That doesn’t look like her. Her attitude towards punctuality is ... almost Russian. ... Wait, isn’t she there? (points at a woman at the other end of the hall)
APOLLO (looks into the direction): Where?
VICTOR (pours some powder in Apollo's drink): Over there, by the entrance ...
APOLLO: No, unfortunately not.
VICTOR: Too bad.
APOLLO (takes his cup to his mouth): Do you know where else she might be?
VICTOR: In her quarters?
APOLLO: I checked them first. The cleaning robot told me the door-opening log showed that she entered the appartment at 11:10 and left it at 11:20. After that, nothing happened.
VICTOR: Do you like your coffee?
APOLLO: You know, I'm not that thirsty. (puts his cup down) I’d rather continue the search. Maybe something has happened to her. (gets up) These Isolationists are capable of anything.
VICTOR: Captain, why should the Isolationists be behind her disappearance?
APOLLO: Because she might havebeen seen with me and my friends. As an alien friend, she might be in the line of fire as well as we are.
VICTOR: Hmm ... that could be possible. Come, have a drink first. Fluids supportthinking.
VICTOR: If a Russian offers you a drink and youdon’t try it at least, said Russian will be quite offended ..!
APOLLO: ... Oh, of course I don’t want that. Cheers! (drinks)
APOLLO: ... Interesting.
VICTOR: Well, now let’s think about our next step ..!


BOOMER: Did you find her?
ATHENA: No. We just filed a missing person's report at security but they couldn’t help us much.
BOOMER: Too bad we don’t have a person detector.
BOXEY: Hey, do you remember how we saved the honourableBelloby?
STARBUCK: Yeah sure. We used Muffit as a tracker Daggit to find the Borays’ camp.
BOXEY: Cynthia met Muffit.
BOOMER: That's it! Boxey, you are ingenious. Let’s start at her quarters. Come on!

Cynthia’s quarters.

BOXEY (to Muffit): Muffit, find Cynthia! Do you understand? Find Cynthia!

Muffit barks and starts running.

Apollo & Victor. Apollo is feeling dizzy.

VICTOR: You know, Captain, whenever I have a problem and I don’t know what to do, I use this little device here to focus my mind. (pulls out a small silver cube with yellow blinking LEDs on the sides and puts it on the table) Look at the cube and tell me how you feel ... (activates the cube, the LEDs start flashing rapidly, illuminating Apollo's face )
APOLLO: I ... don’t know ... what ... is this ...
VICTOR: Don’t worry, Captain. You are completely relaxed and have nothing to fear. ... Yes, you are doing fine. Concentrate ... Look closely. Deeper and deeper, you look into yourself ...
APOLLO: I can’t ... think ... what ... are you doin’ ...
VICTOR: Concentrate! Look! Recognize the truth!
APOLLO: What truth?
VICTOR: Cynthia is in danger! She will die if you do not save her!

Apollo sees blurry images in wrong colors, hears Victor's voice.

VICTOR: Cynthia is in the clutches of the devil! Go to him! Go to him and destroy him! It’ the only way to save her! Go and do not look back!

Apollo proceeds to the shuttle ramp, Victor is following him.

SPEAKER: The next shuttle to Galactica launches in five minutes. All passengers are requested to proceed to departure hall B.

Muffit stops in front of Victor's quarters.

BOXEY: She's in there!
STARBUCK: Athena, get Boxey into safety. We don’t know who else is hiding in there.
BOXEY: Oh no! I wanna save her, too!
BOOMER: We don’t have time for a debate! We have to get in there!
ATHENA: And how? They will hardly open the door voluntarily when they see us.
STARBUCK: (sees a cleaning robot leaving an empty room) ... I’ve got an idea! (to the robot) Hey, wait a centon!

