GALACTICA 6551: 4. Earth Gate


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Aug 1, 2009

4. Earth Gate


by Marcell von dem Berge

(© 05.03.1999 / revision 7/2017)


Based on the classic television series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA created by Glen A. Larson
and on characters created by Glen A. Larson.
Battlestar Galactica © ® & ™ Universal City Studios.
No infringement intended.
No commercial use.
This script is free. It is a non-profit fan project and for personal use only.


A baseship is entering the debris field created after the battle against the Terran destroyers.

IMPERIOUS LEADER: Speak, Centurion!
CYLON: We are approaching a battle zone. A fight has taken place recently. Sensors show remains of Colonial Vipers and numerous pieces of an unknown type of ship. It is similar to those involved in the destruction of the base on Ketma II.
IMPERIOUS LEADER: That's it. We are on the right path. Calculate a course from the Harkaria system to the combat area and beyond and extrapolate possible search vectors!
CYLON: By your command!

School ship. Apollo, Starbuck & Boomer are standing in corner, following the class.

ATHENA: Class, today’s topic is First Aid. And since nobody knows more about it than the people from the Life Center, Cassiopeia will explain some important basics to you.
CASSIE: Hello children. Well, as Athena said correctly, First Aid is an important topic that should not be missed in any course. Everyone should know what he or she needs to do in case of an emergency. I need a volunteer for my demonstration. So who would like to assist me?

Boomer & Apollo are standing behind Starbuck. Boomer takes a Cubit out of his pocket, throws it on the floor.

STARBUCK (hears the bouncing coin, looks down): Oh! Weird ... (takes a step forward to pick up the Cubit)


CASSIE: Starbuck!
STARBUCK: Erh ... yes?

Cassie takes his arm and pulls him in front of the class.

APOLLO: (to Boomer): That was not nice.
BOOMER: ... She needed a volunteer.
APOLLO: Oh, well then ..! (both are grinning)

Starbuck is smiling to the class.


CASSIE: Well, the most common cause of accidents is the improper handling of sharp or pointed objects. If you cut yourself you'll need to put on a pressure bandage. (takes Starbuck's left hand) Okay, let's imagine Starbuck has cut his hand while cutting fruit.
STARBUCK: Oh no, I wouldn’t cut any fruit now. Not since I’m wearing my clean uniform ..!
CASSIE: Starbuck, this is just a demonstration. Nothing happens to your clothes.
STARBUCK: Thank the Lords. You know, I don’t do things by halves. When I cut myself I do it right. Two severed sinews, blood all over the jacket, the pants, the floor ... maybe the wall, too! Bone chips everywhere ... (children giggle)
CASSIE: ... which we will collect later. Starbuck, when children are involved you may only cut yourself gently, otherwise they’ll get scared.
STARBUCK: Oh, yes, right.
CASSIE: Okay kids, let's imagine the cut is bleeding heavily.

APOLLO (to Boomer): I hope he’s still able to fly after that ..!

Cassie is bandaging Starbuck's fingers.

STARBUCK: Are you finished yet? I’ve already lost three liters..! (children laugh)
CASSIE: Stay still! ... See, finished!

Starbuck presents his bandaged finger.


CASSIE: And now I'll show you what you’ll have to do if you have broken your arm.

Cassie gets a splint and compresses, Starbuck looks shocked, kids laugh.

APOLLO (to Boomer): I’m telling you, when class is over he’ll be wrapped up like a mummy and we'll have to carry him out of here ..!
BOOMER (to Apollo): Where shall we put him?

Viper patrol.

BREE: I don’t mean to complain but I’m really fed up with these deep space recon missions.
BOJAY: No kidding, Bree!
BREE: I can imagine us spending aeons out here until we find Earth. What if the direction is wrong or Earth does no longer exist?
BOJAY: We'll find out soon enough. Be patient.
BREE: You really think so?
BOJAY: You may start praying as an alternative.
BREE: Very funny.
BOJAY: No, seriously. Sometimes it work wonders.
BREE: ... Dear Gods, I am small, my name is Bree, please show the way to Earth to me. What do you think?
BOJAY: Well, you can. That wasn’t too bad for a start.

Suddenly a wall of glistening light appears right in front of the patrol. The Vipers take evasive actions.


BREE: Bojay!
BOJAY: Frak! What's that?
BREE: No idea. My instruments have gone crazy. The readings are beyond the scale! Bojay, veer off! Now!
BOJAY: I can’t! It’s pulling me in!

Just before he is pulled in the light goes out. He recognizes five huge floating metallic structures that define the edges of the light wall.


BOJAY: What the frak..?!
BREE: Are you okay?
BOJAY: Yeah ... let's fly back and report.
BREE: Agreed. ... (looking up) Dear Gods, I promise, from now on I'll go to church regularly ...
BOJAY: What?
BREE: Stay out of this, this is a private call!



There are those, who believe…


School barge.

CASSIE: Okay, Starbuck, now you're unconscious and you have stopped breathing.
STARBUCK: That doesn’t sound good ...
CASSIE: It isn’t. Well, the correct actions can save lives. First you control the inside of the mouth. Remove anything that doesn’t belong there. Then you the bend head backwards, squeeze the nasal wing. Now you open the mouth and gently blow air into the injured’s lungs ...

APOLLO: She won’t stop ...
BOOMER: I hope she doesn’t take him for a balloon ...

Starbuck spreads his arms and hugs Cassie.

CLASS: Ooohhhh!

Apollo laughs.

CASSIE: Yeah, that's all for today. It’s important that you understand the basics.

Starbuck wants to leave, pulls a cigar out of his sleeve and puts it in his mouth.

CASSIE: And always remember: (takes away the cigar) Prevention is better than curing.
STARBUCK: Hey! First you save my life then you take it away again from me ...
CASSIE: The privilege of a med-tech ..! (presenting the cigar to the class) These things are extremely bad for your health. Don’t even start with it.

Starbuck reaches out for the cigar, Cassie smiles and shakes his head, Starbuck smiles back, pulls a second cigar from the other sleeve, the pupils laugh and applaud.

MESSAGE: Captain Apollo and Lieutenants Starbuck and Boomer: Please report to Galactica bridge asap.

