F3H Demon


Feb 13, 2012
nc hamlet
some sort of a crude project i was doing yesterday. i'm building paragons F3H demon and modified if for flight. this was sort of a experiment being that i don't paint often and when i do, it's usually watercolor, markers, and pencils. this is the first time I've painted a model with acrylic paint. i'm not liking it, but i'm sort of in "whatever" mode right now. as for the flight, wonderful. it tracks well and with a little up elevator, can adapt to vertical launches very well.
this also may be my most durable paper glider I've ever made. i constructed the froward fuselage and then added a thin layer of wood glue on the inside. I've then packed in some tissue pasted with glue inside. once dry, the result is something that i am still surprised at. i can throw this thing full force at a brick wall and it will still look the same as the photos seen here. this is definitely going to be the primary bases of making my gliders durable.

this model was more for experimenting then anything else, but i will say that i am planning on doing more for it. i'm not sure if it's my fault of not, but the way i built his demon, i feel that the bulge underneath the forward fuselage is not prominent enough. so i will scratch build a part to fit in and correct that problem. it's also going to have a plastic canopy and some paint applications are still being done.



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Apr 5, 2013
That's really nice. You can make a canopy by getting some two part epoxy, shaping into the canopy shape, and mount it on a stick. When all is dry, mount the stick in something that will hold it to make the canopy shape, heat some plastic off a blister pack till it just gets really soft, then pull the hot sheet over the plug. It will take the shape, you will have your canopy, nice and clear. Trim to shape and cut off excess plastic. If you want it black, it's best to use a Sharpie from the inside. Very nice build.