CRICHTON: A wonderful good morning, Gentleman. What can I …


STARBUCK: You're a cleaning robot, right?
CRICHTON: I'm a Companion Robot, Series 1 Model 10 # 38, or CR1 / 10. You may call me Crichton. My tasks are versatile. I deliver orders, clean quarters ...
STARBUCK: Tell me, are you able to you open this door?
CRICHTON: Of course. I am connected to the central computer of this station. A simple request is enough to open every door on this or any other deck.
STARBUCK: Well, then go for it!
CRICHTON: Of course. If the tenant or an officer wishes it to be done.
STARBUCK: I am an officer.
CRICHTON: According to my database you are only a guest. You are neither the tenant of this apartment nor a security officer. So, unfortunately, I am unable to comply. (is about to turn away)
BOOMER: Damn it, open the frakkin’ door before someone gets killed!
CRICHTON: Are you threatening me? I would reconsider that idea if I were you. Murder is illegal. You would be sentenced to life in prison. The deed does not become time-barred and is morally reprehensible ...
STARBUCK: That's enough! (pulls a mini hand laser from “Galactica 1980” from his jacket holster)
ATHENA: Hey! Where did you get that gun from?
STARBUCK: I’m better safe than sorry after the attack.
CRICHTON: It is forbidden to carry a weapon in the lodging area. Excluded are members of security. I must ask you to hand the gun over to me.

STARBUCK: Forget about it. That thing was expensive. Carbon compound, invisible to the sensors.

CRICHTON: Hand it over to me now or I am forced to alert security.
STARBUCK: Do that! Then I can tell them what a pile of junk you are!

Boxey breaks free of Athena and runs to the door.

ATHENA: Boxey! Come back!
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Inside the apartment. Cynthia is sitting on a chair, pinioned and with her mouth duct-taped. Goon is standing next to her. Sykes is by the door.

GOON: Don’t look so scared, lassie. When it's all over, I promise you a quick sendoff in the airlock.
The door bell rings.

GOON (to Sykes): Take a look.
SYKES (looks at the monitor and sees Boxey and Muffit): Just a kid with a toy dog. Must have gotten lost.

Cynthia looks up.

GOON: Don’t worry about him, he'll shove off in a minute.

It rings again. Boxey hits the bell on and on and on. The two guys are getting annoyed.

SYKES: Damn it, that lout is annoying! Takelassie into the bathroom and keep her quiet. (opens the door, to Boxey) Hey kid, what's up? You have no business here!
BOXEY: I’ve got lost.

BOOMER (to Starbuck): Hey, that's one of the guys who beat us up!

BOXEY: My daddy and I were on the promenade, and now ...
SYKES: Your daddy is not here and I didn’t see him either. Beat it or you'll get a clip round your ear!
BOXEY: My dad said that if I get lost I shall knock on a door and ask for directions.
SYKES: Are you deaf? Beat it, I said!

Starbuck & Boomer are sneaking up.

CRICHTON (coming): Good day, gentleman. I am a Companion Robot, Series 1 Model 10 # 38, or CR1 / 10. You may call me Crichton. Is there a problem?
SYKES: What do you want, vacuum?!
CRICHTON: (display turns red, arms are raised) My dear Sir, please! I am programmed to answer every query in detail, correctly and politely. And I expect this same respect to be given from my conversation partners.
SYKES: I'll give you a whipping, Professor Smartass!
CRICHTON: If you compromise this unit in any way you will be held liable for the damage you have caused.
ATHENA (comes): Boxey, there you are!

GOON (is getting more and more restless): Goddammit ..! What is this idiot doing? (walks to the bathroom door, faces Cynthia; to Cynthia) Not a word, sweetheart! (to Sykes) Hey, Sykes! Stop the drivel and come back in!

Cynthia takes the chance and throws herself against Goon’s back. Goon falls to the floor and pulls down a curtain. Muffit bites in Sykes’s leg. Cynthia tries to escape. Goon tears herdown to the floor. Boomer knocks out Sykes, Sykes falls against the cocktail cabinet. Starbuck & Boomer storm the room and overpower Goon.

CRICHTON (to Sykes): You do realize that youwill have to pay for the damage. The repair will cost about 1,500 ISCUs (= InterStellar Currency Units). In case you refuse the payment I have alerted security. They will be here in a few minutes.