STARBUCK: Phew, that one saved me.
BOOMER: Starbuck, you're the best-looking seriously injured man I've ever seen.
STARBUCK: Thank you. After the last exercise I seriously consider making this my second job. (wants to put the cigar in his mouth, Apollo takes it away) Hey! Buy some yourself!
CASSIE: By the way, I’ll need a volunteer for the parallel class tomorrow.
STARBUCK: Fine. If you continue to give me artificial respiration ...
CASSIE: You’re very qualified. Some more practice and we can start with the next lesson.
CASSIE: What about tonight, my quarters?
STARBUCK: I’ll try to be as badly injured as possible.
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Galactica bridge.

ADAMA: Distance to the phenomenon?
OMEGA: 0.5 hexar.
APOLLO: What happened?
ADAMA: The Beta Patrol has found something interesting. Some kind of a gate in space.
OMEGA: We are in visual range.
ADAMA: On screen!
RIGEL: I’m detecting increased neutrino activity.

Gate activates and deactivates again.

TIGH: What’s that?
APOLLO: Is it controlled by anyone?
RIGEL: Negative. These are random fluctuations caused by the EM particles of the solar wind. I’m receiving telemetry: a system of five coils with lavicite core forming an electromagnetic field. It is in a constant interdimensional flux. Fluctuating gravitational values.
STARBUCK: Why isn’t it blown out of orbit by the solar wind?
RIGEL: It is surrounded by a force field fed by an external energy source.
ADAMA: Localize.
RIGEL: ... A point on the planet’s surface, right below the object.
TIGH: Analysis!
RIGEL: The sensors show no life signs. The planet is dead. Readings indicate an ecological disaster, aeons ago. Almost all buildings on the surface are destroyed, the ozone layer is completely gone. However, there is an extensive tunnel system below the surface.
TIGH: We should send down an away team to investigate. If it's indeed a wormhole, we might be able to speed up our journey considerably.
ADAMA: Agreed! Secure the area. But be careful!
APOLLO: Aye, sir.

Launch (one shuttle, two Vipers). The planet looks a lot like the Vaadwaur homeworld from “Star Trek VOY: Dragon’s Teeth”.

SHEBA: Where are we supposed to land?
APOLLO: I’d say, let’s follow the energy signature. It will lead us directly to the source.
STARBUCK (on the shuttle): Confirmed! Programming the electronic guidance system.
CASSIE: The environment is extremely hostile. We’ll all have to wear our spacesuits.
WILKER: Boomer, did you take the spectral analyzer with you?
BOOMER: Sure, Doctor. I took every part of your lab aboard the shuttle that was not bolted to the floor.
WILKER: Really? Everything?
BOOMER: Even this one. (shows him a silver egg) A ... whatever ...
WILKER: Oh, you could have left it there.
BOOMER: Why? What is it?
WILKER: An egg timer.
BOOMER: Oh! Well ... maybe someone will get hungry ..! (puts it in his pocket)

They are flying over destroyed cities and dried-out seas.

SHEBA: This place must be very old ...
APOLLO: Over there, the pyramid complex! We’ll go down there!


Ships land. The buildings are eroded, skeletons of exotic creatures are buried in the sand-covered ground, dead cockroaches and scorpions all over the place. Away team in spacesuits with scanners.

APOLLO: Apparently the destruction was not caused by a war but by the elements. These are all subject to natural erosion.
BOOMER: This is the transmission phalanx.
WILKER: The pyramids focus the rays of the shield. The energy source must be very close.
SHEBA: Apollo, I guess this is the entrance. (opens a door, they get in)
WILKER: This dome is perfect ... It was obviously built to protect the inhabitants from UV radiation.
APOLLO: Yes. And when the living conditions on the surface got worse they went underground.
BOOMER: I’m detecting the energy source directly below us.

Galactia bridge.

RIGEL: Sir, I think know why the planet was abandoned. The sun is extremely unstable It is in its final stages before it turns into a supernova.
TIGH: How long till structural collapse?
RIGEL: About twelve centars. The blast will destroy all the planets in the system.
TIGH: And us, if we don’t get away in time ..!

A dark tunnel system. Conduits on ceiling, similar to air raid shelters, flashlights, the wind is howling eerily through the corridors.

BOOMER: The energy source must be behind this door.

They open the door. A large control center, curved, ergonomic desks with alien characters, large curved chairs in front of the desks.


STARBUCK: Man, this is huge!
CASSIE: Environmental analysis: The atmospheric conditions are much better down here. Pure breathing air, no microbes. We may take off the helmets.
SHEBA: Gigantic ... I wonder who built that?
APOLLO: Whoever it was, he was far more advanced than us.
STARBUCK: And a little bit bigger. Look at those chairs.
WILKER: I think we're at the right place. Boomer, help me set up the equipment. Then we’ll begin the examination.


APOLLO (on screen): We’ve discovered something that looks like a control center. But all consoles are marked with characters we are unable to decipher. Boomer is taking a look at them. He speaks twelve languages and maybe he can figure something out.
ADAMA: Acknowledged. Keep me posted.

Cassie gives the team members some injections.

STARBUCK: Yaknow, I hate injections ..!
CASSIE: This helps against the radion radiation. It has increased by 10% since our arrival and is still rising.
APOLLO: What do you think, how long will we be safe here?
CASSIE: A few centars maybe.
APOLLO: Then we should hurry up. Boomer, Dr Wilker, how are things?


BOOMER (sitting in front of a terminal, before his head a red crystal is embedded in the wall): The characters are similar to the Labiar cuneiform of the Third Dynasty. An old dialect. (typing)
APOLLO: Be careful. We don’t want a bomb to blow up.
STARBUCK: Don’t worry. I’m with you.
WILKER: Don’t tempt your luck, Starbuck. We still don’t know what we’re dealing with.
BOOMER: Doctor, I think I’ve got something. That seems to be some kind of logbook.
The red crystal releases an energy discharge hitting Boomer's head. Boomer is pushed into the seat. A red glowing energy beam connects his forehead and the crystal.

