Free Heavy Cardstock, courtesy of the US Mail!


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Aug 21, 2016
Thought I'd pass this along...

The majority of the single page Ads sent as Bulk (Junk) Mail are on heavy Cardstock that works great for Internal reinforcement, such as formers & stiffeners. It's also good for Laminating small parts. The printing on the heavier stuff won't bleed through either 67# or 110# model Cardstock when glued directly to the Printing. I used a UHU glue stick (blue glue) for the Adhesive.
It doesn't, however, like Score lines on the Printing itself.

For those in the US, the Mid Term election cycle has started, so soon there will be a large influx of Political Ads coming through the Mail... see if the heavier stuff has a use for you.

Have an awesome Day!

Alan :)


Aug 1, 2009
Since I have to order nearly all "the good stuff" online I always get a good load of corrugated card. Before I use it I check out if it is wobbly (= moisture) or if it smells. If it doesn't it goes into the stash, if it does it goes into the bin. You really don't want your model to smell like cheese (or worse) later. ;)

BTW, QVC boxes are excellent for storing paper models. They are big, sturdy and clean. :)
I've got a box I throw all the good cardstock junk mail into for reuse. I used to make fancy foil paper covered packaging for the miniatures I sold on Etsy and I started incorporating junk mail card after I started running low on file folders. The ladies who bought my stuff were always very impressed by the packaging and gave me glowing reviews.