BOOMER (taps on Crichton’s shoulder): Well done, Tinman.

Athena unshackles Cynthia.

BOXEY: Cynthia!
CYNTHIA: Soranov! He held me here!
CRICHTON: Deprivation of liberty is illegal. You are entitled to compensation in the amount of your loss of earnings, ...
BOXEY: Shut up!
CYNTHIA: Quickly, Apollo is about to kill the President!
BOOMER: What ?!
BOXEY: Father would never do that!
CYNTHIA: He is under Soranov’s control. He has drugged him and plants false images into his mind. Your father has no choice!

Shuttle in Galactica hangar. Apollo gets out.

VICTOR: You must do it! It's the only chance to save her! Send the devil back to hell, then she will be free!

Station. Corridor.

BOXEY: We must hurry!
POWELL: Stop! What's going on here? The CR-38 said you had a gun ...
STARBUCK: As long as the security measures are so lax that anyonecan be kidnapped here without you noticing you don’t need to wonder about that!
CYNTHIA: Chief, Victor Soranov is the mastermind. He has kidnapped me and is using Captain Apollo to kill the President.
POWELL: What ?!
ATHENA: We need to contact Galactica immediately. Then we might have a chance!
STARBUCK: Boomer and I are taking the next shuttle. Maybe we can prevent the worst.
CYNTHIA: I'm coming with you, too! I know what he did to Apollo. Once Apollo sees me, he will know that Soranov is lying.
BOOMER: Okay, let's go! (all leave, CR-38 follows)

POWELL (radio): Headquarters, this is Chief Powell. We have a problem!

Galactica bridge.

TIGH: Captain, I thought you were enjoying your vacation.
APOLLO (on monitor): Colonel Tigh, where is President Holbrooke?
TIGH: He's already in the conference room, along with your father and the Council of the Twelve. They don’t want to be disturbed. Is everything okay?
APOLLO: Yes, Colonel ... I'm fine. (screen off)

Apollo in the corridor, sweating, dizzy, hearing Victor's voice in his mind.

VICTOR (speaking telepathically): Well done! You have picked up his scent.

Starbuck, Boomer, Cynthia & CR-38 on the shuttle.

CYNTHIA: The procedure is called “Psycho suggestion”. Victor once demonstrated it in class. Very amusing as a show but it can be damn dangerous otherwise.
BOOMER: I thought no-one can be hypnotized against his will.
CYNTHIA: That's why he drugs his subject first. They make him docile. In addition, Victor has trained to focus his mental powers. He forces his will on his subject telepathically. But this doesn’t work over long distances. He has to be with him all the time. If we find Apollo we’ll find him.
STARBUCK: There, we’re going in. Just one morecenton.

TIGH (Powell on screen): He did what ?!
POWELL: You have tostop him. He must not begrantedaccess to the conference room!
TIGH: Yes. Omega, inform security. Tell them to put Captain Apollo into custody immediately.
OMEGA: Aye, Sir.

Apollo is standing in front of the door of the Council’s chamber, two guards (Reese & Loomis) beside it.

REESE: Captain?
APOLLO: Is the President in there?
REESE: Yes. But you can’t go inside now. The delegation doesn’t want to be disturbed.
APOLLO: Oh, come on, this is a historical event. Can’t you make an exception? It's really important to me.
LOOMIS: We wouldn’t let you in even if you were a Lord of Kobol.

OMEGA (oncomlink): Attention security: Captain Apollo is to be taken into custody immediately! I repeat: ...

Guards look puzzled, draw weapons, Apollo stuns Reese & Loomis, fiddles with the opening switch.

ADAMA: Yes, I understand, Colonel. Mr President, …

Door opens, Apollo storms into the room. He is targeting the President.

Scan0012a.jpg Scan0012a2.jpg

ADAMA: Apollo! (stands up for Holbrooke, reporters turn the camera into his direction)

Starbuck & Boomer run through the corridors.
TONY (holding the camera): Hey Liz, look at that!