APOLLO: Get him out of there!
WILKER: No, wait! Don’t touch him! We have no idea what a separation could do to him.
APOLLO: Cassie!
CASSIE (scanning): His neural activity is increased ...
BOOMER: I'm ... fine ... it's okay! I have access to their database ... They’re sending information directly to my brain.
APOLLO: What do you see?
BOOMER: Pictures, impressions, events ... They have stored their entire history here. ... You don’t believe it ... The planet is called Orpheus. Orpheus VI, to be exact. The entire facility has been active for over 5,000 yahren, since the Pathire have left the planet.
APOLLO: Pathire?
BOOMER: That's what the inhabitants call themselves. Almost twice as tall as we are ... graceful and powerfully built at the same time, a bit hunch-backed, dressed in elegant robes ... long, narrow heads on long necks, two-legged ... four arms ... From this room they controlled their escape gate.
STARBUCK: Escape gate?
BOOMER: They activated it to leave the planet. After everyone was gone there was no one left to turn it off. It’s in standby mode ever since.
WILKER: Such a system must consume enormous amounts of energy. There is no source of energy known to us that would work anywhere near that long. And there seems to be no maintenance... Can you find out anything about it?
BOOMER: Wait a centon ... There's something ... The whole complex is powered by a complicated apparatus. The centerpiece is a huge crystal, deep down in the catacombs below this chamber. It amplifies and concentrates the energy, but I cannot see where it comes from.
STARBUCK: Maybe the crystal itself is the power source.
WILKER: Lieutenant, that would contradict any law of physics. Crystals are information storages and energy amplifiers. There is no way they can produce energy themselves.
APOLLO: Boomer, you said they left the planet through the gate.
BOOMER: Yes. This facility enabled the Pathire to pinpoint any location in the universe and to get there in an instant.
SHEBA: That sounds familiar ... My dad told me about it when I was little. I thought it was just a fairytale.
BOOMER: When the climate collapsed the Pathire used the gate to get into safety.
STARBUCK: Apollo, if we could figure out how it works ...
APOLLO: ... we could bring the fleet to Earth in a micron ..!

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Orbit of Orpheus VI.


APOLLO (on screen with static): Our guess was correct. The gate creates an artificial wormhole. It establishes an artificial passage between this place and another ... The exit point is programmable.
ADAMA: That's incredible! Can you make it work?
APOLLO: Not yet. But we are confident. Ready a test probe.
ADAMA: Understood. Keep me informed.
APOLLO: Aye, sir. (out)

TIGH: Could it be that easy?
ADAMA: Apparently so. Colonel, prepare a class II probe with full sensors and inform the fleet. They should be ready.

Energy fluctuations, the light goes off and on, it is flickering.

ADAMA: What's going on?
OMEGA: Energy fluctuations triggered by the strong protoburances. They are also responsible for the poor transmission quality.
TIGH: Can you compensate?
OMEGA: I'll try.
ATHENA: Commander, I’ve checked the readings again. The core is more fragile than we thought.
TIGH: When do you expect the structural collapse?
ATHENA: In less than ten centars.
ADAMA: We must hurry. If it works we mustn’t miss this unique opportunity. I’ll inform the Quorum.
TIGH: How long shall we keep our position?
ADAMA: We'll give the away team five centars. Then we’ll leave the system.


STARBUCK: Just imagine it works and we’ll reach Earth ...
CASSIE: Then we’ll finally have a place for us.
STARBUCK: Mmh. What do you think, how much fuel are we going to save ..?
CASSIE: Starbuck, I'm talking about us and you’re thinking about fuel ..!
STARBUCK: Excuse me, but you're right. A pretty house with a garden ...
CASSIE: Sunsets under a real blue sky ...
STARBUCK: A small betting office ...
CASSIE: Children ...
STARBUCK: Children ?!
CASSIE: Is there another reason to get married?
STARBUCK: Married? I think we should take it one step at a time ...
CASSIE: Well, we did well with Mira ...
STARBUCK: ... Yes ... we did ...

APOLLO: We still have 4 1/2 centars. How are things?
BOOMER (gets off the chair): This technology is far superior to ours. I'm still trying to understand the basic control commands. I’ll need a break first; the connection causes a headache.
APOLLO: Okay. I'll give it a try.
BOOMER: Be careful, when you connect for the first time you may be blown away.

Apollo seats himself in the chair. The crystal activates and connects. Abright energy beam emerges from Apollo's head and hits the crystal → sparks are spraying, the light is fluctuating, the crystal changes its color from red to white and deactivates. The whole room is shrouded in darkness. Only the dim light emitted by the laptops shines on the team.

WILKER: Captain! What have you done?
APOLLO: I don’t know ...
SHEBA (sees a blue light in the middle of the room): What’s happening here?

The light creates a hologram of a Pathire. He telepathically communicates with the away team.

PATHIRE: Greetings, strangers.
APOLLO: Who are you?
PATHIRE: I am the Guardian of the Pathire. You have entered our sacred place.
BOOMER: We apologize. We are intergalactic travelers and are looking for a new home.
PATHIRE: I saw that.
SHEBA: What are you?
PATHIRE: An echo from an era long gone. Stored in the heart of this machine. Activated for mutual communication between us and the members of the Holy Circle.
STARBUCK: Holy Circle?
PATHIRE: The Pathire owe their future to the Circle. They helped us in the moment of the greatest distress. I am here to thank you on behalf of my people.
BOOMER: But we don’t belong to any Holy Circle. You must be wrong.
PATHIRE: The Powerful reveal themselves to just a few. You will soon be passing a great test, but have faith. Those of you who live in ignorance shalt know that one of you carries the key to your salvation.
SHEBA: Can you help us to operate the gate and bring us to Earth?
PATHIRE: I have already done that. The machine was retuned to your brainwaves. The book of the Pathire is now open. Read it, use it, protect it. We wish you a good journey. Godspeed.

(to Apollo)

The mighty being inside you will show up at the right time. Embrace it and it will be good. (disappears)

The light goes on again.

SHEBA: What the frak was that?
CASSIE: An interactive hologram ...
WILKER: Is the device still working?
BOOMER: Let’s take a look ... (gets back on the chair, the crystal re-establishes the connection)
STARBUCK: And? Do you see something?
BOOMER: Unbelievable ...
SHEBA: So bad?
BOOMER: Apollo, whatever you did, it was awesome! As if someone had run a translation matrix. The characters have turned into ancient Geminean Runes! I can read everything without problems.
APOLLO: I didn’t do anything ...
BOOMER: Too modest ..! Doctor, look for a wireless network.
WILKER: Huh? (opens the laptop and taps) For Sagan’s sake, there is one!
BOOMER: Connect your computer to it.
WILKER: Done ...
BOOMER: Very good! (disconnects and leaves the chair, rubs his eyes) You are now directly connected to the information core of this facility. The terminal is no longer required. We can do everything on the computer now.
WILKER: That's phenomenal! I’m copying the specs. If we have to leave this place sooner as expected we’ll have the opportunity to study the apparatus at home - and possibly copy it, too.
APOLLO: Good idea.
WILKER: Well, the centerpieces are the lavicite coils. They are hit by a ray of energy. When a particular EM frequency is reached they begin to build up an isolinear field that connects this location in space to other locations throughout the whole space-time continuum.
STARBUCK: Wait a centon, does that mean you could travel through time with it?
WILKER: Yes. The principle is similar to our Recon Viper 2. ... Oops!
STARBUCK: We have a time machine?
WILKER: Erh, but only one. A small one. A very small one. So small, not even a human can fit in, so forget about it very quickly.
SHEBA: Since when?
WILKER: Actually, I would have to shoot you all because of this question.
STARBUCK: Come on, you prattled away first.
APOLLO: And we have the guns.
WILKER: Awhh, for Sagan's sake, alright. The whole project is top secret. Some time ago our technicians were going through old records and came across this project. They have revised and realized it.
CASSIE: Does it work?
WILKER: In theory, yes. Because of the dangers inherent in such a project silence has been maintained. Until now.
SHEBA: I understand. But people would notice a time machine ... somehow, even if it is not used.
WILKER: Not ours. It is indistinguishable from a regular Viper. So, and now let me continue my work, this device is immensely complex. If I'm not mistaken this gate is even interdimensional.
CASSIE: Interdimensional?
WILKER: Yes. You know, our reality is not the only one. There are infinite other realities that coexist. Parallel worlds. To date, more than 45 dimensions have been found experimentally, but most exist only at the subatomic level. Among them there will certainly be closed space-time continuums. There are those which differ from ours only in the position of one lepton, and others are so different that completely unique laws of physics apply. I always imagine our universe being a huge experimental box that, together with an infinite number of others, is standing in a lab of a curious professor. And with the help of this apparatus we are able to jump from one box to the next.
STARBUCK: If I had the choice I'd rather talk to the curious professor.
CASSIE: And what would you do then?
STARBUCK: Maybe challenge him to a little game.
APOLLO: Don’t waste your time. I’m sure he doesn’t play dice.
STARBUCK: Why do you think so?
APOLLO: Somebody needs to be more reasonable than you. (grins)

Viper patrol.

#1: The interference is getting stronger. Our sensors are as good as useless. I don’t know how we are able to cover the fleet’s back if we’re flying blind.
#2: Don’t worry. If there's something out there we'll find it soon enough. (explodes)

#1: Callis! (turns, passes an asteroid and sees a baseship rising) Oh frak ..! (gets shot down)


CYLON: We have entered the Orpheus system. Two Colonial Vipers have been located and destroyed.
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Good. Scan the vicinity. The fleet must be very close.
CYLON: What if Galactica finds us first?
IMPERIOUS LEADER: The electron radiation of the dying star will disable her sensors. They will not even notice the loss of their patrol.


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The field is activated.

WILKER: Galactica, we're ready for the first test.
TIGH: Understood, Doctor. (to Omega) Launch the probe.

Probe is launched.

OMEGA: Probe launched.
TIGH: Bring the sensors online. Activate the acoustic beacon signal.
WILKER: The strength and frequency of the energy beam determine the exit point. All we have to do is to verify the transport matrix I have developed.
BOOMER: Okay. Let’s pick a neutral goal first: local transport: 0 metrons.

Probe flies around, field deactivates, probe flies through the open gate.

ADAMA: Doctor, the field has shut down. What happened?
STARBUCK: Is it broken?
WILKER: No. A displacement of 0 results in an energy beam of 0. The field has responded exactly as it should. ... Wilker to Galactica, ready for the next run!


Probe turns around.

WILKER: Local Transport: 0.5 hexars starboard off of the gate ...
TIGH: Put the beacon signal on audio.
OMEGA: Put on audio.

You hear pings. The giant crystal in the underground releases an energy beam which activates the field, the probe flies through the gate.

OMEGA: The probe enters the field. (Pings stop) She’s gone.
TIGH: Where? We should already hear the signal.
OMEGA: The interference is too strong. The signal transmission is extremely disturbed.
ADAMA: Scan the area within a distance of one hexar. Increase the energy output.
WILKER: Damn! It must work!

Pings come back again.

OMEGA: Probe localized. Position: ... 0.5 hexars starboard away from the gate.
ADAMA: It works!
TIGH: Yes !!!
ADAMA: Are the radiation values of the field within the tolerances?
OMEGA: Yes, Commander.
ADAMA: Then we’re going through. The Quorum gave green light.

Solar flares, the field is fluctuating.

ATHENA: Commander, the star is in its final stages. It’s pulsating. The intensity of the gamma radiation has increased by 4000% and is still rising. The core will destabilize in less than 45 centons.
ADAMA: How long will it take for all ships to pass the field?
TIGH: 20 centons.
ADAMA: Colonel, inform the fleet. They shall follow the flight plan you gave them. Doctor, Boomer, calibrate the field to bring us to Earth. You have 20 centons. When the time is out you and the others will return, whether you have been successful or not.
BOOMER: We’ll do our best.
STARBUCK: It's getting close.
WILKER: It’ll work. I'm just worrying about the interferences. They could inhibit the transmission of the electron beam.
APOLLO: What does that mean?
BOOMER: That we wouldn’t exit where we want to.
APOLLO: Let's give it a try. In less than one centar every place in the universe is better than this one.
SHEBA: How do you want to pinpoint the exit? We don’t know how far Earth is away from us.
WILKER: That's true. But we know the flight vectors. I've programmed the computer to search for every habitable place lying on our course. Then the computer shows us these locations and the energy frequency we need to get there. With a bit of luck we will find Earth in a snap.
APOLLO: Let’s do it.
CASSIE (gives injections): These injections won’t last long. Once we have returned to the ship we’ll have to undergo a radiation purge.
WILKER: Okay, if the computer understands my orders correctly it'll show us the locations sorted by distance. It starts with the nearest one.