KHAN (on screen): Ladies & Gentlemen, it's unbelievable. We’rebroadcasting live from the Council’schamberson Galactica, and it looks likesomeone’s trying to attack the President!

CYNTHIA (sees the news on a screen): They are in the Council’schambers. He must be there somewhere.
STARBUCK: He's definitely standing in the hall.
BOOMER: There are only two waysfor him toescape.
STARBUCK: Let’stake him from both sides simultaneously. You from the right, me from the left.


ADAMA: What’s that supposed to mean?
APOLLO: Father, step aside! We all are in danger!
ADAMA: What are you talking about, boy?
APOLLO: The President is not what he pretends to be.

Apollo sees the President as a devil engulfed in flames. Victor is standing in the corridor leading to the Council’s chambers, concentrating.

VICTOR: Do it! Do it now!

ADAMA: What do you mean?
APOLLO: Don’t you see it? It’s a monster! A demon that will engulf us all in the abyss!
ADAMA: Apollo, your mind is befogged. None of what you see is real. Put the gun down!
APOLLO: ... No, I have to protect us!

Victor continues to concentrate, suddenly:

CYNTHIA: Victor!

Victor is confused, sweating, wants to leave.


Apollo is perplexed and irritated, looks around, Loomis & Reese storm in.

STARBUCK (to Victor): Game’s over, mate!

Victor runs away, Starbuck fires. Victor bumps into Boomer.

BOOMER: Give up! There’s noway out!

Victor runs back towards the Council’s Chambers, Boomer is following him.

ADAMA: Stay back, Mr President!
HOLBROOKE: Are you sure you can ease your son?
APOLLO: Father, move aside! You are in danger!


ADAMA: You have nothing to fear, my son.
APOLLO: I don’t know ... Father, go away! Get into safety! If you don’t he will get you. Just like he got Cynthia!
ADAMA: Who? Who will get me?
APOLLO: The devil!
ADAMA: What?!


Suddenly the door opens, Victor enters, stands beside Adama, puzzled.
The people on Sigma are glued to the screen watching the news. Apollo is irritated, targets Adama and Victor alternately.

ADAMA (to Victor): Who are you?

Victor concentrates, Apollo looks dazed, his vision is blurred.

ADAMA: Apollo, put the gun away! It's me, your father!
VICTOR: No! He's lying! He is an impostor! He’s manipulating you! I am your father! Look closely!

Apollo sees and hears Victor as Adama and vice versa.
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ADAMA: Apollo, you know me! Would I ever lie to you?
VICTOR: Do not listen to him, son! Silence him!
ADAMA: Think carefully about what you're doing. Put the gun away! That's an order, Captain!

CYNTHIA: Apollo! Do as your father says!

Apollo sees Cynthia, CR-38, Starbuck & Boomer in the door, excited.

VICTOR: Come on! Do as she says! Shoot the Commander! Now!

Apollo looks ahead, looks at Victor, thinks he is the Commander!


VICTOR (realizes that he has made a mistake, he is startled): NOOOOO !!!

Apollo fires. Victor breaks down. Apollo has convulsions, drops his weapon, sinks to the floor, grabs his head. Cynthia, the guards and Adama rush to him.

CYNTHIA: Apollo! Are you alright?
APOLLO (groaning, disarmed by the guards): Cynthia, what ... what happened?
BOOMER (helpingthe President): Are you unharmed, Mr President?
HOLBROOKE: Yeah ... What does all of this mean?
STARBUCK: A conspiracy of the Isolationists. They wanted Apollo to kill youto make the public turn against us. The initiator is over there. (points at Victor)
BOOMER: He's still alive.
ADAMA: (to guard) Take him to the Life Center, and then into a detention cell! ... (to Starbuck & Boomer) Colonel Tigh received your message from Sigma and warned us. You have done well.
HOLBROOKE: Indeed.KHAN: ... President Holbrooke, who has just escaped an attack on his life. Mr President, how do you feel?
HOLBROOKE: Good, thanks to these brave men and women aboard Galactica. Commander, on behalf of the UNE, and on me in particular, I thank you very much ...