On screen appears Galactica bridge, Rising Star lounge, Cylon baseship control center ...

STARBUCK: What’s that supposed to be? We’re looking for Earth, not for Cylon ...
WILKER: Oops, I probably made a mistake ...
SHEBA: No, look! That's not Cylon, that's a basestar. They are here ... Very close.
BOOMER: The ergon values are proportional to the distance. According to these readings they are less than four hexars away from us.

SHEBA: If they’re flying with probe speed they’ll reach the fleet in 40 centons. The ship is still out of radar range.
APOLLO: I’ll inform Galactica.

Galactica bridge.

ADAMA: A basestar?
APOLLO: It’s heading straight for us.
ADAMA: How much time do you still need?
APOLLO: Give us a few more centons.
ADAMA: The ship will detect the fleet in about 20 centons, maybe a bit later due to the particle winds if we are lucky. Hurry up!
APOLLO: Aye, sir.
TIGH: They’re blocking our way out of the system.
ADAMA: Omega, calculate a new escape vector that keeps us out of sensor range of the baseship. An attack could cost us precious time we need to safely leave the system.
OMEGA: Commander, new course is set. But it's a pretty long detour due to the numerous asteroid fields. We’ll have to start moving in ten centons to be safe from the blast.
ADAMA: How big would be the approximate loss if we proceed as planned?
OMEGA: 70%, maybe more.
TIGH: Damn! We find a shortcut through space and don’t have enough time to use it.
ADAMA: No, we won’t give up. Not so fast. Give me Boomer. ... (Boomer appears on screen) Boomer, you still have 15 centons. If you don’t have the coordinates by then program the gate to take us as far away from the supernova as possible. But make sure to keep our course. If we cannot finish our journey I definitely want to shorten it.
BOOMER: Under (crack), C --- md - r. The conn (shht) ion ---- getting worse. ---- you informed ---- (off).

Solar flares, the upper layer of the star is blown into space.

ATHENA: Commander, a massive particle wave is approaching! 90 microns to impact!
ADAMA: Shields to maximum! To all ships: Brace for impact!

The wave hits the gate, it is fluctuating. The coils light up and gleam. The wave hits Galactica. An energy discharge from the coils hits Galactica. The energy flashes hit the other ships, too (grounding).

TIGH: Damage report!
OMEGA: Half the ship is depolarized. Starboard sensors have failed. Life support and navigation still intact. The same on the other ships.
ADAMA: The gate?
OMEGA: It’s holding position. But it's still heavily charged.
TIGH: Does that interfere with our mission?
OMEGA: I don’t know.
ADAMA: Ask Boomer.
OMEGA: Impossible. The comlink has collapsed.
ADAMA: Fix it! Recalibrate the transmission band!


CASSIE: Radion radiation has reached critical levels. We should have left this place already.
APOLLO: What’s the status?

Screen flickers, the image is distorted, you see pyramids.

STARBUCK: Hey, that's Kobol! We want to move forward ...
BOOMER: The sensor uses a circular search pattern and proceeds logically. It displays every system on our route, sorted by its distance.
CASSIE: Oh Lords ... is that Caprica?
APOLLO: Obviously ...
STARBUCK: They've done a great job ... It's hard to recognize.
SHEBA: All remains of human civilization ... completely wiped out ...
BOOMER: A prime example of machine efficiency ...
APOLLO: Two more centons. Then we’ll have to pack!

OMEGA: Transmission grid 16 has failed. It’s no use to establish a comlink to the away team.
TIGH: What’s taking so long down there? They are already 5 centons overdue.
ADAMA: They won’t let us down. Omega, power up the engines.
TIGH: How are we supposed to know if they are successful?
ADAMA: We'll see.

BREE (praying): Gods, please help us. Take us away from here. Please give us a sign! (looks out the window, gate activates)

TIGH: Sir, look!
ADAMA: That's it! Tigh, let’s begin the transport.
TIGH: Send in the probe now!

Probe enters the gate.

TIGH: All hands: Follow the pings of the control probe! They will guide you directly to our scrambling point, so we don’t get lost. The first group of five has permission to go!


TIGH: Go for the next group!
OMEGA: The energy signature of the field remains constant despite the enormous electron bombardment. The force field shields it.
ADAMA: Good to hear.

Vipers and shuttle are taking off.

APOLLO: Let’s hope the Cylons don’t fly through the field.
WILKER: Don’t worry. If the timing is correct the explosion of the star will destroy the apparatus before they are getting close.
STARBUCK: Look! The transports have already begun.
SHEBA: I hope you entered the correct address ...
BOOMER: Me too ... I hope we aren’t turned into two-dimensional cartoon characters when we get out ..!

OMEGA: I’ve got a lock on the away team.
ADAMA: Instruct them. How many ships are still left?
TIGH: 27.
OMEGA: The baseship is coming into sensor range. They will have us on their screens any micron.
ADAMA: Red alert! All hands to battle stations! Activate weapon systems! We have to keep them busy till the last ship has passed.


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IMPERIOUS LEADER: Report, Centurion!
CYLON: The fleet is dead ahead but the number of ships is decreasing. We do not know why.
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Are they being destroyed?
CYLON: Uncertain. They are just disappearing. Shall we launch the Raiders?
IMPERIOUS LEADER: No. The shields of the Raiders are too weak. The interference would cause the Centurions to malfunction. Activate the mega laser.
CYLON: By your command! (leaves)

Galactica bridge.

TIGH: 15 more to go.
OMEGA: The away team is on board.
RIGEL: The star is collapsing!


RIGEL: Pressure wave approaching! 60 microns!
TIGH: We won’t make it!
ADAMA: We’ll have to!

OMEGA: The Cylons are opening fire!
ADAMA: Turn her into the line of fire! We must protect the remaining ships!

Scan0012b.jpg Scan0012a.jpg Scan0012c.jpg

Galactica firing.

The prison barge is hit twice and gets wonky. The baseship hits Galactica.

OMEGA: Jump drive has failed! We have maneuvering thrusters only!
ADAMA: How many?
TIGH: Two ships left!


TIGH: Correction: One Harkarian transport was destroyed.
RIGEL: Ten microns to shockwave!
ADAMA: Let’s go in!

Galactica enters the gate.


The pressure wave is approaching the baseship.

CYLON2: Can we safely leave the area like Galactica?
CYLON1: Negative. Impact in five microns.
CYLON3: Brace!

The pressure hits the gate. The gate shuts down. The wave pushes the gate towards the baseship. The gate gets ionized and activates, it swallows a large part of the baseship and then deactivates. A part of baseship is not transported and breaks off. The pressure wave destroys the planet, the huge crystal from the inside of the planet is slung away.


Galactica penetrates the interdimensional threshold.


OMEGA: We are through!
ADAMA: Engines stop.
TIGH: That was close. Where are we?
OMEGA: Wait a centon, I'm consulting stellar cartography ... Commander, something’s wrong ... The fleet consists of nearly 400 ships but the sensors can only make out seven.
ADAMA: What ?!
OMEGA: We’ve lost the fleet ... We are alone ..!
ADAMA: Gods, what have we done?
TIGH: ... We are doomed …


TIGH: Omega, do you receive the signals from the control probe?
OMEGA: Negative. The com system got some heavy blows.
ATHENA: I’ve got something on the beta channel ... It's the fleet!
ADAMA: Sure?
ATHENA: Yes. I’m receiving their identification signals. Weak, but they’re there. The fleet is complete but scattered over a radius of one hexar. I guess the particle fire has altered the exit point of each wave.
ADAMA: Thank the Lords of Kobol ...
TIGH: Any signs of the Cylons?
OMEGA: Negative. No baseship within ten parsecs.
ADAMA: We have escaped them. In the very nick of time. Omega, search for the next solar system and lay in a course.
OMEGA: There is one directly ahead.
ADAMA: Good, good! Colonel, send out a patrol. Let’s take a look at the system.
TIGH: Aye, Sir.
ADAMA: Calculate a meeting point where the fleet may come together.
OMEGA: Right away, Commander.

Life Center.

SALIK: Okay, you are clean again.
STARBUCK: That means we're not gleaming any longer?
SALIK: Only in the figurative sense ..! But if any of you plans to reproduce I encourage you to wait for at least two more sectons to make sure that all germ cells have regenerated.
STARBUCK: Thanks for the hint, Doc! Colonel! How are things?
APOLLO: Did we make it?
TIGH: That’s what you are to find out. We have discovered a solar system ahead. The Commander wants you to take a closer look and report back to us.

STARBUCK: Awh Colonel, is that really necessary? We have just returned from the planet and could need a break.

TIGH: Unfortunately you two are the best warriors we have to do the job. You know the first contact procedures.
APOLLO: No problem, Colonel. If the doctor has no objections ...
SALIK: You are free to do anything you want, Captain.
STARBUCK: Ah well, let’s go then!


Vipers launch.

STARBUCK: Apollo, do you think I should marry?
APOLLO: How did you get that idea?
STARBUCK: Cassie gave me a hint on the planet ...
APOLLO: Starbuck, you won’t find a better girl in the universe than her. What more do you want?
STARBUCK: It ... It’s a bit too fast for my taste. What if she's not happy with me in the long term? If I don’t come back from a mission and she is all by herself with the children? If...
APOLLO: Children? Well, she’s really putting a jerk in it ..!
STARBUCK: In any case, you lose your freedom.
APOLLO: Well, awedlock is no imprisonment. And you have to deal with a quarrel in every relationship. Differences make the whole thing interesting. You should have seen the sparks that flew when Serina revealed to me that she wanted to become a Viper pilot. But it didn’t tear us apart. On the contrary. A marriage is like a game of pyramid: no risk, no fun. And the higher the stake the larger the gain.
STARBUCK: ... Yeah, I think I got your meaning ...
APOLLO: If you don’t feel ready yet, just tell her. Take your time. (the chat is interrupted by loud rock music) Starbuck! What's that noise ?!
STARBUCK: It wasn’t me! It’sa transmission on the Unicom channel.
APOLLO: I’m changing the frequency. (music stops)
STARBUCK: Yep, that’s better. I’m receiving audio and video signals on gamma and delta frequency bands.
APOLLO: Confirmed. There are more thanfive million individual channels. (the radio is filled with static and turns off)
STARBUCK: Yeah, Starbuck -conqueror of the gamma wave!
APOLLO: Starbuck, I’m detecting two flying objects approaching.
STARBUCK: Oops, what now?
APOLLO: Let's slow down to sublight speed. Let's see who that is.

Two Rangers (as seen in the “Buck Rogers” episode: “Buck’s Duel to the Death”) meet the Vipers. They speak Russian. NOTE: Everything in brackets is the English translation.

RANGER1: Внимание, иностранные летающие объекты! Они нарушают воздушное пространство УНЕ! У вас есть десять секунд, чтобы определить!
(Attention unkown craft! You have violated the airspace of the UNE! You have ten seconds to indentify yourselves!)

APOLLO: Probably some kind of welcome.
STARBUCK: Nice, but what’s that language?

RANGER1: Это последныйее предупреждение! Идентифицировать себя!
(This is the final warning! Identify yourselves!)

APOLLO: Attention, this is Captain Apollo! We come in peace.

RANGER1: Послушал? Они американци! Что такой?
(Did you hear that? They are American! Was soll das?)

RANGER2: Не знаю. Ты понимаешь по-английски?
(I don’t know. Do you speak English?)


STARBUCK: Wait a minute, Cassiopeia taught me a short poem once … (speaks German)
"Ich und du und Müllers Kuh zeigen Zähne, machen Muh ."
APOLLO: And what does that mean?
STARBUCK: I don’t know. It's the only sentence she knows in Kentalon. It has something to do with agroworking.