While the President is giving interviews the others assemblein another corner of the room.

ADAMA: Is everything alright, my boy?
APOLLO: ... Yeah ... I shot you ...
APOLLO: But I saw it ...
CYNTHIA: You saw what you were supposed to see. Victor sent illusions into your mind. It's all right. Come, let's go ... (bumps into CR-38) Hey, how did he get here?
STARBUCK: I don’t know. Ask him.
BOOMER: Why are you here? ... (Crichton remains silent) Why doesn’t he say anything?
CYNTHIA Boxey ordered him to be quiet.
BOOMER: Oh, yes. Now then, speak up!
CRICHTON: Thank goodness. I thought I would have to spend the rest of my life in silence. And that can be a very long time.
STARBUCK: Why did you follow us?
CRICHTON: You said, "let's go." So I followed you.
STARBUCK: Do you do everything you're told?
CRICHTON: Mostly. As long as it does not violate the three laws of robotics.
BOOMER: And what are you going to do now?
CRICHTON: I’ll get out of here as fast as I can. This ship is so gray and dull, you’ll sink into depression. Everywhere you see these monstrousbeasts monitors. As if they got stuck in the late seventies of the 20th century. And those endless corridors with their thick steel beams. Whose “grand vision” was that? When I was still working at Colani, anyone who even considered such forms in the first place would have beensent flying out. No, no, this is absolutely no place for such an elegant machine like me. Excuse me, I'll go back to the station. Good day. (pulls out his neck, turns away from the others and drives off) Oh my dear, they have green carpets, too ... Truly a miracle that these people have survived in this tin can for so long ...!


Later at the casino. The casino aidis throwing Starbuck out.

STARBUCK: ... But youhaven’t even taken a look at it ... Hey!
CASINO AID: I'm sorry, but I have my orders. And now: Get out!
STARBUCK: Man, these guys are crazy ..! (proceeds to the others)

Panorama hall.

CYNTHIA: I can’t thank you enough. We couldn’t have made it without you.
BOXEY: I'm glad you're alright.
ATHENA: We all are.
CYNTHIA: Victor's friends have made a full confession. Chief Powell has arrested the whole gang. You don’t need to be afraid ofthemany longer.
BOOMER: That's good news.
STARBUCK (sits down): Speaking of which, we are thehot topic in the news. IFB, UPN, UBC, everyoneis reporting about the heroic rescue of President Holbrooke through us.
ATHENA: Just imagine what would have happened if the son of the Commander had killed the President of the Earth Government, live on all channels.
CYNTHIA: The publicity will be useful for you. After the treatywas signed the skeptics were convinced of your loyalty. The underground groups are slowly losing their foundations.
APOLLO: I think the main reason for this mistrust and shyness is the lack of knowledge. The more we learn from each other the less our differences and reservations may become.
CYNTHIA: I want to learn! Can you show me the Galactica?
APOLLO: I’d love to. My father would be happy to get to know you, too.
CYNTHIA: I’d like that a lot. (raises her glass) Cheers!
ALL: Cheers! (all clink)


CASINO BOSS: What did he want?
CASINO AID: He wanted to sell you a game. "Pyramid" or something like that.
CASINO-BOSS: "Pyramid"? Everyone from the fleet asks me if they can play "Pyramid" here. That must be a kind of national game ... I could make a fortune with it ..! Tell me, what did you do?
CASINO AID: What you said. I kicked him out.
CASINO BOSS: Whaaat?! Are you crazy?!! That guy is a gold mine! Go get him back right away!
CASINO BOSS: You’ll bring him back immediately or you're on a one-way flight to Mars – without a ship and a space suit!
CASINO AID: Yes, boss ...

Pan over the panorama hall, some bustle, people come and go, Galactica is floating in orbit.

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