RANGER2: Это не американски! Это немецкое!
(These are no Americans, these are Germans!)

RANGER1: Achtung, unbekannte Flugobjekte! Sie verletzen den Luftraum der UNE. Identifizieren sie sich, sonst müssen wir sie abschießen!
(Attention, unknown flying objects! You are violating the airspace of the UNE. Identify yourselves or we are forced to shoot you down!)

STARBUCK: See, they got it ...
APOLLO: I hope you didn’t say anything naughty.
STARBUCK: Naw, if I did I’m sure they would have opened fire.The Russians are opening fire.

STARBUCK: Frak! I guess I’ll have to talk to Cassie!
APOLLO: Let's get out of here! (switches on turbo)
RANGER1: Как быстро!
(They’re fast!)

RANGER2: Oтчет на базис!
(Report to base!)

You see crosshairs on a screen. The Vipers are being targeted. A man in dark uniform wearing a cap is studying the screen. Another man in uniform bows down to him.

#1: Огонь!


The battleship Потёмкин (Potemkin) fires, Apollo and Starbuck are losing power.

STARBUCK: What happened?
APOLLO: Some sort of impulse cannon has hit us. All systems are depolarized!
STARBUCK: Oh, I think they want something from us ..!
APOLLO: I think so, too ..!

Apollo and Starbuck are being pulled in by a tractor beam.


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The interior of the Potemkin resembles the interior of a submarine, albeit a bit roomier. Lights are dim. Starbuck and Apollo are in an interrogation room, a General is coming.

VASILIENKOV: Здравствуйте. Как вас зовут?
(Good day. What’s your name?)

STARBUCK: Great. We fly through a stargate and then no one understands us anymore.
VASILIENKOV: Oh, you are American!
(to guards) Идиоты! то, что вы сказали мне урунду?!(Idiots! What other humbug did you tell me?!)
(to Starbuck & Apollo) I am General Mikhail Ivanovitch Vasilienkov. What's your name?
APOLLO: I'm Captain Apollo, this is Lieutenant Starbuck.
STARBUCK: Sorry? These are our names. Starbuck and Apollo.

RANGER1: бедные люди. У них не фамилия, но и отчества …
(Poor guys. No father’s name, no surname...)

VASILIENKOV: Excuse the communication problems, please. You are aboard the Russian military cruiser Potemkin on a reconnaissance mission. We have some trouble with pirates in this sector. You don’t belong to them, do you?
APOLLO: No. We are travellers from another galaxy.

Tell me more about it ..!

Another Ranger patrol.

RANGER3: Неизвестный объект в секторе девять.
(I’m picking up an object in sector nine.)

RANGER4: Давай, посмотрй!
(Let’s take a look!)

RANGER3: Это очень большое.
(It’s pretty big.)

RANGER4: Что это?
(What’s that?)

The patrol discovers the baseship: Parts of the upper saucer edge and 1/3 of the outer shell of the lower saucer are missing, you can see through the holes into the interior of the ship.

RANGER3: Я никогда не видел ничего подобного. Что мы делаем сейчас?
(I’ve never seen anything like it. What do we do now?)

RANGER4: Не знаю.
(No idea.)

RANGER3: Объект выглядит пилотируемым. Никаких признаков жизни. Повышенная электромагнитная активность.
(The object looks manned. No life signs. Increased electromagnetic activity.)

RANGER4: Подтверждено. Она полностью автоматизирована. Определенно не пират.
(Confirmed. It is fully automated. Definitely no pirate.)

RANGER3: Оборачиваюсь и доложить.
(Let’s turn around and report.)

RANGER4: Согласовано.

The baseship fires and destroys the patrol.

Basestar bridge.

CYLON1: Where are we?
CYLON2: The localizers are working only at half efficiency. Location determination impossible.
CYLON3: Unknown fightercraft destroyed. Flight vectors determined and extrapolated.
CYLON1. Understood. Launch Raiders and locate the base of the craft.

Throne room.

CYLON: We have sustained heavy damage. The baseship is vulnerable. Should we call for reinforcements from Cylon?
IMPERIOUS LEADER: No. The fleet is out there somewhere. They would receive the transmission and destroy us. We have to take them by surprise and destroy as much as possible. Prepare an emergency beacon. It should starttransmitting when it has left the system.
CYLON: By your command!


VASILIENKOV: "Сайлоны". Понятно. Какой вздор. Лейтенант Толенков!
(“Cylons”. I see. What a nonsense. Lieutenant Tolenkov!)

A Russian woman comes in, Starbuck smiles at her.

APOLLO: What happens now?
STARBUCK: Are you checking our story?
VASILIENKOV: I have not heard such a nonsense in my life! Lieutenant Tolenkov, bring these pirates into a holding cell!
APOLLO: You can’t do that!
VASILIENKOV: I am a General. I can do anything!
STARBUCK: You’re making a mistake!
VASILIENKOV: I am Russian. Russians do not make mistakes!

On the way to the bridge.

VASILIENKOV: Это отвлекающий маневр. Явно. Это новый план пиратов. Там что-то происходит ... Я чувствую это!
(It's an attempt at deception. No doubt about it. It’s a new plan of the pirates. There's something going on ... I can feel it!)

#1: Товарищ генерал, мы потеряли контакт с Альфа патруля.
(Comrade General, we’ve lost contact with Alpha patrol.)


#1: Не знаю. Последнее сообщение: Мы обнаружили неизвестный объект в секторе девять.
(Last message: We have found an unknown object in sector nine.)

VASILIENKOV: ... Положитесь в новый курс. Может быть, мы найдем там правду.
(Lay in a new course. Maybe we can find the truth there.)

Apollo and Starbuck through the corridors, see conduits at the ceiling, stop in front of cell.

TOLENKOV: Входи! Давай!
(Go, get inside!)

STARBUCK: What does she mean?
APOLLO: I think she wants us to go in there.
STARBUCK: Shall we?
APOLLO: ... Of course - not!

Apollo jumps up, rips out some pipes, steam escapes, guards get knocked out, reinforcements are coming, Starbuck fires back and blocks the door.

STARBUCK: You do realize that this does not help our mission?
APOLLO: We may have a better chance at Central Command.
STARBUCK: Do you think they will understand us?
APOLLO: That depends on the language they speak! (leaves)

Explosions, Potëmkin is rocking.

STARBUCK: Now that’s a language they might understand! (sees on monitor the attacking baseship) Cylons? Here? How is that possible? They’ve been destroyed ...
APOLLO: Obviously something went wrong.
STARBUCK: Erh, this is the way to the hangar!
APOLLO: Starbuck! If we leave now they’ll believe we belong to them. This is our chance to straighten things out.


OMEGA: Sir, I'm receiving massive readings bearing 2-12. Cylon weapon signatures!
TIGH: How did they get here?
ADAMA: That's not important now. Set a course!

VASILIENKOV: Укрепите передние щиты!
(Reinforce forward shields!)

OFFICER: Генерал! (pointing to the door, Apollo & Starbuck)

VASILIENKOV: This is your doing! Are you pleased now having committed such an act of "patriotism" ?!
APOLLO: General, these are not our people.
VASILIENKOV: Oh no? Who do you belong to? "
STARBUCK (looks out of window, points at something outside): To them!

Scan0017a.jpg Scan0017b.jpg

VASILIENKOV: Incredible!
STARBUCK: Do you believe us now?
VASILIENKOV: Do I have a choice?
APOLLO: We just want to help. But we can’t do that if you hold us here.

VASILENKOV: ... Конечно. Пусть они идут.
(Of course. Let them go.)

OFFICER: А генерал!
(But General!)

VASILIENKOV: Это приказ!
(That’s an order!)

APOLLO: Thanks! (leaves)


OMEGA: Commander, the Raiders are leaving the combat area. They are heading for the source of gamma and delta signals.
ADAMA: Adama to all Vipers: Pursuit the Raiders! We are tackling the baseship.
BOOMER: Copy that.
TIGH: Ready all air-to-air missiles! Bring us closer!


The Cylons are passing the asteroid belt.

CYLON1: We are approaching the source of the radio signals. An inhabited planet dead ahead.
CYLON2: Analysis!
CYLON3: Human life signs!
CYLON2: All Raiders: Attack the planet! Destroy the humans!

SHEBA: The Cylons are heading for the planet!
BREE: We have to stop them before they can do too much damage. Follow me!

Battle in Earth's atmosphere:

Attack on New York. Panic in the streets, sirens are howling, Raiders approach the surface.

A Viper hits a Raider, the Raider crashes into the torch of the Statue of Liberty and sets it on fire.

Starbuck & Apollo are pursuing Raiders in San Francisco. Raiders are hit at Golden Gate Bridge. Starbuck flies beneath the bridge. He is pursued by Raiders and pulls up. The inertia pulls a water column up, the pursuers crash against the concrete-hard water.


Boomer is pursuing a Raider and hits its wing, Raider crashes against the house facade, turns around his own axis several times, rams another façade and explodes. Boomer flies around the facade. A Raider pursues him and shoots off his wings. The rear sinks down, the Raider passes Boomer, Boomer fires and hits the Raider. The Raider crashes head-on on the street. Boomer's Viper hits the street, careens and stops.


BOOMER (jumping out of the burning wreckage, screaming at the people in the streets): Move, move, take cover! (jumps into shelter)

The Viper explodes. Boomer is buried under rubble and debris. A man helps him.

MAN: Are you okay?
BOOMER: Yes, yes ... Thank you.
MAN: That was really a hot ride. Do you do that often?
BOOMER: Every now and then.
MAN: I've been an air marshal, mate. Welcome to L.A.! Come, I'll buy you one ..!

Potëmkin is hit by the mega laser.

VASILIENKOV: Чёрт побери!
(Damn it!)

Potëmkin is hit again and again. She is pushed away.

ATHENA: She’s listing heavily.

Scan0145a.jpg Scan0145c.jpg

OMEGA: Baseship is losing structural integrity.

ADAMA: One air-to-air missile - fire!

Scan0145b.jpg Scan0145d.jpg

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The baseship explodes, the Russians are cheering.

VASILIENKOV (has Galactica on screen): Вот, вот! Они сражаются, точно русские ..!
(Look at that! They fight like Russians..!)
Many thanks for your help.

ADAMA: You're welcome. Now that the battle is over, please tell me, who are you?
VASILIENKOV: General Gregorij Borisovich Vasilienkov, commanding the Russian strike cruiser Potëmkin, United Nations of Earth.
ADAMA: Did you say “Earth”?
VASILIENKOV: That is correct. Your Captain Apollo and Lieutenant Starbuck have told us about you. I'll put in a good word for you with the President, I’m looking forward to what he says.
ADAMA: Thanks.
TIGH: Tell me, how many of these strike cruisers do you have?
VASILIENKOV: Oh, many. A great many..!
ATHENA: Father, squadrons are reporting, all enemy Raiders have been destroyed. The fight is over.
ADAMA: Colonel, I think we did it ..!

Cheers, Tigh & Adama shake hands.

STARBUCK (hears the cheers on the radio): Apollo, is this the end?
APOLLO: The end, Starbuck? No, it's just getting started!

The fleet passes the camera and approaches Earth. In her orbit you see the majestic Sigma space station.



The camera moves away from Earth and rushes to the outer edge of the solar system. A Cylon probe is transmitting a signal. Cut to another

Cylon baseship, sector Rho.

CYLON1: Commander Starchaser, we are receiving a standard Cylon distress signal. Origins: 715.330 .
STARCHASER (Golden Command Centurion): Check it again!
CYLON2: Confirmation positive.
STARCHASER: Report to Central Command. We will search for the source of the signal. Estimated time of arrival?
CYLON1: Three sectons at maximum speed.
CYLON2: By your command, Commander!

The crystalith from Orpheus' underground chambers is flying through space. It enters the atmosphere of an asteroid. A man wearing a cowl is cooking some soup. Suddenly he hears a hissing sound and watches the crystalith crash nearby. He rushes to the crash site, bends over the rim of the crater and sees the pulsing crystalith buried in the ground. The man removes the cowl and you recognize: It is Baltar!

BALTAR (laughs and shouts to the heaven): Thank you, my Lords! Thank you!

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